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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CRACKED Magazine Runs Disinfo About Gang Stalking

This publication was usually geared towards middle school kids not adults. Its the poor man's MAD magazine. I remember when CRACKED seemed to become popular again in the 80s after beinf drowned out for yesrs by MAD. (With good reason).

The difference? No matter how sold out MAD becomes they will always be dissident compared to this 80's baby. If you were in middle school in the 80s u r old enough to recall horror stories from Boomer age adults about 60s oppression, covert activities and the actions of a cheating conniving greedy govt and private sector that would do anything to keep the establishment in control. So then you know damn well that these kinds of people dont usually go away or give up power-they simply adapt and meet the challenges of rebellion.

For some odd reason, probably massive large scale brainwashing-nowadays people perceive the dark and sinister side of human nature to be something they have complete access to knowing about. As if technology and improvements to law enforcement agencies have somehow dispensed with corruption or humans seeking to have ultimate power over others. They believe somehow that they have a full view of such activities on cable, satellite or the internet as if nothing in life exists any longer thats hidden. As if every agency in govt, the military osr law enforcement that claims it has cleaned its act is genuine in these claims and telling the truth to the public.

The truth is that the public believe they have all the info at hand and can no longer use their imaginations or intuition to conceive of something going on behind the scenes. Too much CSI, court tv, tru crime stories tv, movies and internet have them captured in a media net that creates the atteactive illusion that all that you see is all their is. Its the ultimate false environment thats been created.

You can choose to live in it or realize it is truly a man made created falsehood that contains and traps humans and is NOT a realistic reflection of actual reality-not according to human's history nor what currently goes on in foreign nations.

As if such oppression could not happen in the United States.

Actually, Targeted Individuals' claims that this system is international and harassment begins again within weeks or months of arriving in a gives credibility to the concept of a network that is covert in nature, one that sounds an awful lot like intelligence agencies both private such as black ops contractors or those working for governments.

And usually Targets can make claim to some sort of motive that is feasible for their situations. Its always been easy to determine who's truly targeted and who's making up stories. I've met people who make claims and their stories dont add up nor do they seem to be suffering from any GS stress.

They are either truly mentally ill, attention seeking or perhaps decoys to divert attention from real Targets and discredit us.

The idea that in this day and age with the amount of advances in technology that such a system could not exist is absolutely ludicrous. Obviously people are not thinking straight and are having their attentions diverted by the economy, terrorism etc. 

The country's gotten extremely stupid is the problem...but for those of us here who know whats really going on, it cant be helped can it? Its not their faults. They are just mere human animals easily manipulated by the system now in place. 

The very fact a kid's magazine has such disinformation in it is a show of the system's desperation. Too many of us have credible stories and there are more of us every year piling up testimonies.

There is now a disparity between those of us seeing the true reality in this world and those who are stuck in the false environment. It seems the only real freedom left is the Will to choose. No matter what evidence you present to some human animals they will still insist on the safety and security of the falsehood provided by the oppressor instead of truth.

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