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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

California University Warns MI Complex Is Creating Soldiers With Mutant Powers

Activists like me have been warning the public for years. The majority of the public are blocked from knowing whats going on by mass media and the discrediting of activists, as well as the constant work of the disinformation network. Its a goddamn machine that just never stops.

 All any of us can do is our part and if no one hears then thats on them. Its not we haven't suffered to do OUR duty. What's so obnoxious is that the bastards are creating fake, man made versions of us...Nature's marvels. I hope.its another tower of Babel that falls right on them and destroys them.

Why would the public be so trusting of an industry that bases its money making in killing and death? And the PEOPLE from those contracting companies are the worst. Believe me I've had to deal with them.

The public doesn't ever get a look inside this industry. Its like they accept it as a faceless force.of power-this monolithic godlike presence in our world.

Technomancers are not god's-they are overly clever monkeys who come from money. And their geek based insecurity and aggressions are all to evident and destroying the world.

There's a reason nerds should never be allowed to rule-there's a reason jocks beat these kids up. Becuz their failings make them dangerous psychos once they get into power.

 We can only hope there's been some 'stand up' geeks helping us and fighting alongside side us this whole time.

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