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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Major Food Companies Involved In Corruption-This Explains GS In Supermarkets

The organized stalking and e-harassment TIs get in corporate chain stores is consistent in the United States. Grocery stores have their own special style of harassing Targeted Individuals.

The harassment usually consists of store employees being more overt than any Walmart or 7-11 would ever dare. The goal of the actions taken are usually to force the Target to act out in some way for the purposes of discrediting themor even ending up institutionalized like jail or a mental ward.

In SD dowtown area police were directly involved with helping Albertsons cover their asses which I blogged about circa 2010.

The e-harassment usually consists of psychological torture as well as forced speech or singing-all of which ceases when the Target leaves the building.

What's so distressful to a Target about being harassed so overtly and consistently in food stores ks the human need for food and shelter to feel safe.

For many of us, food is now the only thing that we feel we can control as well as being the only guaranteed reward in our day.

This is probably on purpose as it would eventually make TIs overweight especially females, thus further destroying our health.

I make sure this doesnt happen. Yet due to my chronic liver disease remaining untreated plus the many years of stress I too have succumbed to being at least 20 lbs overweight.

I dont want it to get as bad as my mother who handles being targeted differently and grew severely obese.
As they say in the 12 step programs 'you cant save your face and your ass at the same time '. Thus being honest with ourselves about our situations and endlessly researching, keeping informed and always adapting seems to be a way to manage the situation.
In SD food chain markets seem to have employees engage in especially aggressive harassment and stalking usually ending in confrontation which I always win becuz...I am right, thats why. And they are wrong. But you have to be smart and in control. Sadly years of this usually ends up adding to the PTSD and recall of GS memories that destroy TIs minds over time and keep us down.

What's amazing is the technology thats implemented in these food stores. Its so advanced and just brutal on the TI.

Decades ago companies were using the beginnings of such tech for subliminals to prevent theft. Seems they found profit and protection in utilizing the advances and progress in tech for more than theft prevention.

Think about it-store security guards are also referred to as 'theft prevention '. So is the security system of technology used for 'theft prevention' as well as the surveillance cameras part of this same system.
Every Target can attest to store security guards being active Gang Stalking perps.

And its not just food stores-name me one major corporate store where the security system in place is not used to harass, agitate even further experiment on Targeted Individuals?

Obviously major food companies are so corrupt they cant afford to not become part of this system.

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Anonymous said...

Check out video for Whole Foods Parking Lot on Youtube. From a TI perspective, it takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes it helps me to have a sense of humor in the midst of the shitstorm.