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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being investigated for life as part of the smear/gang stalking campiagn

Fun with the over-educated, over paid, overrated thugs back home:

Was coming out of San Diego 2 weeks ago. Had a Mex driver but he was Christian and a family Mex who formerly owned a truck company. He didnt mention his prior drug prison time years ago for 5 year mandatory in the 90's and why should he?

But when we came to the border of CA it was like the authorities were waiting for our truck. They non chalantly waved us over with that stupid little flash light. They had us get out while they X rayed the truck.

He then told me its the first time this has ever happened in his whole career of driving. I realize how many TI's have been victims of being tied up in some drug crap utilizing people around them who want to get out of trouble and frame and innocent.
Just Google "Ongoing investigation" and 'targeted'. Targeted in an ongoing investigation. Which means that under the guise of some circumstances that are legit as a TI you may have your life interfered with for the rest of your life due to what is actually part of a smear campaign and being targeted for being a whistle blower.

The authorities usually act arrogant and smirk like they know its a bullshit con and you are in fact being harassed or they look into your eyes like "you are playing this very well and we know you are innocent but we have to do our jobs.".

I would say that authority number one wins the award for *ssholedom. The other guys are just afraid to mess with whoever YOU messed with to get yourself into this position.

I just wanted to go to school and have my therapists help me deprogram. I did nothing to mess with anyone. If I did and I can think of a few things that can be used as smear to make it appear that way, then show me proof.
But we cant do that can we becuz no one involved wants to admit
1) they were duped by an agency or other faction way more f*cked up than they are involved in dirty tricks dept
2) they totally screwed up and got an innocent totally destroyed
3) that the debt for being that stupid as well as that cowardly as well as that viscous still has not been even considered much less paid.
4) they took a deal that got them immunity, protection or opportunity and they will do whatever they have to to keep it

Remaining in the lie is the only way to keep something that is not by right truly yours.
And nothing is free.


Anonymous said...

I think you are right, that these smear campaigns are mainly done by footsoldiers, but I've heard they've got some "backing" of some powerful agencies or syndicates. This could explain why so many are going along with this, being afraid of declining to get involved in going after a target. I get a lot of "porch harassers", people hanging out on porches participating in street theatre. A common thing I experience is people on a porch doing harassment, and if I disappear somewhere for a few minutes and come back, the porch sitters will be gone. I see this a lot, which tells me they've been coopted into participating in street theatre.

Those corrupt forces leading this are very powerful, and are connected internationally. Think of how many corrupt govts. abroad have perps.

Mike C said...

Just a thought on a possible ends that gangstalking can bring. It can be dangerous pleading for protection from gangstalking, because the solution provided may be an all out dictatorship with no individual rights. That society wear government issued uniforms (to protect from people harrasing people with slogans and such on their personal garments), and require people speak only when permitted in presence of authority, everything one says be logged, required to wear camera to prevent g.s, no emotions allowed to be displayed in front of any individual. When fighting evil with evil, evil wins.
I recall reading somewhere that in states where there is little gun restriction, certain people cause by pushing people so there will be more gun crime, so they can provide the solution of gun confiscation. It is possible that the same tactic for individual rights removal is being used not only to trash the second amendment, but also provide the solutions mentioned in paragraph one. The ends being a full scale dictatorship. Of course it would be only one of the many ways they are trying to get a NWO. Getting individuals to WANT no rights is calculated and must have many different tactics because what would work for one perswon may not work for another. So in effect there is g.s for people like us, there is influential celebrities for the masses that base their opinions on their idols opinions, there are 'respected' scholars for the ones who listen to 'knowledgable people', there is music to sway the masses through 'feeling good', tactics of fear (terrorism, crime, etc.) to convince people who want to feel safe. All these things work together to ultimately convince the people to want no rights.