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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why TI's cant be silent/More overt activity Salt Lake City, Utah

Why do I post where I am located on this blog? Becuz you have to remember that this system may actually keep Targets isolated and in a psychological prison created by gs itself in order to get a TI to live publically. I theorize on this due to the fact that my own mother said, chillingly "I am very interested in the way your mind works" in a phone conversation on day, this was during the heavy harassment in 2003 and after her bragging about her military issued credit card. I also heard on the radio stated once that blogging helps to see the way a certain indivdual's minds work.
This along with the way the harassment is done leads me to the conclusion that a TI is forced into public life but only allowed to express themselves via media such as blogging and websites. The purpose of this may fit in very well with MK Ultra as this sort of blogging is basically constant confession, expose and tattle tailing. Its full disclosure of a TI's day to day life. You are basically telling on the bullies in the playground everyday. This actually gives the system a great amount of control over a Targeted person. Eventually many TI's write their stories and this is the ultimate win for MK Ultra led human experimentation.
Throug a system of using chemicals and stress and trauma to incude enough brain damage a target is 'wiped' in many ways if not regressed to a child like state...forcing constant confession produces dependency. I have always known this about what I am doing on Blogger. But I was given little choice.

It also cons the TI into activism or feeling like they are doing something good. This further assists the behavior modification program they are actually always matter what they do. You are forced into activism. You are not allowed to think about yourself or your future and must act selflessly. This would fit in with the military utilizing 'voice of God' technology as well as experiences Targets have had with it being suggested they "serve humanity".

This is all to ensure the Targeted person does not gain any sort of personal power. It is especially obvious that is the motive due to how shame and guilt are used on a person who is actually the victim of gross human rights and civil rights abuses and especially torture. The oppressor must have some motive that is selfish, becuz ultimately thier actions ARE selfish. The game is to brainwash the Target over time to believe that they must redeem themselves or that serving humanity in some way is going to save thier lives.

The whole thing is extremely sick and its only in the interest of discrediting the victim-witness who is targeted as well as taking the focus off of abusers that were around the person who they could very well point a finger at with quite feasible stories...that can be proved.
Its also to cover up for links to documented human experimentation and organized crime that eventually leads to child prostitution or at least the early training of children to lead such lives by pedophiles in thier younger years.

That is why people must make mind control slavery seem so fantastic, unbelievable and as if the targeted survivor is making excuses for thier past or behavior. The smear campaigns also help immensely when a Ti does fall for brainwashing into thinking they needed reform or just goes along with it out of being beaten down and tortured. It makes any doubt or questioning of the system seem pointless as the end result is someone who it appears has been reformed or turned over a new leaf etc.

This is why the TI must be framed in the beginning and vilified. No one must know that they may have been a good person to begin with or that they were in the midst of evolving. The number one obsession is control. Especially when what is really going on is that survivors are waking up to the reality of thier circumstances and they start to recall faces and places and circumstances that would be very embarrassing to important individuals and factions.

The other thing this accomplishes is to deaden the persons soul even further. For a person who wanted to give back to society from life experience taking away the opportunity to do so of thier own Will and timing is taking away from them expressing any good intentions within. Thus, if the targeted Survivor wishes to do good or activism, there is a catch: it will appear that this system forced them to do so or the target themselves feels that the system is controlling thier becoming....becoming an activist or growing as a person. Recall the perp who got me at the railroad tracks in AZ years ago when I had to sell my beach cruiser bike that I loved so much and road myself back to health from mycotoxicosis. The perp came to get me out of a loop obviously and his statement was clear: " YOU know Rachael, when you are only allowed to grow very conditionally.." You are only allowed to grow under certain conditions. Your growth is CONTROLLED. My mother explained to me once that she used to cut the budding leaves off her plants to "..make them grow a certain way". This is just what is being done to the targeted survivor.
People know that the person was so exploited and abused they not only fear retribution they fear that the person will evolved to identify with the aggressor- that a victim will become a monster like thier abusers. They also fear exposure obviously. In St Loius a rescuer type perp (perps who care- the ones who are still sick control freaks and enjoy seeing the TI controlled by others, but are rescuers for whatever reason and not outright sadistic in thier behavior or motives. These people are usually animal rescuers or women rescuers...thier personal trauma history attracts them to gang stalking as a way to still avoid thier own memories and issues but they are caretakers not aggressors.) ..she told me that I could expose the way the adult industries worked - most likely one such business in particular. Protecting my old associates was also most likely the main reason for going so damn far with the abuse and torture: even if I told the whole truth about my ex, my family or my old associates the other claims I would be making are so far fetched that nothing I say would be believed. The person is permanently discredited.
What pisses me off is that the public many times believes that its ALL about organized crime. Survivors know from memories and internal programming that they were in this predicament since birth or at least infancy and it has little to do with the people who happened to be exploiting them in later years...or who was around when they became a threat to the system by waking up and realizing what the hell is going on.

Due to the survivor being under control since an early age, the system simply cannot allow the person to be OUT of their control.
And to many people in this system they are saving the person's life, giving them a second chance, etc. Abuse is seen as tough love of some kind as to thier sick minds, slavery is 'just the way it is' and the survivor should feel fortunate that they did not get killed off instead. Much abuse is mixed with feelings of love in these people's twisted realities. Much of the perps we encouter that are this sick including our families NEVER faced thier own oppressors or abusers and still live in a reality where this is normal behavior. And such people are obsessed with pecking orders and having group or family scapegoats. This is the way that every dysfunctional family unit is set up. Anyone who tells the truth or wants to plan a coo de tate against abusive, dictorial authority figures is attacked until they conform.

People that are as damaged as say my mother see such attempts at personal freedom, truth and justice as a threat to an ENTIRE SYSTEM that feeds, protects, and is family to them; whether is the abuse of the survivors bio family or the system of the country they live in that allows such injustice to occur unquestioned.
Controlling the person are the former abusers' only hope.
Part of this seems to be making the person confess instead of live thier lives in privacy and in peace. It always ensures that the system is in control not the individual.

Being aware of that does not make me able to control my situation any better. It seems logical that a TI would be perped very overtly when they make a move to another location perhaps to ensure the person goes on thier blog and discloses the situation. Then the gs ceases or is eased considerably. It may be that blogging and expose actually does help to get the word out to have responsible people assist the target by calling authorities on thier actions. For instance it would be alot easier for me to get the cops to stop harassment as they have perhaps higher ups who want it stopped once it gets exposed. But it may be harder to get plain clothed 'civilians' to cease such behavior. But it could be that confession is rewarded with a reprieve from harassment, stalking- at this point in a TI's life its torture.

I also see that the TI is tortured to test or even built thier moral character and once again the system gets what it wants either way. If you give in to the effects of the harassment by giving in and giving up you may fall into slavery or abusive circumstances. This allows the smear campaign to prove its point and totally discredit the person. If not the system probably considers itself responsible for forcing the person's morality to strengthen due to resisting negative effects of the campaign. Either way the system gets a desired result. This system has to appear all powerful and that its in control of its victims. It matter little that the victim may have been going through a spiritual growth or planning to use thier life experience to help others: THAT is a threat due to the survivor utilizing thier own Will to accomplish such goals.
And ultimately taking power from the victim has been the lifelong goal of thier oppressors so why should that change now? There is no way the system will allow such a thing to happen. You also have dictorial blowhards like my mother who, after a lifetime of abuse and obsessive control over the child's life, they have the audacity to frequently say to the person: you always have a choice..and other bs that is mind gaming and manipulative. People like my mother see themselves as king and philospher to the subjects. A dangerous move as she contradicts herself or reveals from the philosopher what the king is really up to. For such a person to tell thier victim that they always have a choice, what the abuser is doing it holding over the person's head that they make all the 'choices' available to them while limiting thier 'choices'. Thus they hold the person hostage while telling them they can move about freely in the prison cell of thier design. People like this dont even realize how sick they are and I actually believe that there is real brain damage involved with the behavior of many abusers. In the case of my family, early abuse may be so severe that the people involved are not quite right due to actual damage to the brain. Trauma based mind control programming has been described as damaging certain parts of the brain to gain such abilities from humans.
Also so much pain and suffering is attached to programming that many people would rather suffer than go against the original threats that were placed there since childhood. How do you think they build assassins or suicide bombers. Something has got to be driving these people and its a system thats in place that does so, most likely from a very early age.

Why do some people come out of programming with good intentions or what seems like 'good' inside them? Who ever said that destructive, negative enslaving 'Satanic' programming was the only programming? Or Luciferian perfection obsessed, excel or die Masonic type programming was the only programming? Who ever said that handlers were all working for the system of enslavement?

I posted about overt police harassment that has ceased. Today I encountered somewhat obvious tactical stalking from an individual. I got him on camera as he drove off. A white male with a beard, dressed like he's into Hip Hop, but that white trash version where 40 year old white men are wearing baggy shorts and fake bling. He was riding a boys bike, which is cool if you are a truly hip street person or a guy in your 20's. The typical totally misfit as usual for what perps look like. Stalked in 3 locations and in a very tactical manner as far as his physical placement. Drove off when I pointed him out the my friend.
I have also gotten a few men staring or seeming to when behind me like being followed but that may be just the way I look. Its hard to tell which is why this is used on me. Its also used most likely to make it appear I am making this sh*t up to get attention or to make my 40 year old ass seem to be still desirable. First of all anyone who knows me knows that I could turn up the volume on my presence and my appearance as to attract way more attention that this, believe me. Secondly I am still better than average for my age and what I have gone through due to good DNA, self grooming and bone structure. Thirdly, if you think I am making this up for attention you are jealous end of story and your opinions are useless to TI's who are fighting for thier lives- go pick on Tiger Woods ..becuz the tabloids said you can.

I am very pleased with the black residents here. My stress levels and racial issues are slowly subsiding, like a flood that is finally going away. One black male was simply commenting on my appearance and I must have reacted as he later apologized and said he was not staring. I informed him I had just come from San Diego and he fully understood my reaction. It isnt a scene where everyone is on a bizarre wanna be G trip. But due to it being not dry enough for allergy testing, it may not last long.

Salt Lake City is a lovely place. I can think here. There isnt the usual bs that makes up a city. Its not dirty literally or figuratively speaking. Since the USA decided to outlaw fun, individuality,privacy, and feeling good about life or one's self places like NYC, Boston etc that were dirty but had character are now dirty with corporte culture, YUPpies or gang mentality that is dirty without being any fun.They offer the illusion of progress and a cleaned up system. They are like prisons. Salt Lake doesnt need to apologize for any of it to begin with. However sadly there are YUPpie buildings popping up here and like every other city its destroying the original character of the city with corporate sameness.
This is the new way of doing things. Its not going to cease and for anyone who thinks its crazy to obsess about 'progress' (creating a peasant class or a prison) while really marginalizing people or destroying/exploiting people or simply forgetting about 'people' in favor of sterilization...leaving the USA may be the only way. Or finding someplace that isnt obsessed about making thier downtown look like every other downtown in the USA.

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Anonymous said...

Over the past month, I had two people harass me. One was asking me where do I work full time at. That was last month. Yesterday, the one guy kept barking "are you going to work?", being very smartass, and I could tell it was to spark a reaction, or just plant some more negative programming. I get this every time I search for a full-time job: I get the gangstalkers asking me where I work full time, or gee, are you going to work now, when it's obvious I'm on leisure time, just trying to enjoy myself and relax after my last job finished. It seems it could be a hypervigilant tactic.

It seems that maybe the perps realize that any full time job opportunities are likely to be trashed because of being targeted. I had a lot of these strange occurrences of going to job interviews long before the perps were overt, with the interviewers seeming to like my qualifications, with the result that they never contact me, preferring to play hide and seek. This happened last month, and I chalked this up to being targeted. But this happened before, long before I figured I was targeted overtly. Seems like I have been targeted a lot longer than I realize. I've been accepting the notion that I have been selected before birth, or at birth, yet my situation doesn't seem the same as other targets, where there was clear evidence that they were targeted before birth. I do recall strange encounters with people who now seem like informants in my past, long before the perps went overt. So maybe they do this thing in layers, over the years. For example, they modify the level of overtness for your infant to age 10 years, then for puberty, then for teens, twenties, etc.

Since you're approaching 40 (as you've mentioned many times on your blog), this age is where you reach your mental peak. So in your 30's, they are in their overt-berserk mode, just trying to crush you with harassment. AFAIK, I was targeted at age 34, when they were starting to really put the screws to me. 30's is when the perps seem the most active in a TI's life.

As far as life-long, yeah I can definitely see evidence of that, but maybe that was just because I am a good bullying target in general, though. I have not seen any direct evidence of being selected at/before birth, but it's highly possible that they could have done all of this in secrecy. Nobody says anything to me about me being life-long. I understand the System is always looking for fresh meat to be thrown to it, to whet its appetite and to provide itself with exercise.

Oh yeah, the harassment about not working could be because I am about to file for unemployment. Until fall, that is, where I will be teaching part time. No full time prospects teaching yet though.