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Friday, June 4, 2010

A reader comment on operatives/opportunists within the TI community

"It's true, even targets turn their back on other t... It's true, even targets turn their back on other targets in need. Are they perps? It's possible. There isnt one target, or target group that will meet in person, which explains that alot of targets online are perps hiding behind fake pictures and personas. Mike
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I thought this was important to tackle. This has not been my experience. There are TI's wanting to meet. Not all of them are perps but in my personal experience some of them are and they are posing as Targets. I had one woman on conference calls finally lure me to her house, this around 2006/7. I still had my youth, my energy and hadnt been drained by the campaign yet. I was so stalked and harassed while traveling that I simply wud do anything to get to safety. Like many Targets I fell for the activist approach due to thinking like a typical American: fight for your rights. I did not occur to me at the time that anything covert would certainly not be handled well by overt activism. The conference calls seemed to be a mix of agents or professional perps as well as criminal opportunists and genuine targeted persons. After a short time one could tell that it was being used for information gathering and there were constant predators on the line trying to con TI's into coming to live with them or buying things. There was also alot of arguing and that may have been due to TI's having been tortured and stressed out or it could have also been theatrics to torture TI's further. It definitely felt like a holding area for targets. I pictured these orange goldfish swimming into this tiny pool of water from a stream the waterway looking all natural and not man made. A holding area for Targeted Individuals. I wont even get into the mind control tactics being used but it was very cult lets say.
The thing about it that was so disheartening was that it made me realize that in this situation there was absolutely no hope. I did not yet understand that my situation was most likely about behavior modification or being silenced completely..and that this was part of the isolation process or the breaking down of me as a person. I believe its purpose was to show the TI that there is no hope in activism and that absolutely no one can be trusted. People who took the bait and were cult mind controlled were treated well as well as wealthy or valuable people. I cant say if this was becuz of my situation being so surrounded by scandal so they did not want someone who could discredit them or if it was simply becuz I was dirt poor and thus of no value anyway. It seemed that way. But then again I heard of people who were living in shelters being favored by the group. I simply could NOT figure out what was wrong with me. A few times it was mentioned that anyone with "unstable" programming might discredit the group.
A few times some a-holes tried to intimate on the line that sex workers who were in trouble would come into the group to spy on people and get pay offs. THAT pissed me off due to my being hunted twisted around to thier advantage.

I took this offer from a woman who turned out to be a psycho. She had like 20 acres of land but hoarded it and hardly even walked on it. It was about keeping it was all. She claimed that the city was trying to push her off due to her house not looking up to par. She may have been genuine I dont know and maybe the stress had made her crazy on top of her being firey to begin with. She told me things about my campaign she should not have known, also told me things about what the perps were doing that she didnt act smart enough to have knowledge of, had confederate flags in her home, claimed that if I stayed with her in slave like servitude then at least I wouldnt be being chased around the country by 'blacks' (not the word she used, then hours later told her older black friend on the phone that she didnt like so and so due to her using racial slur language) and also had some very suspect kid staying with us who kept focusing on being German. Her police trained attack dog would go after this kid's fat blonde friends car every time she would come in or go out the door.
It was a total nightmare. She also would advise me not to counter a bogus letter from a doctor due to the perception people had of me by now most likely making it as if I "have been already labeled". And other things that can only be filed under totally creepy.
Like coffee creamer that tasted waayyy to sweet and after a while of drinking that my kidneys started to hurt very badly and other symptoms of anti freeze poisoning. A favorite for its ability to be hidden in foods due to its sweet flavor and due to a long drive from any hospital and my lacking in keeping any liquid charcoal on me, I did the next best thing which is to counter the effects by taking shots of alcohol.
This is the woman's house where I lost my finger due to her stupid careless attempts at dog breeding and needless to say she was nice to me after that due to not wanting to get sued.

Later on in a shelter a woman who worked there had limited privileges due to working in the corrections field so I looked up this psycho's name/DOB and she was a multiple felon who's offenses were so bad that they were locked and one needed further access to view them.
All along her story was that she was a good Christian woman with no criminal record.

And this f*ck up may have actually been trying to help or was so programmed or traumatized that she didnt understand what she was doing. She may very well have been targeted at the same time as being a criminal opportunist (I overheard her once say mention something to the fat blonde friend about getting a reduced sentence in regards to having me there.)

THESE are the screw ups you are going to meet in the realm of targeted individuals. Get burned like this once and then lose faith in any forum with people claiming to be TI's and you will forever be very leary of other TI's.
Its a game of stealth, deception and isolation. There IS no way to know who to trust unless you have the same capacity and capabilities that the gang stalking system seems to have and that is impossible. A targeted individual is singled out and targeted by a system that has much more money and man power as well as the most up to date tech which should only be available to the FBI from what I have read.

So dont get disheartened. TI's have been tortured over the years and actual brain damage can occur from different parts of the campaign. You cant tell who is genuine though over the years you learn the difference between red flags and people who have simply been driven literally insane by these campaigns.

For the most part I am aware of the 'TI community' but stay out of the 'IN' crowd due to mistrust of thier popularity as well as thier methods of protest. Wearing tin foil beanies and other such theatrics went right out the door with the 1960's and is discrediting. Protesting anything in these times is considered passe but exposing corruption has kept its edge and that is the way it should be approached. Long gone are the stoned sunny days of the 1970's where it was 'in' to be 'out' and pass me the suntan oil while I stand in this protest line with a sign.

Even the protests of Bush were hardly touched on and everyone is treated like an enemy combatant anyway. The rules have changed and if you want to fight the system now you have to market to people that this is something serious..they need to be marketed to as to why they should buy into this. Americans are much more savvy now and used to indecency and lack of civility in our society. They are so desensitized by shock that they are totally jaded. You need to awaken them as to why they should bother coming out of the deep freeze. They like thier deep freeze- its safe and comfortable. To be quite honest the entire human population is being appealed to or brainwashed on the very primitive level of the Death Wish or self destructive urges. Before it was drugs and fast living then it was money now its the environment or a future of being fused with technology. Humanity is being told its safer to go to sleep, perhaps to fuse humans with tech more easily. Its very very sad and like Bush promised, they are "successful" in the insane dream of an NWO.

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Anonymous said...

I guess some of these types that have bad offenses... I have met a couple of those. I suspect that those people I have met, they seemed like good people except for whatever "mistakes" they have made in the past. Those are the ones who I suspect are completely chained and bound by the System to carry out whatever harassment against me. Those types I can forgive, but then, how can I be completely sure this is the case, that they simply "have no choice" but to go along with this? I believe everyone has a choice, but I know that some with a shady past are very afraid of getting their past offenses revealed. Suppose also these people also want to reform, in the right way, and walk in the Right, but the System won't let them, because they have the perps and agents who will threaten to use those past offenses against them. I guess once you've sold out to the System for whatever reason, you're screwed. As a TI, I feel like I am free. Granted it is a damaged sort of free. And I'm sure that whole being scared of what "happens next" is yet another card the perps have in their hands to further torment us, knowing we can't get away. But at least I don't have to follow the rules of the System, because I have not sold out, and have no criminal record, thankfully. I have no past offenses, except for those reactions I have had to the perps and their harassment.

Some of these types that are perps, they are such mean bastards and bitches, and they love to shove their little power complex right down our throats. We know they are inferior, but with their mind games, love to portray as as the inferior ones and they the strong ones with their skits.

They're pretty disgusting people, and creepy as hell. It's like they see this whole gangstalking as a way of turning the tables on us, i.e. make us out to be the creepy disgusting ones when it is them doing it to us.