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Monday, June 28, 2010

The USA is spoiled/the powers that be allow choas

In my experience I now understand that there is a faction of our world that not only allows chaos to occur but encourages it. This is most likely the dirty tricks dept or a faction of stealth, be covert actors who engage in all sorts of spying, provocation and other covert activities.

I was just a kid in the 90's and didnt pay much attention to politics. I now watch this video of the LA riots. And then I once again watch the video of protests during Bush. Rwanda. Etc etc.
With the amount of technology available as well as the capabilities of law enforcement agencies local. state, fed and international not to mention other factions that have even more impressive abilities its impossible to believe that things like these occur yet could not be predicted or stopped once the violence explodes.

If I was president I would have declared Marshall f*ckin law and shut this party down in a hurry. Total military occupation of LA no mercy, zero tolerance. This never should have been as bad as it was.

In order to avoid the real criminals in our system being held accountable or having thier neighborhoods destroyed, the residents destroy thier own neighborhoods (brilliant move) and then f*ck up a couple of sacrificial lambs who are in the way. Instead of going after the real enemy of course.
In order to not really totally offend the hand that feeds they need to continue to be oppressed and never truly get smart about being 'We The People'. The elite love this sh*t as it frees them up from getting anything of thier's broken or stolen or messed with. Also populations like in the video are more likely to go after a few they can outnumber than go after someone who, if important enough, if messed with, will bring truly dire consequences down on thier heads. They know better. So making a mess for a few days and f*cking up a few scapegoats is sufficient enough. Why not destroy a few truck drivers and cops that have nothing to do with the case? Gee, I guess getting organized and going after particulars like the judge or the lawyers or the cops involved would take too much effort.
I spent time down there, I saw alot of this posing shit. Everyone's a wannabe G. And they'll keep on talkin sh*t until they almost get thier asses kicked on the trolley then KEEP on talkin while they retreat from an ass beating after dude stands up. Only a mob would do I guess. So Cal is so pathetically over socializing that they probably couldnt think for themselves OUTSIDE a mob anyway.

If anyone really meant business in this country they would STOP taking from the system, STOP paying thier taxes and live like animals to survive outside the system not live like animals just to be subjugated by the system and then kill like animals when said system wants to oppress them. Go to Washington and f*ck up the white house next time. Or perhaps some government buildings or other ruling class properties in the area you live in. THAT will drive your point home for good.
By the way Americans are also naive as f*ck due to King then retracting his actions by begging for peace. No obviously we cant all "get along". What is this a preschool? "Get along?" This is grown up politics not kid stuff. If you take action you better be prepped to stand by your bloodymindedness.

Americans are notorious for agreeing with violent action abroad but when it hits home or something blows up they get all flustered. Thats becuz they do not care about the price paid by others across the world for thier standard of living. They would prefer the gory details be out of sight and out of mind.

I wouldnt forgive anyone by the way. Obviously the truck driver wasnt Italian cuz if he was he'd say "fogetaboutit" but not really mean it, get a hold of the video and find out where they live, what time thier sleep eat and shit and where their children..then years later THIER children go to school until it was time to take care of vendetta. Needless to say this would never have happened in NY or Boston as the other neighborhoods would..lets just say it wouln't happen. However having spent time in the piece of sh*t known as So Cal I can say that there are only 3 ethnic groups and its a horrid wasteland of pot, meth, tasteless 'rich' people and stupidity beyond belief. You bet there arent enough Italians there. I felt like a foreigner the entire time and 'respect' on the street hasnt been scared into the YUPies or the ghetto trash that lives there.
A run away truck going through the family living room one day years later when they least expected it would be nice gift of eye4eye wouldn't you say? Or maybe drop off a drive shaft wrapped in newspaper- the 'message' being that one of the attackers now sleeps with the old trucks in the city compactor. Niiiiccce.

But those are just my fantasies. The reality is that America whines and complains as they have to sell thier Harley's and boats and downsize to a smaller house during these economic hard times while some of us have no money for food, have had our futures destroyed and have to sleep outside. Awww, my haat bleeds foy ya.

America: forget about it. Its done. They are never going to change here. They will always play tough but never face the truly abusive corrupt authority and if they become displeased they just have a tantrum and sh*t in the living room a few times until they feel they have scared a few people and get a bit of satisfaction, become placated by the system in some small way-then go to bed sucking thier thumbs...Its HARD to have to sell your bike and your boat while asking ME why I live the lifestyle I do and getting all high and mighty becuz I seem like a hippy.

That is how stupid this population is. They are so blind to corruption within thier own country and US culture that they dont stop and say 'Wait a minute..this woman is intelligent and doesnt seem like she should be living this way'. I have never ever heard one of those boat/Harley selling upper/middle class people even suspect what I am doing. They immediately go for the throat with "Yet but you choose to be homeless". People from places like India and other cultures look at me like they KNOW something is up with me panhandling and something is wrong with that picture. That foul play is involved.

9-11 didnt wake America up to corruption, nationally or internationally. Each event like this just wakes them from thier dreamy sleep in this reality thats created in this isolated country. They just have a fit that someone woke them up.

And if they do know what goes on like with me they just hang thier heads or avoid it. Or think no one is going to catch them so they laugh at you or join in. Who can fight a mob?

They are either too padded down with 'the good life' to know what the hell goes on in reality in the rest of the world or they are oppressed but dependent on the oppressor.
Perhaps that is just the way humans are. Machiavelli warned that no matter how good you are or how much you work for the people their hearts are truly black-lacking and negative, and they cannot be trusted and they will turn on you.
Many American students read his work and think he's over exaggerating or being paranoid.

I have seen first hand that chaos and horrors like this are allowed to occur if not encouraged by a faction within society that lives among us daily but we do not see it. St Louis was a perfect example. Missouri is f*cked anyway.

Only Americans would not believe that such things as people getting targeted exists. Its pathetic.
The good thing about Americans is that due to this naivete they are very helpful I have found around the country despite everyone whining in the USA about the world going to hell.
If you feel that way then do something about it instead of letting it occur. You cant fight what you dont want to believe exists in the first place.

Can you believe this?

I love the white guy with long hair that goes up to the window just raises his fists to taunts them and walks away as if the cops got served. The kid with the peace sign shirt is great and just ridiculous. I can hear the camera guys now "Put that kid with the Malcolm X hat on in front..get a shot of that hat!". LOL. How many people have logo corporate shirts on with political content on them? What, did the media give the shirts out to start? I bet they did. I can see some covert faction going down there and starting this shit to begin with and stirring things up. Wherever there are cameras and there is some sh*t starting at this small level you can bet its partly contrived, bait and wait or incited.

Look how small the cops were back then. So not ready for any of this. Hmmm..we have an intelligence arm of our system who are supposed to know these things. I bet a dept at MIT could have predicted it with math. But noooo it goes from this to a full scale sh*t house hellish nightmare. Strange, since COINTELPRO was very in touch with what was going on in order to counter it with covert action and monkeywrenching way back in the 60's. So..if COINTELPRO is like ancient history by the 90's then how could this have happened? Sheesh even the CIA warned some people to get out of Jim Jone's settlement "..before something happens to (them)" (See the vids on my YouTube channel. All candid FBI tapes. No Hollywood bs.)

I guess after all this, Bush's police state is revenge for the cops. The now in place police state ensures that this wont happen again as the true enemy is beyond the walls of this prison. And anyone who doesnt agree or doesnt conform is a terrorist. Actually
whos sacrificed or screwed over and wants to defend themselves is then a potential terrorist-or someone who sees whats going on. Or both! Go for the gusto!


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is the sheer idiocy of the people involved down here, like the insistence that I supposedly killed somebody and got away with it. They have been known to do that to targets a good bit. It's just amazing, how the gangstalking mob can get away with this, yet turn the tables and lie through their teeth and make us to be the killers. Insane. There is so much stupidity that is mixed with aggressive attitudes in these campaigns.

Anonymous said...

That's your typical mob thinking right there. So King was black, he got the shit beat out of him by white cops, so... of course, just grabbing the closest white person and beating him close to death is "revenge". Why not go to the police station and fuck up those cops who did the beating? Why not do the research, find out where these cops live, and kick their asses? It seems all throughout history, people have needed objects of convenience as sacrificial lambs, to represent the people that are too afraid to go after.

Interesting that the black trucker (Mr. Green) saw all of this and decided to do something about it. It's also interesting that this one man wasn't afraid of the mob, and just got into the middle of the violent fray to help Denny out.

The mob mentality is highly disorganized and non-thinking, and acting on highly negative emotions instead of rational thinking.