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Monday, June 14, 2010

Gang stalking turns 'flyers'' into 'burrowers'

The system of organized stalking and harassment aka 'gang stalking' is made essentially to keep people down, destroy their lives, take away opportunity for thier futures and drive them ultimately to suicide or insanity.

I recall seeing an episode of Malcolm In The Middle (which I hated when it was popular and only watched in re runs much later). His overbearing yet sometimes wise mom was telling him he was a 'burrower' and that his little brother was a 'flier'.
"00:06:26 What are you talking about? (Malcolm)
00:06:29 I can play music if I want to.
00:06:30 I'm sorry, honey. You can't. (Mom)
00:06:32 Your brain doesn't work that way.
00:06:34 You don't have that kind of creative spark.
00:06:37 What?
00:06:38 See, Dewey is a flier.
00:06:40 He'll just drift and float through life and things will turn out for him.
00:06:42 Now, you and I, we're burrower We're at our best when our heads are down, and we're grinding through a mountain of drudgery.
00:06:49 You don't know that.
00:06:50 Yes, I do.
00:06:51 You actually think you know what I'd be good at before I even try it?!
00:06:53 That's right.
00:06:54 Oh, really?
00:06:55 Then tell me, how would I be at scuba diving? Or mountain climbing?
00:06:59 Or flamenco dancing?
00:06:59 Bad at scuba diving, good at mountain climbing.
00:07:02 Flamenco dancing? A disaster.
00:07:04 I'm not trying to hurt your feelings.
00:07:05 I'm just telling you what I know.
00:07:06 It's a good thing you weren't John Lennon's mother.
00:07:09 If I were John Lennon's mother, he'd still be alive. "

The gang stalking system takes people with lots of talents or a creative spark, high intelligence, beauty, spirituality or wisdom, psychic ability...something that gives them an advantage over average people, and degrades them to the level of a person who has to try extra hard due to being untalented.

I knew this cabbie once and he was a friend but he was very delusional about his talents at being a jazz pianist. He had to practice 8 hours a day just to play in a bar band. After Boston got hijacked by gentrification just like every other city his piano bar gigs dried up. He was always insecure due to his brother making it in the jazz scene or his horn player being very mercurial. The kind of artist that just walks into a gig with 5 min left till its time to start and he jumps in, plays well, of course while being totally bombed or hung over then waltzes out like breeze out the door.
This same friend looked at me sheepishly once as I played with some brushes on an object making as perfect beat. "OK you have natural talent." He would also whine endlessly about his ex wife Bonnie who screwed him over. Strangely, he also seemed mind controlled at times. I once got him on the phone and tried something: I asked him to tell me about his life BEFORE all these traumas and envies that now ran his mind into the ground daily. As he started to recall happier times and trips to London in school his energies changed and it was if he was recalling some other time he had forgotten due to his life in Boston having such a damn strangle hold on him. I also noted that when he slept, as he often let me stay at his apartment when he worked nights, I would start to hear music when he slept very deeply. You could hear it very clearly in the apartment. When he awoke this phenomena would cease.

We never know who else around us is either also programmed or an experimentee. Or if the system is covertly keeping them down as well in some capacity. Often these people are drawn to us and vice versa as friends and associates as this would be natural even if we conshusly dont know why.
Unfortunately when the system came after me he only helped the perps if he wasnt one himself, and used his hatred for his ex wife to fuel and validate my destruction. Another person so afraid to face themselves that they have to displace and project on others. Hes much older yet he still whines and blames people for his situation. Even J. used to make fun of him for being such a baby. His final sentiment was basically that I was going to be destroyed and I deserved it due to my coming to him for a place to stay and rekindling our friendship a few times a year.
I am so glad that I at least got out of this that I am naturally a traveler and its normal for me to disappear for a while and come back to friends in different places.

I, unlike the a-holes I left behind, was never afraid to face myself. When the system came after me I was working on just that, but I was facing inward so deeply that that got me good from the outside. I always evolved in spite of my own Will. It was like I couldnt control my growth even if I did not want to grow.

People like my old associate are forcing themselves to grow in a false direction and that is why I believe they must work extra hard. Becuz what they are doing is false. At any age they still have not 'found themselves'. They are not being honest with themselves.
This is what creates weakness in these people and prevents growth.

However, it is hard to find yourself when you dont understand your being manipulated life long due to being a targeted individual. People like him hide in the darkness becuz most of society would just consider him a loser or crazy. He was a bit eccentric which shows that hes harboring some talent that he dare not admit to himself even.

And the system uses these people against us when they come after us for the kill. They will use everyone around us in fact. The decievers are excellent at what they do and remember always they have thousands of years of practice. I dont put labels on who is behind this as I notice that they desire TI's to pigeon hole themselves by doing so. Who knows who is behind this? I personally am not privvy to that information, so I dare not guess.

The guy I stayed in SD for once said to me "You have alot of talents that other people dont have". I often think that people believe this is a good excuse for TIs to be targeted. Thats the biggest excuse of all persons involved in these games. That you can take it or afford to lose something as you have more than them.

As for being talented its no good having it if a force in this life doesnt let you use it. Then you have a very frustrated angry person and that is what the gs system works on. To turn all your energy against you. Always. A blocked artist is a pretty angry person. Thats alot of natural force to be repressing.
Its like plugging a volcano. Its gonna be violent.

The USA is still very uncomfortable with artists and the arts due to their immaturity. They are still insecure without their business, money and the evil that it takes to make that happen. They are still trying to negotiate the reality of genociding an entire race of people..the country is horribly young still.

And I will never forget how certain people just assumed that my old friend was right in his gripes. Many of the perps are sexists or woman haters that use women to blame all thier problems on and they will pick women who they KNOW are vulnerable but who society loves to pick on or seem strong enough to take it or be a threat. Really men like him frame women up for falls whenever they can.
We were at this comedy club and this puppetier was performing. The kind of guy who has his hand up some puppets ass as a form of entertainment, but unlike the muppets, you can see him so one has to wonder about his need to seek attention with a doll, as if he badly needs this accessory to succeed. Perhaps there is something I dont like about the metaphor this represents for controlling someone covertly. Just like clowns, puppetiers are very creepy to many programmed people and for good reason.

This performer looked over in disgust as the check was brought to us and my older male cab driver friend was with me. I paid the check, maybe even just becuz of that look I got, with money I certainly did not have.
I think hes a pretty well known puppetier in clubs etc. His face turned to some sort of relief or approval.
One has to wonder if this is just random or part of the bs known as stalking and harassment.

Remember: many disatisfied men who will destroy a woman to feel they have control over THE WOMEN IN SOCIETY AND THIER OWN LIVES THEY CANNOT CONTROL. Or even as a favor to women who are much more controlling that they admire. Such as Julia or my mother. My cab driver friend was pretty much Julia's bitch anyway. And I cant count how many times growing up that men got in on the emotional and psychological child abuse from my mother, just to favor her.

I was also told by a woman claiming to be a TI also in New Mexico " They are jealous of you. They are trying to bring you down to thier level".

I guess this is done by "trying to see if they can keep her on the run with the harassment". It is amazing how many people know about what is happening to a target and they just treat it like a soap opera, in thier reality within thier grasp but yet, they do nothing to assist.

That is becuz there is NO CONSEQUENCES for any of these people's actions. And as one faction abuses you they dont realize there is other stuff going on. That they are being used. The whole country is gonzo with military anyway as well as survaillence. You have no idea how bad it is. When humans get that much power they have the ability to play god but its a very bad idea as they are just human. And there are factions in this world who are much better at being opportunists, they've been designing deceptions for centuries.

One thing gang stalking gives us if we stay true to ourselves is that we were right all along; we were on the right track doing the right things. And the people around us were always as weak and pathetic and we thought they were.

There are Cause Stalkers in this system that will try to at some point say that any growth one has had is due to being targeted for your own good. Another falsehood used to validate thier sick cults. ALL of these people are incapable of being self actualizing. It will never happen. They cannot face themselves so they stalk a target, as if thier own life depended on it. And basically it does.

TI's survive. Perps would shatter in the same circumstances.

They want you to become burrowers like them. They hate creativity, talent, art and high intelligence. Especially nowadays there is a comfort found in corporate sameness and a celebration of mediocrity. When the world is falling down around you and the weather is acting strangely and you are now no longer allowed to be ignorant of world events, safety for many people comes in holing up in a cave. This is the modern equivalent to that. Also if the agenda wants the support of the people its best to exalt the people, the mob, the group the crowd to make them feel good about operating in a collective.

Always retain your FLYER status, no matter what they do. And if they get to close and begin to really rule you or force conformity via behavior modification for me a hot funeral pyre is the ultimate in flight. They will never catch you then. Flying off with those flames...ftw. And all thier ignorance.

You may have to burrow some due to the fact that these idiots are too stupid to realize that as a survivor of programming you have been 'burrowing' all your life to survive. This is not a society that respects spiritual or mental battles. All they understand is violence. I get no respect at all in fact I am jealously hated. If I was in a wheel chair as say, an overt, physical representation of my internal injuries or my face burned- outward signs of injury, then this society would immediately be sympathetic.

America in fact many parts of the world are not filled with spiritual grown ups. Its gonna be very hard. But dont change just becuz a group of jealous blind people have decided to band together for mutual protection and profit. Mostly protection from themselves and looking too deeply in a damn mirror.


Anonymous said...

Well, some of the participants have some intelligence. For example, college professors and college students have been perps of mine. They come from all walks of life, but seem to. The biggest sect, seem to be those that somehow missed out BIG TIME on some opportunities to make it in life but missed the bus. As for the intelligent ones going along with it, perhaps they are just lacking in something, despite being intelligent, that makes them want to be part of the herd? Or maybe we tend to overestimate the type of intelligence that ¨hard science¨ (e.g. Computer Science) professors and students posses. Maybe they are not 100% complete, as in lacking talent or other natural survival skills?

Like I said, the biggest handlers I have had are the ones who were denied some sort of opportunity early in life or repressed somehow for many years, and are resentful of that fact. Or, they are woman/man haters. But then what makes a woman/man hater? One thing is being denied those things as per above, or having other problems in their lives, such as alcoholism. That has been a huge destroyer of many people that turned otherwise promising nice people to extremely vicious haters/beaters. It´s not necessarily gangstalking related, but it still has the same effect of destroying the person. Where it is gs related, though, is where the GS system inducts these types of people into the system to be used as handlers of TIś.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, that a cause stalker's life depends on stalking/harassing the TI. One intimated this to me in a sort of directed conversation way, that she can't live without her perp/handler role.