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Friday, June 4, 2010

Race and other used in gang stalking campaigns

And after completing this I see the value in working on my last nerve and every old wound to work on using the racial tensions around me in the usually rough homeless scene: no one will listen to claims of sexism from a racist.
Its a good strategy. This is why I document everything including my feelings on things. To bring forward race as an issue is ultimately valuable in the campaign used in targeting me. Who will pay attention to how mistreated I have been very sexist manner if I use the N word everyday in the bottoms here in downtown San Diego?
I have never used that word so much in my life as here in SD. Something is very wrong here. That word was reserved for survival in Boston's homeless streets and shelters with battles where there is a sexist/racist axis. Its invaluable to a poor white female in return to an attack from an aggressive poor black male who is using his being a male as a win for status, Boston being a very status conscious place as well as power games in this arena are common even among the very poor and destitute. A return of this kind lets him know that if he insists on being a sexist, the female can point out to him very quickly, his social status that is LACKING over her not WINNING over her being female. This kind of battle makes sense considering that the black male and the white female are right next to each other on the socio-economic ladder. In Boston this usually ends the argument right there.
In NYC I have never used it as blacks had been friendly or helpful in my limited experience.
In So Cal even if the male is dead wrong, thier first reaction is to start whining about the racial comment and focusing on it, almost to the point of them feigning emotional injury. Take for example the male caught soliciting me and stalking me a few weeks ago. Needless to say the cops were not sympathetic to him after pulling up his record of solicitation. The head cop, who was light skinned, was quite amused that I had told him off in no uncertain terms.

Thus much of the campaign here has focused on pissing me off to no end with sexism, so I return with race as a weapon, which works in the northeast as then you are not a Yankee who will bow to race in the face of manipulation or unfair attack, but HERE it actually works to make me look bad as it only makes the offending black male appear the victim and they play martyr very well here indeed.
I have actually heard perps doing directed conversation, usually two black males, whining something about not liking people due to the color of thier skin or not wanting to be intimately involved with men due to this reason. Its not the skin that bothers me its the culture. And I will use whatever is necessary to survive on these streets.
Does anyone understand that a white female who is poor, that has a shape and decent bone structure is basically going to be hunted by black males in big cities anywhere its allowed by our culture of apathy and head-in-the-sand political correctness in the USA? And here in So Cal this population perceives that they run the streets to the exclusion of other ethnic groups. Downtown black males drive by my boyfriend and I walking in the morning and they leer in thier cars as if we are soliciting. He makes me walk on the inside just to prevent that message being sent. It is the worst region in the country outside of St Louis or Dallas for disrespect of this kind. THAT is what they DONT show you on TV about this culture.
Not every poor white woman prefers black males as sexual partners. I wont go out with redheads either or Latinos though I love thier culture..does that make me a red head hater? I am certain no one has video of me ever saying "wetback" though the blacks use this frequently down here. Why is that? Becuz I dont get hunted by Latinos. They are usually respectful.

I have had white males just assume I am dating a black male due to my build.As if my shape and my height is such a threat to them, like they couldnt handle it, that that was the best defense of their male insecurity they come up with. Do you realize how offensive this is?? That is the USA for you. Any female of lower economic status with a build is considered exclusively sexual by males in the USA. The idea of us having intelligence or talent is beyond thier comprehension and if it is gotten wind of, alot of people will do anything to destroy it.. especially the women.

So I have learned that using the same weapons of war in one region that worked well in another may serve the gang stalking system's smear dept more than myself in battle.
And this IS oppression due to sexism and classism. So why wouldnt the oppressor try to focus on race? Its a great tool of diversion.

Also in the USA offenses of race usually have larger consequences than that of sexism or classism, so everyone is more afraid. People are conditioned to have decency. If our society never enlightened and consequences put up for actions related to racism in recent history, I guarantee most common people would still innocently be making watermelon jokes.
I dont think humans really care about other humans they dont know intimately, unless some authority tells them they should care. Like when people feel so whole heartedly for a bunch of strangers in a plane crash but then mistreat the people around them or the needy within thier own reach. Its an easy way out of not having to take true social responsibility or evolve spiritually. Then you can look like you give a sh*t about the world when your own personal actions on a daily basis testify that you do not. Hmph. Why not just be overtly self centered and selfish and be honest? I dont get it. Seems like a waste of energy all that projection.

I have heard a few targets speak of different and distinct angles like this being worked in thier campaigns. One male TI speaks of aggressive, snooty women being used on him all the time and it they succeed by making him feel insecure or undesirable.
Another person I know who seems targeted was always having gay males focus on him but it was so obvious that they were perps not just your average gay male. After hanging with another TI for a while for mutual protection this has cut the BS a bit for both targets.

These things are done due to the deep and very comprehensive intelligence gathering done on every targeted person most likely along with a psychological profile and any history of testing or psych records. They system KNOWS what your fears are or they try to find out what will control you best over the years. THIS IS ALL IN THE INTEREST OF CONDITIONING THE TARGET USING BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY AND CONDITIONING. Classical conditioning. Its very simple but its deadly when put forth using such sheer numbers of people as well as being done covertly and 'gas lighting' the targeted person.

The main point seems to be to work on old wounds or sensitivities or weak points and even the most strong or perfect person has them. The covert organized stalking and harassment system will exploit them..always to thier advantage.

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