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Friday, June 11, 2010

Experiment done with postings on this blog

I wrote a post some hours ago then prepublished it so it wud come out at 5 am.
at psychic phenomena is involved in what is going on and most likely human experimentation.

The article was on Mexican gang activity and I knew it would inspire much fear and disgust and maybe even rile up sentiment from certain elements...or interest a few total psychopaths.

I found the result to be as it always is without fail.

At an hour of this morning when the light had started to break I was awoken to a great feeling of fear as well as nervousness if not thought of my future safety.
I just knew without looking at the time that it had to be close to 5 am.

I then turned on and looked at my phone as I quickly got to the computer and it was 5:22 am.

Once again it has been shown that some sort of playing with or experimenting with either natural psychic ability or induced psychic ability is part of this project. It does not surprise me as one of the ends to MK Ultra connected projects is to create the super soldier and we have seen many a WIRED article claiming the miltary is working on just the future of course, which means now, classified.

Either that or these games of controlling and owning someone or at least performing behavior modification remotely are of such importance or interest that the intensity is astounding.

This is actually normal for many TI's. Its obvious there is a testing ground for psychic communication to replace any overt communication.

Here is orginal post: "Mexican Gangs In The News"

I suppose I should be more upset about this or afraid. It just stands reason however, that this is what you get when you INVADE someone's land hundreds of years ago, enslave the people of that land, then slap them in the face over the years with fake ass treaties which you dont honor anyway until you have genocided almost an entire country full of people. You then have the audacity to put them on little pieces of land and weave thier culture faintly into the invading now occupying culture representing them as only 'quant' as long as they behave and know thier place. If they protest still and rightfully so they get treated like terrorists and the feds follow thier most effective leaders life long.
Mexico might be in luck that thier native population did not get genocided out of existence by murder, slavery or relocation to different climates that were unsuitable to them so causing eventual death like many tribes in North America.
So this native population now fights for land that was most likely theirs to begin with. And believe me I am no fan of diversity or a leftist as you can see from this blog frequently.

Also, one has to question does the USA make Mexico the way it is as it provides cheap, slave like labor, loose emissions laws for American companies relocating there as well as drugs, money laundering, white slavery etc. I find it hard to believe that after all I have seen and experienced within the gang stalking system, that if America really wanted Mexico to be as clean, peaceful and prosperous that it could not be so. If I know anything about the way this world really works many factions have it just the way it is on purpose. Either that or there is no govts left and criminals run the world.

Perhaps what I have experienced in this life is an existence of a force that creates a balance in this world, to prevent total world domination by one faction or another.

They were here first before any Europeans or Africans took residency. Thats it really. Also anyone who has read up on the history of the tribes and civilizations of this area should be very familiar with thier extremist nature throughout. Drug cartels and gangs cutting off people's heads for effect as well as leaving US fed marshalls bodies in drainage pipes in Juarez is not surprising.
There is documentation by early settlers, even drawings of such activities as cannibalism (offering a baby's hand to a horrified missionary as a delicacy is one such amusing tale) as well as the curious sport of rolling up a human being and using them to play an ancient form of soccer.
Uuuhhh, I dont think anything we are seeing is shocking.

Also no one takes into account how Mex people feel about the gang problem. I havent done research into that but I am sure many of them are afraid or just want a peaceful life with thier families.

Its something America has to live with due to politics, economy, crime and in the end- you invaded someone's space and now they are invading back. It is however very easy for me to think this way as I am from the north eastern USA and have little connection to the problem and do not have any connections to border areas. My family never went on vacations so its foriegn to me to ask "Gee is Mexico too dangerous for us to visit this year dear?". I dont go down there, I have no business down there, I dont know anyone down there. I have heard many poor, white homeless, older men having the best luck there at living cheaply and being left alone. I wouldnt try it as being female it is perhaps too dangerous as well as I cannot accurately predict how protected I would be as I am here.
My situation is odd: I am tortured but I am never physically killed. Its been attempted but through trying to trick me like getting into cars at bus stops or the pharmacist in some Walgreens looking up at me saying "dont take these". OK I get it.
Its most likely that someone has alot of money in human experimentation involving TI's or for other reasons. It almost seems like driving us to suicide or conforming/compliance via behavior modification is THE most important goals. TI's being murdered is just too easy for whoever is behind this.

I suppose that people suggesting we go live in Mexico carelessly is trying to again trick us into getting ourselves into difficulty.

Yes its horrible. Humans are pretty much horrid creatures anyway and this kind of violence is nothing new for any DNA pool.

Ever read stories about the how early settlers would test how sharp thier knives were by just reaching out and cutting a native?

Also, how are the NWO cult freaks getting on with whats going on in Mexico and border towns as part of thier New World Order (cult) of world peace at any cost? Are we just conveniently avoiding this subject conveniently? Probably. I thought this was no longer going to be "the law of the jungle" etc. Or in NWO mindset is all this violence and destruction in the interest of future peace?
The NWO fans seem to always conveniently avoid things like the fact that globalization is causing exploitation to occur world wide, as it always has.

Not validating or celebrating this kind of violence but just want to point out that this is normal for humans to act like this. Well its either overt gangs or covert gang stalkers and campaigns that keep you down while destroying you anyway.

Either way many people do not care about the casualities. They never do.

I cannot imagine a time when man will ever be peaceful on this planet. Its just not possible.

And if covert warfare works so well and these gangs are so active and dangerous then why not just target them? Why not hit them with so much remote influence that they simply cannot function.

One thing I have learned about the gang stalking system is that it allows much chaos and evil in this world, if not causes it to occur.


Anonymous said...

Mean Machine by the Lost Poets. Good stuff.

Jeremy said...

I recently went through a week of numerologically themed harassment which was kind of interesting in that all the numerological coincidences (the number 911) were seemingly created by me. I would wake up in the morning, I would go through the motions, then at the very moment I decided to check the time it was 9:11.

There was a 'spontaneous' posting to my blog which was at 9:11 - the words were mine, but the timing wasn't under my control. This is subliminal idea implantation and it is very powerful. I don't know how to fight this off, yet.

The grand finale was a post to a forum I spend a lot of time at. That forum displays the number of posts for a forum member next to every post.

There were several distractions arranged during the day to prevent me from posting to that forum too frequently, which would have interfered with the intended outcome.

My 911th post was posted at exactly 9:11PM. I didn't notice until afterwards.

Basically, it was a week long psy-op with me being sensitized to the number 911, followed by extremely intensive and second-by-second management in which I was manipulated into submitting my 911th post at 9:11PM.

It was a pretty powerful message.