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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hate Mail Call 6/7/10

Havent received hate comments in a while, which is usually where most of my hate mail comes from as 'Anonymous' seems to be the biggest sender of Hate Mail. An email address would be too much to reveal as not having a spine tends to cause this in people.

This is a very balanced hate mail I must say. It comes via the reader comment section of this blog:
"The thing about being a TI is a lot of people who aren't perps SEEM to be because of the mind set. AND a lot of seemingly innocent people are perps.
I thought Carissa Conti was a perp when I first wrote her and got a bitchy response basically accusing ME of being a perp. Big red light there. PERPS SPEND ALL THEIR TIME ON ACCUSATIONS.
Later I realized I was overreacting. I also realized it didn't matter the bitch had no access to me so why spend my mental energy trying to figure it out?
The truth is I've met activists whose work far exceeds your own and who have exposed this system to such an extent they have had their lives threatened, and they aren't half the complaining bitches you are. THEY DON'T LIVE LIKE YOU AT ALL and it's ONLY becuase they had a better support and nourishment system.
Otherwise I believe these people would be as lost and paranoid as you are. INSTEAD they are actually a bit pollyanna about it. I've met "TI"s who have completely beat this system but they did it because of SUPPORT. And what do they get for it? ACCUSED OF BEING PERPS by folks like you who just cannot SEE past your own tight little view of the world the perps have created for you.
So yeah, number one priority for the perps is to cut you off and isolate you and it works on people who have a lot of negativity cause they will push everyone who really tries to help away. They project shit. They think everyone is a perp. AND THAT is the mind control right there and it never was more complicated than that.
Too bad you fell into it so deeply.
Publish Reject"

I actually laughed at this one.
First of all I may be a complaining bitch and even when I dont use spell-check due to exhaustion the CONTENT of my writing is quality...unless I am especially exhausted over many days time.

I didnt know "Polly Anna" was one word. It's use is outdated. And it would help if you didnt write the way you speak, such as "So yeah.."
What exactly does it mean to "project shit?" Is that some form of metaphysical practice or ritual I am not familiar with? Or is it a psychic version of apes throwing excrement at each other? Which is about the level of spiritual evolution of much of society.

Also this must be the same a-hole who keeps writing me concerning Carissa Conti all the time. What is the obsession with Carissa? I had one weird misunderstanding with Carissa which I published mostly as an example of what the system does to all of us and how confusing things can become. Never said she was a perp. I am very selective in who I accuse of that if you notice due to learning very early on that flame wars are the biggest bullsh*t in all of this and I refuse to let my time be wasted on that. So many people in the scene tried this years ago and I just looked on in amusement.
I dont have it in for the woman becuz if I did she would know about it. Which is the number one reason I am so peaceful in my situation considering I could have destroyed a number of lives already, by ratting on everyone back home and by other means.
I pride myself on being better than the average person as far as attempting to be noble, due the fact that it gets me off so its done out of selfishness or its something in my DNA. Perhaps spirit occupying this vessel in this life.

I try to remain balanced becuz it is my job to do so. I also have programming that has no problem causing chaos either. I CHOOSE to remain balanced.
Also I am never really sure who actually helped me and who decided to be on the side that was out to destroy me so I have yet to truly attack ANYONE I have come into contact with past present or future. There isnt any need for it. My job is to reveal what I know and what I have experienced in my situation to benefit anyone who wants to learn from it or is interested in such subjects. Carissa's work is invaluable and I have benefited from it. Some of her experiences are a bit different from mine as others are similar. Each activist has something to bring to the table. Personal grievances have no place in the movement in the interest of winning the war at large. If if we are so important as to be targeted, se it to assist and if people dont take heed then it's their WILL to not believe or listen.
Most important is every new Targeted person that gets sucked into this realm. It is our job to give them the tools they will need to survive, just becuz if anything it increases our numbers and pisses off the system.
I dont compare as I learned that in NA and it is very valid. The author of this piece of crap is asking me to compare as alot of perps know by nature I take pride in anything I do and am status conshus by nature. However, it wont work when it comes to my activism. Its interesting how they insult me for my ways yet dont blame me for it as its all due to me not having a great support system. Kinda reminds me of perps I have seen at Rainbow gatherings and other places that were trying to convince drop out rich kids that they shouldnt want to be around me as I was raised 'ghetto' or I am 'ghetto'. Its to portray the person as lacking from the get go.

I dont know of many expendables who had support systems that helped them out of this anyway, I am a text book case...if there were an official 'text book'.
And as far as I am concerned I have some sort of support system as I am still walking around and breathing.

And what about "exposing the system?". I expose what I know and cant possibly do anything more than that..unless I start making stuff up and that is the job of conspiracy theorists and operatives trying to discredit the entire subject.

Remember: Its all about information gathering. Until you are totally destroyed or tamed into submission (and taking the 'blue pill') they need to gather info to use against you. That is not paranoid, that is the basis of all of thier activities and the whole system. Without information gathering the gang stalking system could NOT exist. They will do anything to get you to reveal as much as possible about yourself or a survivor's internal programming.

I plan to continue to complain if that is what is going on that particular day as I want people to see how life is for targeted people and just how oppressive this really is.
Actually perps years ago used to stop what they were doing, pause, look at me and say "I never hear that from you Rachael, that your life sucks" or whine or complain about my situation. This is becuz my ego is too big, my sense of Self too solid, my ways to strong to ever allow that behavior.
Also it still stands that I did not start this war-some faction within society and within my family did. I really did not deserve how ill treated I have been and everyone knows it. Its totally unfair and its an obvious abuse of power-perps have stated so themselves. Why should I whine about my life sucking? I had little choice in the matter. I believe I have dealt with it quite well considering how oppressive its been.
Besides even homeless I am still better looking than most women ever will be in a lifetime and I still retain high intelligence and some remnants of multi talent. I am also still imposing physically and the public's consistent jealousy lets me know that everyday. I got Aryan Arabs (green eyes) from Persia coming up to me in SD and asking me "Where are you from? This is not an American face you have a European face. American women have rough skin and not these features."
And I still do what I please just with the parameters that the gang stalking system has set up. After I tell my story hopefully everyone will know just how oppressive ( and illegal) this whole thing has been and if not then there is always suicide, the pyre and a middle finger up on the way out. So what do I have to worry about?

I am more concerned these days with this creation of a 'peasant' class.
In a country with this much money why am I sleeping outside? And why cant they build a decent shelter that is run well,where we dont get treated like children or prisoners and where guests can either work or pay into rent or even urban camping grounds? And why must we be lumped in with the severely mentally ill who cannot function due to decisions made during Reagan? IT IS SO OBVIOUSLY A SCAM, A HUSTLE AND A CON that its not worth respecting: the system both overt and covert has lost my respect a long time ago. Back when we had social workers all over us but I still got abused by my mother and that nonsense at the foster home anyway or when the Boston public school system allowed me to slip through the cracks while I was very highly intelligent.
I will NEVER forgive this system becuz it is designed to make it very easy to abduct children into it and that doesnt have to necessarily be literal abduction. It can be happening behind the scenes and letting kids fall through the cracks is just convenience.

I dont complain, I illustrate and document reality. And I am hell bent on revenge as well as showing the world a system that doesn't make any sense but could, not matter how much they market, confuse, brainwash, intimidate, bribe, pay off or threaten everyone world wide to conform to the idea that America is wonderful and can do no wrong. Or that humans in general are so damn civilized nowadays and living in the modern world is so much different than ever before.
Humans are just as f*cked as they always were and like every civilization historically they evolve to some form of humanitarianism...that is until they get bloodyminded again. I dont trust humanity for sh*t. Humans are greedy apes at thier core-it takes Will or a very fortunate nature to be truly human. Until people at least ADMIT honestly that is the truth I will keep on "complaining" as it were. Especially with today's PC and NWO cult brainwash going on..there isnt even a need for cover ups or exposure anymore. Its done right under our noses. And that is the willful decision of the people to tolerate that.

Go look at Kardashian's tit job if you want to see a female kiss up to the people for attention. I am past that. That is one of the main reasons the gang stalking system goes after women in their late 30's with a history of activism specifically. You start to run out of estrogen and patience, and begin to operate with the mindset of an 18 year old boy...except you now know how things work. Very dangerous for them...very much so.

Here is another comment except its much more direct:
"(Anonymous) 6/2/10
Saw you at the market the other day. Just making sure you're not causing any trouble.
Publish Reject"

Stupid. Everyone goes to the market for food or whatever so its all bullshit. Its like saying 'Saw you in the toilet stall the other day..just assuring you werent making too much of a stink'. Everyone also goes to the toilet. They pick something mundane and common. Which market? Who cares anyway? This is so lame its not even worth using as example. If this is a stalker he aint scaring anyone anytime soon.

By the way I frequently cause trouble but everyone knows its only if I get f*cked with first and the offender deserves it. In self defense I will cause all the trouble I like. If only I had a chance to cause some trouble...if only the gs system would give me that chance, which they are smart enough to prevent...I could have caused alot of trouble for many important people including my not so important bio family. Yes, I have not yet begun to "cause trouble".


  1. Yep , defiantly a European look, Beauty & Brains . Wow smoking !

    take care now .


  2. Perps come in all sizes, genders, and races, that much I know. On the other side, I dont't have enough information on T.I's to know if it is women in their 30's who mostly get targeted by o.g., maybe they are more targeted by regular stalking, not o.g. Most people who stand for the constitution, and are against the NWO, not trendy, and think not like mainstream are not women, most women would run real fast from any man that had views like that. My belief is men who are themselves, who are unswayed by the trends, and television are the most targeted. I know the game, but I don't play it, I know the bullshit women want to hear, and it's not about g.s, t.i's, conspiracys but I dont care if women want fake bullshit, because if I attain someone that way it would make myself want to puke, just like all these other couples I see in public, that you can just see right through their bullshit fascade of love. A quote of mine is "If you have someone you probably have something, if you have nothing, none you probably have". that means the friends that want you when you are at your best, will drop you as soon as you drop to a less desirable level. People are users of others to get something. Nearly all relationships in this modern time are what they are because someone is getting something out of it, be it a life of fun, money, power, status, whatever it is- if what the other person has decipates they would have no use for the other and leave for someone else to provide their amusement. Our generation, and younger is more and more like this, self centered, so selfish, no empathy for anyones feelings, anyones burdens, just selfish little shits in it for their own benefit, no courtesy, no compassion, nothing but snickering evil doers causing detriment to the few true individuals left in this world, mothrfuckers that justify themselves fuckin with someones life, building hardships, and barriers for the lives that are a threat to theirs because of their own need to be a part of a team, to be accepted, to be better, their compitition to destroy the competition, these fucks have nothing to contribute to this earth. Because it would have been better for them to never been born, they justify paining others who should live well. The things strong in numbers are weak by themselves, so their self worth is low until they find there meaning, their meaning is to appease the group, for a feeling of acceptance, but none of who is accepting them can know true love.