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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Salt Lake city Utah..kiss my ass. You WILL host me

I almost think that I came here just to test the gang stalking in this Mormon city. I can only assume that its mormon related as Romney was in office when my old associate was protected and my ex was protected and I was targeted. Also a family member of Romneys who looks just like Ann Romney gang stalked me vicsously while in a hostel owned by a client of....yes my former associate. And I did not figure this out til too late.
Also this family member was the ex girlfriend of my ex's best childhood friend, an African American from Detroit MI. All these people are loaded, come from money or Nobel Prize winners. (We know that means very little however...glossy awards often do mean very little).

As I was at the truck stop it was odd how rides or inquiries just stopped dead for hours. And I saw a portly man with black hair look at me as he went into the store to pay for gas and say something concerning me being in this area. It appeared to be the content was like "oh you havent had enough' or 'you're crazy for being here'.

Guess what? I am done with this b*llshit. I can go wherever the f*ck I want as a US citizen. Got a problem? Good. Keep it up and I will just keep documenting.

I am done with being intimidated into being herded here or there or away from certain areas.

Since this is big Mormon country and Mitt Romney was the nightmare Republican in office that bloodied up his hands so during his reign (who let this guy into my state? MA should only have WASPs, Jews or Catholics as politicians. Oh is that unconstitutional? Well these idiots think they can play covert warfare to keep someone down so why cant I be totally unfair as well.) and due to me also being heavily harassed in AZ where Mormons own alot of land as well as little tactics pullled in La Jolla where there is a Mormon temple one can only start to assume that this group and the politician tied to that mess back home has some hand in this or some problem with me being in their city.

First of all I want the police to know that I was harassed by multiple police vehicles and a sheriff with over tactics at Roberta (240 E) and 1700 S. I was waiting for a fellow traveler I was referred to by a couple I met in Toole. Strange how no police vehicle was seen by any of us as this couple both, seperately went into the residence of thier friend while he was not home, entering a house that was not thier residence with the door left open but then when I am left alone it starts with one car and then multiple police vehicles begin pulling overt harassment tactics instead of doing thier jobs by simply watching the area. They were pretty frustrated when they saw the video camera too.

Know this: this shit doesnt work anymore. Bush is no longer in office and Romney didnt make president and wont in 2012 either. Hes too off the wall and everyone knows it. The public would rather elect Count Dracula, than to elect someone as overtly blood sucking and power hungry as your boy Romney.
Also know that many people are aware of organized stalking and harassment and its most embarassing for a community when police make asses of themselves opposed to stupid civilians. Good one Salt Lake, nice start.
Also know that I have allies who are fully aware of the campaign.

I will also start writing in detail how much of an embarrassment Laura really is as well as how did she get that way then? Ti was hardly suitable by the way.

You are going to host me with politeness and diginity. You are going to stay the hell out of my affairs unless its absolutely necessary. You are now the hunted. I am filming, I am aware and I will document every stupid thing your people pull while I am here. You are going to treat me like every other person that travels through or to your city. And THAT is the end of it.

Its not like it was four years ago. The party is just about ending for all yer bs. For me however its just beginning. I will outdo you over time.

So lets begin to bait and wait these f*ckers and play with every stupid thing they do from here on in...IF they are still insistent enough to think its still 2004 and the war is blinding everyone.


  1. They are very arrogant like that. I logged into cnn.com one day, and the big letters headline was "Have you had enough yet?" Obviously to me this is gangstalking-related and directed towards me as well as a few other TI's. The perps also had this thing 2 years ago where they'd have this attitude displayed like they own this world, so they can do what they please with it. But for as mighty as they are, they've also done the "oh please don't expose us" thing at the same time. It's their world, but at the same time yet please don't ruin it for them by exposing them and ousting them from it.

    They also feel they have the right to throw trash wherever they please on the ground. A couple of TI's have mentioned this. One time, when I was picking up the "momentos" they left for me, one woman started yelling at me, saying how she doesn't like me doing that, picking up trash the gangstalkers left behind. This is arrogant as hell, because it is clearly a big fine for littering, yet gangstalkers see nothing wrong with leaving their trash on the ground, and furthermore, believe they have the right to do it because of something bad the TI did (in their minds). And then to actually yell at me for doing it, while plainly being one of those gangstalking assholes; I could tell by the way she carried herself she was a perp. Then she was trying to tell me, well, how about THAT piece of trash over there, pointing to some long piece of rubber. Interesting that this woman really needed to add insult to injury by telling me which trash I am allowed to pick up and throw away. Again, it comes from the perps and their god-given right to do whatever they please with this world, since they "own" it and all. What a bitch.

    Then, I had the two women parked outside the doctor's office, one of them verbally attacking me with the same insult I had read online in a forum, that one of their cyberstalking bums had left for me.

    So, the act was designed to mirror the insult some other predator left for me. Just some stupid idiot cyberstalking me, and of course, their words are the Voice of God, no matter how stupid or worthless the person is, as long as it comes from someone from the gangstalking network. They protect everyone in the network, even the bums at the bottom.

    Chances are that bitch screaming at me for picking up litter didn't have a job, and was just doing it for a couple of extra bucks. I've noticed that make use of homeless and unemployed a good bit here, which tells me they are getting paid to do this. Even if they aren't getting paid, they are likely getting favors, or they just think it's fun pulling crap like this.

    And I also had another woman do that to me in 2006, say stuff like what's wrong with people leaving stuff (litter) on the ground. They were leaving stuff like lollipops and other idiotic things to let me know I'm being stalked. And of course there is nothing wrong with this. After all, they own this world. Just don't expose them, or try to undone their "work". Interesting that they view destruction and vandalism (life/property) as proud examples of their "work". I wouldn't be surprised if a TI committed suicide, and quite a few of them started snickering and making comments like "good". Meanwhile, the rest of us have to work extra hard, while the vermin constantly bleed off our efforts. But that is "work", though: leeching off of and vandalizing our efforts.

  2. Yeah, I get the cops being all arrogant, like laying on the horn as they approach behind me while I'm walking on the sidewalk. They seemed more concerned with watching me than watching what the hell they were doing and just doing their jobs. They were doing that idiotic gestures thing. I flipped the bastards off, and this prompted them to "watch" me a lot harder that evening. Then other cops on other beats on other nights would be watching me closer. Maybe a video of them harassing me, with a screening for the Mayor would put them in their places. See, that's probably one desired outcome of the harassment, to get us to react, and get observed by bystanders. And if cops are harassing you, then they have the "right" to watch you, harass you, or arrest you, or just threaten to arrest you. Of course, threatening to make an arrest (along with the optional other extra-curricular stuff) is one tactic I am familiar with.

    The perps have turned this once-peaceful town into a town with smirking goons and "staring" idiots, as well as very obvious perps who really stand out really bad.

  3. And they also love to blame the TI. I always get stuff like "Well you left me no choice" or "it's all your fault" or "you deserve it". Interesting how well documented all of this stuff is, yet perps still think it's a good idea for them to be doing this. Or, the TI is the trash instead of their perp clowns. Another example of perps not wanting to be accountable for their behavior, making the TI into the perpetrator or the one who needs to straighten out his morals.

  4. I know first hand what you speak of. I have been a targeted individual for the last 3 years. I know how them cowards work I have plenty of evidence on camera to back it up to. whats sad is they control the police, the government, there in the hospitals fuck man i never seen so many cowards in my life. All this started when the child support division gave me fraud documents that has illegally kept me from my child. The sad part is that its in the courts, its fucking every where. they make sure they leave there stamp too "1488" real shit whats fucked up is lab-corp is apart of it and it goes on and on. I hate salt lake city with a passion but its EVERYWHERE! St George and has followed me back home to Texas because I FOUGHT THE SYSTEM AND EXPOSED THEM COWARDS!