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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A flier on persecution in the middle east was very enlightening for Targeted Individuals

Last week I discovered that the people of downtown SD are not so objectionable in the evening when Gaslamp lights up for nightlife and stemming is not so awkward either. I was on the sidewalk and this line of young people with candles came by carrying a banner having something to do with Iran and human rights. A parked pedicab driver had alot to say to them as they passed none of it worth repeating. Everyone else was silenced. Reality was breaking into Gaslamp. I have learned that Californians are confident that thier money, their collective mindset and the superior resources of thier state will ensure that reality never interrupts for too long. In fact, this gentrified downtown area was created expressly for this purpose.

There are many Persians in SD. The store clerk I was talking to, an older pleasant man from Chicago was Persian but he did not look like the kids who were walking in the protest group. He told me about his country and said there were many races there. We both took fliers. I took one as I am interested in all activism now and find that much of it is helpful to my work. It seems that, as you will see in this post, as I have mentioned before, a style or system being utilized in other areas of political activity in our world is often used across the board. As if its the latest 'thing' in handling worldly affairs.

I have shown my theory that what they are doing to Iran and other countries as far as forcing thier hand to a certain behavior is actually very similar to what is being done to Targeted Individuals. One could say the reverse, that the behavior modification done to individual Targets is perhaps the desired end result for an entire culture or country.

The following was very enlightening to me and was very helpful in validating the work I have done over the years on this blog.
It shows that once again, overt systems of handling undesirables or threats to an agenda are being perpetrated covertly. That there exists an entire system to do so covertly.

Here is a photo of the flyer and I have written it out due to not having immediate access to a scanner:

"Islamic Republic of Iran, a year later:

*Hundreds of executions
*Thousands of political prisoners
*Thousands of students expelled from the universities
*Artists, Teachers and University Professors laid off
*Human Rights Activists, Movie Directors and Journalists imprisoned

*After rapes of women in prison that have been going on for the last 30 years; rape of male activists has become the norm
*Tens of thousands forced to flee Iran and take refuge in the other countries in fear of persecution
The treatments of the prisoners and the tortures are so severe and unbearable that many of political prisoners have committed suicide or have gone on dry hunger strikes to put an end to it all
*The Iranian theocratic Regime has learned that executions are not good for their public relations in the international sphere; the food and water and the prison conditions are contaminated so that the prisoners are becoming severely ill so much as even after release, they are physically and emotionally incapacitated and neutralized.
The prisoners in large number developing respiratory, gastrointestinal and heart disease. Slow death of the activists works for the IR Regime better.

Meanwhile the Iranian Govt has been handed a four-year seat on the influential human rights body, United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women!"

Note the similarities:
-Perceived threats expelled, laid off (kept out, kept down or blacklisted).
-Imprisonment. (Targets often understand that thier situations are akin to being in prison that is why many activists have dubbed this system 'extra curricular corrections' or even psycho corrections as in the use of punitive psychiatry.)
-Prisoners suiciding to end the torture.
-To conceal thier true activities due to it causing public outcry or an image problem internationally they use methods that cause persons injury but it is delayed so it seems as if its from natural causes in the long term. As if thier direct actions did no harm or did not cause harm in the long term.
Such as using chemical warfare like poisoning.
What is MOST compelling is the observation that in the long term this causes such health problems and one can assume in unison with psychological damage, that the victims are "Physically and emotionally incapacitated and neutralized" after release. The system gets the result it wants without anyone connecting the end results thier actions.

I could not or did not even want to connect this to being a gs target but suspected all along: "The prisoners in large number developing respiratory, gastrointestinal and heart disease".
It seems that exposure to mycotoxins, exhausting the TI physically and taxing thier already damaged or strained physical health along with causing heart disease or at least inducing it in people they know have a heavy family history, as well as either ensuring they contract parasitic disease or leaving it untreated so it takes its course to destroy organs in the body including the brain are all a normal part of getting rid of people.
I never wanted to see that clearly before but I knew, just by the actions taken by the system including negligence of the target's health, that one could easily deduce that these were the desired ends.

For all thier psychological warfare and attempting to make the target guilt ridden to control them,while the system is actively killing the TI, all one needs to see or hear, is a less democratic country having the same things with the same results occur and the oppressor doing so overtly, to understand how very real this is and how valid TI's are in thier activism.

If you lost your fight or your internal fire or your sense of solid purpose or reality- this piece of paper should bring you back, like an elastic, right back.

This is also why they try so hard in the beginning and perhaps throughout to smear the TI as a terrorist or a very dangerous etc. When that wont work they just work with whatever else they have.
This is obviously par the course in all democratic countries where, like Iran (where its done more overtly): "The...Regime has learned that executions are not good for their public relations in the international sphere;..slow death of the activists works...better" These idiots ruined my looks and destroyed all my talents for THIS sh*t? For a common bore like world domination? Yer all goners. And you are going to lose. Nobody crushes me without good reason...nobody. Fuckin whispers when I get done with you. Whispers on the wind.


Anonymous said...

Here is a site I just found:

Have a look when you get time. Interesting, that this person seems to know so much about this, to the extent that I'm thinking she/he has inside knowledge of the system. Note the insistence that this entire thing is not done by crooks, but planned by hired psychologists. (How does one know this?) And also, that the transcripts of interviews that are conducted get fed back to management. Ok, now that's a little too explicitly stated. I kind of figured that my interview results were being fed into the system. But I could only guess what was going on then. Do they get fed back to one person? The gangstalking Mafia Queen? Someone at the FBI, NSA, CIA, military psych. dept. There has to be a secret law governing the results of gangstalking interviews that are done on targets. I used to think the results were fed back to everyone in the gs loop, but is there a higher authority or panel that receives these results? I'm thinking this guy seems to know more than a TI should know.

Anonymous said...

OK, the blogger clearly stated that the statement appearing on the page was submitted by a former member of the gangstalking system, implying inside knowledge of what goes on there. Allegedly, that is. I like the believe nothing strategy, until it agrees with my common sense and experience. Here was the blog with the submitted story from an "ex-member":

So if this person is anonymous, there is no way of validating any of this. Note when he says:

"TI stalking are not some crooks harassing the TI for some mean reason, but the stalking are carefully planned by team of experts (psychological experts) and executed by carefully selected and trained agents."

Ah, the point that escapes this "ex-member" (ex member of what, BTW?) is that being a psychologist doesn't make one special or different in any way from any other human being. "Crooks" come from all walks of life and professions, my friends. Ya dig? Anyone involved in covert warfare has to be hiding something. Hence they are evading the law and detection. When caught, they revert to massive denial and blaming the target's alleged history. Therefore, they are Crooks. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

This article has to be damage control. So being a psycholigist planning covert warfare on one individual excludes him from being a Crook? And also laughable is that they aren't doing it "for some mean reason". Well, it always appeared to me like at least some people (PERPS) were getting some enjoyment out of destroying people. I should note that I think one of my major perps is foreign, and speaks with a similar broken English as this guy. So it could be yet another perp infiltrating the forums. Better still, how odd it is that none of these people with extensive knowledge are coming forward and getting the other perps in trouble. One other TI was right in that anyone with extensive inside knowledge has to be a perp. It could be an operative or shill that was told to say those things. Maybe it's true, maybe it is truth mixed with disinfo, or even pure lies. Sure, those perps controlling this aren't mean. They're breaking the law, though, and criminals do this because of a few reasons:

1. They enjoy watching others suffer

2. They are protecting themselves from detection

3. It's how they make profit illegally.

Note that insistence that these people aren't crooks. Is he talking about the designers or what? Because as far as I'm concerned, they are crooks, because are violating basic human rights. Yes of course they are crooks. Damage control, anyone?

Yes they are crooks. Just wanted to repeat that.

Anonymous said...

I believe a lot of this stuff going on with gangstalking is just part of the human experimentation process paving the way for a Global One State govt, New World Order, whatever you want to call it. Seems gangstalking is just as bad if not worse in other countries. I've read accounts of people targeted in Korea, China, UK, with similar tactics as here in the US. Also seems governments are going to dissolve and meld into this giant melting pot of conformity, with the One True Govt. doing thought policing/monitoring. I mean if you examine the ways they are carrying this out, at least in my own situation, man they really seem bent on making everything around me become the way the perps want it to.

In my case, there seems to be a powerful force, i.e. Intelligence Agency doing contract work with some criminal elements, or perhaps the other way around.

With this New Globalised Govt. in place, if you think an "illegal" thought, ZAP! (the immediate directed harassment). The behavior modification will be in place to replace laws and brick walls prisons.