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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seeing a ghost did me some psychological good

There was a younger guy near the front of the shelter today. He was a resident's boyfriend. He looked very similar to my ex except shorter and smaller boned. I kept glancing over at him. I couldnt get over the resemblance. This was a totally legit random occurance I am quite sure. It wasnt creepy or seemed contrived or mathematical nor pre meditated.

It made me realize just how much the system used him and my memory of him to destroy me. To make him as a pillar that marked my entrance into this hellish existence- a marker for the end of my old life and all its hopes for the future. A future I deserved.

Seeing him brought back my old Self that was ripped from me, my true Self and the time line that was lost.

I also now recall with amusement how his likeness was utilized by whoever is behind gang stalking that sets up these games and theatres. In Burlington VT there was a near constant look alike as if he had various members of his family let loose on me as a target. All different shapes and sizes but the likeness was uncanny. I ran up there due to being so harassed in Boston area and MA has some..uh, tech lets say that makes writing papers for court cases very difficult. In VT it was fine and I got everything done in a local hospital library. I first went to Burlington during an NA convention that Scott took me too. Due to being so messed up from the exposure to mold in in that apartment as well as head gamed into a stupor at pretty much the same time frame, I regressed alot to a strange state where I just went for anything that seemed safe or that had struck me as a pleasant place. And I had not been well traveled yet so this was new. VT is unbelievably 'perfect' as far as New England states go. Nana always liked it for this reason. It was beautiful with lots of neo hippies. Even getting harassed there was not so bad.

In Buffalo NY the same thing occured walking down a main street. One of them looked absolutely guilt ridden about what was going on.

These kinds of things are not a Target's imagination. They are sophisticated mind games meant to destroy the target psychologically which in depth equates spiritual and emotional hell and over time death of the spirit.

Really a more practical purpose is to wipe the mind and the Self from memory. Very MK Ultra wouldnt you say?


  1. Whomever is behind gangstalking. Hmm, now that is one thing we will probably never know. They're probably protected by so many layers of corruption, they're near impossible to get to. So who is at the inner core of this thing? With the way they seem so arrogant at the outside, they have to be well-protected. There are so many wild theories about all of this.


    Really is right on the money with the tactics they use. With all of this pervasive, intense harassment and stalking surrounding me, I have forgotten about the "foundation" of gangstalking, the slander and lies. And he is right about the "faggot" remarks. I have been asked if I have a "girlfriend yet", and I get asked this regularly. I presume it's to inform the stalkers. The last time, they had this 2 really big stupid thuggy kids going into a bar call me this name in a surprise attack, after buttering me up with "hey howya doing" type greetings. After I got the insult, I just said in a somewhat hostile manner "oh so you're talking to yourself again?" then the other dumb kids were laughing at their harasser buddy. Funny how I didn't get those kids harassing me again. Well, I did get some harassment, but it wasn't as intense as last time. I probably do have to move somewhere else.

    I guess juvenile name-calling is part of the package deal of being targeted. Of course they seem to be proud to be a part of this. But he did mention that if someone is provoking you, it could be law enforcement. No matter, I treat all harassers like the un-American, un-Constitutional schmucks they are.

    It's kinda like those senators and congressman who keep voting themselves higher and higher salaries, while not showing up for work a lot of times. There are too many loopholes in our system, and certain factions (ahem military) are too powerful and strong-armed and well-funded. There has to be a better system of checks and balances in the govt.

  3. Another good post here:

    I have seen the same deal, that when I hint that I am targeted, the person I am talking to all of a sudden gets scared or gets a shocked look on his or her face, like he knows what I'm talking about and it scares the living bejesus out of him that I am a target. I can see why people go along with this, to prevent themselves from having the same fate.

    Also, the assets being stripped, I can attest to that. I keep having these "bad luck" episodes where I go to an interview, she tells me I do well, and hints that I will be called back for a second interview. Then, they put on the run-and-hide act, where they pretend to not be in the office until the fill the position with someone else.

    I also read that the stalkers want to try to get the target to react in such a way that they are always calling the police to complain about every little thing, as a way to discredit the target. Don't recall which site, but a lot of sites do seem to hint at that, that the stalkers want to turn the target into a chronic pain in the ass complainer to law enforcement as a discreditation tactic.

    They tried to harass me into going to the FBI to complain about them, and I was strongly advised not to do this by someone close to me.

  4. Well, tonight's stalking included:

    * A fat dude in a muscle shirt and a pink skirt (or loose pink shorts) hanging around outside

    * The neighbors sitting outside in their back yard facing our house, one of them doing the folded arms gesture I saw a girl doing earlier

    * Little asshole kids yelling "hypocrite" out of a passing passenger car window

    * People lounging around on their porch, doing harassment as I passed. Gotta love the life of being a perp: lounging around, never lifting a finger, hounding a target as he passes

    * Girls and women doing the laughing thing

    * A bunch of people outside, having a picnic, doing harassment as I passed

    * A former harasser of mine from 2006 was riding around where I was at, putting on the "Now I'm being nice to you" act.

    * A gangstalker doing the "sweeping" thing with a broom outside on the sidewalk, sometimes a constant tactic (suggesting institutionalization)

    * The usual smirks and hand gestures coming from people riding in cars when I'm out walking

    I was told by a perp posing as a TI that well all of this harassment proves that I "deserve it". And I am supposed to be perfect through all of this, and when I react, I get told I'm supposed to know better.

    Who can fight all of this, though? I mean, a fat dude in a pink skirt? What the hell? They really did do this.

  5. One thing I've noticed before and after being overtly targeted. Before overt targeting, I would have an increased encounter with maniac types, like drivers pulling over and wanted to fight me, etc. The one guy pulled right out in front of me, and then started flipping me off. I pulled over, the guy was just like going crazy losing it, like it was the end of the world or something. I used to get a lot of these types 5 years before they went overt. I also used to get a lot of very overtly hostile types, like one guy who wasn't watching where he was backing up, so I yelled "HO!!!" real loud, as he was about to clip me with his large truck. He just started flipping out on me, saying stuff like "Yeah well you drove in here so fast buddy, breaking the speed limit blah blah blah", blaming me for his bad driving.

    Then there was the crazy bitch in 1994 in Altoona who was clearly crazy, getting so very close and then laughing about it. This lead to a confrontation where she gets out and wants to fight.

    But since they went overt, it seems like all of these types all of sudden went quiet, like they've all lost their fire. Could it be that they are getting all of their little perceived injustices out of their souls by harassing me? Or is it that the System has just bled all of their hostile energies, into making them compliant too? I don't get any people flipping out anymore.

    Well, maybe my driving has improved, too, as the targeting progressed, and the other aspects of my being. Before being targeted, many targets will tell you they did the wild living thing, did drugs, got into fights, etc. After targeted, all of sudden, there is no room for error. You start to appreciate all of these things that you took for granted, and maybe you got introspective, fixing all of those things that were broken, such as the impatient driving style, any hostilities towards others. I know it should be the opposite, but these gangstalkers are so very pathetic, you realize it's just them being so weak and compliant, you can write off those bozos trying to piss you off on highways by boxing you in, squatting in the passing lane driving slow, etc. You realize how inefficient and stupid a lot of these perps are. They are so shallow, and are into all kinds of unhealthy habits, like making doing some street drugs, and are into all kinds of quick fixes and temporary bandaids for your life. But you, the target, can see what was anyways supposed to be your goal, your long-term, long-range satisfaction, instead of the quick fixes the perps need to survive. So the gangstalking could actually cure some of those quick fixes and bandaids you needed earlier in your life. Before I was very impatient, now I realize what I must see as my long-term goal as survival. I'm not sure what perps see as their survival goal. They are more like the junkies looking for the quick fix. Maybe they have this huge scars on their souls, and stalking targets is a way for them to keep putting bandaids on them.

    They are so shallow and superficial; everything they do, their tactics, seem to be aimed at short term trauma. It's almost like a computer is spitting out tactics and preparing scripts for these assholes. "Yeah, laugh when he passes, and wear funny clothes to piss him off". Real brilliant, these clowns.

    In some ways, they've made us much better than what we were before. Others have scars that will never heal, sins committed against us that can never be forgiven, lost time that could never be replaced.