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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Reader Feels Gang Stalking"..regulates everything in our lives"

Some comments were posted about the perps regulating our lives as well as referring to a comment I have made infamous on this blog by a perp in Tempe AZ years ago. He said "You know what its like Rachael, to be allowed to grow only very conditionally" or under certain conditions. I can still see his face and he using his hands to talk with, and what he was wearing every time I replay this bit of mental video footage back. I can see the train tracks behind him due to the fact I was crying my eyes out on some railroad tracks after having to sell my beloved beach cruiser bike, that I loved to drive 20 miles a day. (AZ is very flat. You can make it through Tempe to Phoenix or Mesa and back in a day. Its awesome). Of course I was still very strong then, hadnt hit the road yet and that has taxed much of my strength.
Due to a female perp smirking really meanly after I sold my bike and it made obvious this was great for them, I went down the rail road tracks where, after being upset I got stuck in a loop of sorts making a video journal. I assume that talking it out to the camera was relieving the stress and healing as I had no one else to talk to. The system seemed to know back then that I wud get stuck in loops often like this and someone would always magically show up and start messing withe me. The thing that is so f*cked is that they approach you as if they are friendly and going to help you. This is one of the ways they try, ever so slowly, to get you into the cult or whatever it is. Over many years time they will use deceptions and brainwashing tactics like this in order to have you subconshusly accept them on some level. This is the same area and time frame that they actually tried to get me to join them and thank goodness for programming and a very good 'act stupid' front alter. I was so f*ckin freaked out by all this but my programming would not allow me to faulter.
Being programmed allows one to function and get upset later, privately, if at all.

It was so obvious that he was sent down there as this railroad track was isolated, also it was not a habit of the homeless or travelers to frequent this area. They hang more on the street there around the college area. And what was he doing down there anyway. He only seemed to come 'fetch' me and then walk with me out the way we came in. It was total bullsh*t. It still pisses me off: "As you know Rachael, when one is only allowed to grow very conditionally". UUGHGH. I would love to punch that guy right in the face. Either that or abduct him to some wharehouse and torture him til he confesses who he works for. THEN results could be gotten.

This is also why they mess with innocent newbie Targets who are inexperienced. Only later do you get the hang of things like realizing that these idiots are either sloppily programmed or damaged and somehow cult mind controlled so you can force info out of them just like thier handlers do. Or that they can be deflected, spotted before they attack etc etc. NOW that one is war ready they stay the hell away. Its like the greatest thing in life for them is to get someone who doesnt understand these games. This is why it doesnt surprise me that its connected to pedohiles and RA. Who else would by nature terrorize the innocent. Believe it that kiddie f*ckers have networks and thier organized. They also like to terrorize grown up victims if they are innocent of their situations. Especially those who have child alters they can terrorize.

My point was that not everything is regulated. It may seem that way in the beginning. Its true that at some point when the target has been mentally broken down or worked on as well as brain damage has occured much of the control or communication seems to become the use of technologies.
If you are a survivor of programming and you wake up what they are trying to do is to re train you to be controlled according to THIER standards. This no longer works from the inside out so they are not attempting to do so from the outside via conditioning and behavior modification. Eventually you will find if enough conditioning is done via terrorism then you will become conditioned and then you get harassed for either maintenance (like when you were functioning off internal programming and didnt see this system) or depending on the perp groups location-a particular purpose. For instance when I am in Phoenix AZ in recent times its very dangerous as this is one of those places I get hit with horrible ideations that work on getting me into sexual servitude. Like Boston except in Boston its geared towards destroying me and discrediting me. It seems that in Phoenix there is some faction that actually wants me to work for profit. And we are not talking about just the sex industry. Its worse than that...its too depraved to be normal. Phoenix is pretty bad for harassment. Somehow its able to be handled however, whereas Boston is not.
In other places like St Louis MO the system just wants me dead. Straight up violence, no ideations of anything else. Florida seemed to just want me out of Florida. Every gang stalking group in each state and region have thier own style as well as if tech is heavily used for 'remote influence' each place seems to have different goals. And as a rule of thumb as I've mentioned before you can bet that if a location, especially a major city, lacks in human forces, direct contact harassment and stalking there will be a heavy use of technologies (perhaps psychics used as human forces in this situaiton. I kid you not. For all we know this is what is used often times, except for it seeming to be technology due to it following how tech would behave under certain conditions such as buildings, underground, no cell towers, on a schedule of only certain hours etc. Washington DC is so protected by what seems like psychics all over the damn city that I couldnt even leave the train station to have a look around. It was the most heavy use of something extraordinary for protection I have yet to experience.)

So they may want us to grow only under certain conditions but if you keep traveling it becomes apparent that thes jerks dont have as much control as they like to appear they do and that there are many waring factions that fight over the TI and thier fate. In Boston for instance opposing the horrible effects of the pervert sector that wants me to become depraved to discredit myself, there is a faction of what seems connected to the medical community there that wants me to attend college and hide out in the medical field, doing good where I will be protected. Not only has this been in the form of ideations but a kid from Harvard kept appearing and asking me when am I going to go back to school. I saw a black guy perp looking at us through this store window once when this kid was talking to me, and he made this face like 'oops, he's got a hold of her now. Well get her later'.
The arrogance of these a-holes is probably the worst thing about all this. But there is just one example of infighting between groups to use the TI for thier own purposes.

If you can function in between all this you will then be able to execute YOUR Will on running your own life and choosing your own actions not thier bs.

Believe it or not you will find allies. I cant tell you how many I found among independent workers and contractors of certain fields who are TRULY Americans in the old definition who buck the NWO, still stand for the people, and use thier money and work to hold thier ground. They are the first ones to admit they see right through what is going on nowadays.

There are people who know what is going on, but they may be not as open about it as we are.

You dont have to let them regulate everything you do. Just be as stubborn and rebellious as you always were, which prob got you targeted so heavily in the first place.

These are old and ancient games that humans play. Just now they have new toys.

Still say 'fuck em'.

Yes I miss that guy I was with. I went in and did some quick repair work and am trying to get back to who I was before defining myself constantly as the good little woman. He certainly made sure I spent all my money before he got distant. He also had this creepy thing where he seemed to want to make me mad so I'd go after him physically. Why do I keep getting these frustrated mamas boys who live to keep pissing off mom? Jake was like that too and in the end he burned me cuz he didnt dare burn the bank- his mom. But it was resentment towards her that was always present. Still a desperate woman in wartime takes what she can get out of it.


Anonymous said...

That's why I am so stuck in the mud right now. A good example of someone magically showing up, is in 2006 where I finally figured out that I was targeted, and the scope of the enormity of it all had me freaking out, just really to take someone out (like some perps) and beat them. Well, this one tall kid shows up, all nice and friendly, like "here, why don't we go in the bar and have a few beers"? The red flag there which was glaringly obvious is how a complete stranger, who had that "footsoldier" look to him, would want to take me into a bar and just try to smooth me over. The implication there was that he can somehow make things better, or he had direct access to the perps tormenting me behind the scenes, and that we could, you know, just talk it over. I just told him to fuck off, very politely, not those exact words. By now, my programming made me leary and completely suspicious of any gangstalking shills and informants, and by conditioning, that "red flag" that popped up save me. Something told me that my situation wasn't going to get better, that why would I want to trust a bunch of covert perps, whom I felt at the time were cowardly and weak, and the only reason they were strong is because they had the means and manpower for beating me down.

My message was clear: no thanks, perps. This is not how things are supposed to be. I had a whole slew of weak inferior sheep crawling out of the woodwork to work me over. You know, if you're a man, they have women trying to convince you they're stronger than you, or trying to make you feel physically weak or just deflate you. In the back of my mind, I can see the smoke screen being set up, that there was a deliberate act being pulled by an unseen sect trying to make it appear that I am not weak. I could see through almost all of these actors. Part of it seems like remote influence, people trying to "tell" me via psychic influence, via either humans or machine, that this is just a means to get me deflated, so don't fall for it.

The question is, why would "they" even bother trying to "tell" me in a psychic way that I am being messed with, if they work for a system trying to break me? I wonder if that is even "allowed" by the System? If if people working for the system are trying to warn me and slip me messages. Like when these punk kids riding around were trying to get me to fight them. I was being stalked by these thug kids. I was on the run, hiding from them in every alley I could find. Every car I heard driving down the street make me paranoid, because I thought it could be them coming after me. But then, I could feel someone trying to tell me, "just go home. They won't try to bother you anymore". But I was still on edge, with every car I heard driving down the street. And it seems it was right.

It could have just been my natural intuition, or maybe the inner subconscious part of me that had a superior knowledge that the conscious me didn't have, that was telling me to relax, nobody was going to hurt me.

Mike C said...

The reader who says they regulate everything in our lives may be on to something. Of course, I would think they would interfere with near everything like say meeting someone new, yeah they may get in the way, cause a scene to distract, ask questions, interupt amongst other things they would do if you were talking to a future friend in a store, at the beach, wherever. And if that didnt work they would probably try to discourage one or the other from contacting eachother by telling them things about them to create discouragement, fear, or whatever to manipulate the decision. Maybe ask a question after talking like " If your scared, and need help getting away from that guy, you can say your with me" in hopes that the woman will feel uncomfortable, as if she is in danger and get scared ruining any chance at them being friends, by influencing an opinion.

Anonymous said...

And what about Las Vegas, NV? I'm wondering about that place in the context of TI harassment/handling. I'm seeing lots of organized crime and corruption there, but still curious as to the psychotronics (tech). I would assume it's much the same as Phoenix, just more emphasis on money.

Anonymous said...

Laugh if you want, but for many TI's, they've completely scripted and controlled us in many ways. Why else do so many TI's commit suicide? I'm sure part of it is me submitting and becoming "comfortable" with their tactics around me. Like you said, there is a lot of damage being done, but we how often do you hear about TI's getting beaten up by gangs or shot up? The perps have everyone controlled, so that kind of stuff never happens unless they "allow" it. Well, you did get beaten up once, but you are an activist, so I'd expect something extreme to happen like that.

Anonymous said...

There is hope for us tormented by tech.

"The sun is about to get a lot more active, which could have ill effects on Earth. So to prepare, top sun scientists met Tuesday to discuss the best ways to protect Earth's satellites and other vital systems from the coming solar storms."

Of course, this article contains the usual psy-op programming bullshit I see everywhere, even among the trash momentos perps leave for me on the ground.

The sure are a stunning group to reckoned with intellectually. Seriously, I don't know why they don't just kidnap me and bury me in one of "their" stadiums.

Rachael O. said...

I got beaten up becuz 'A' Camp at Rainbow are a bunch of drunk psychopathic hippy trustafarians who hide in Rainbow while commiting violent crimes across the USA. They are the worst combination of spoiled rotten kids (who ultimately support 'daddy's castle' like other rich kids) and drunks who are so dispicable that they couldnt make it as homebums cuz they'd be killed off by the locals for being too dispicable. In jail most of them would be shanked for being total scum. (rape, beating up women etc). So where else CAN they hide out? I say a gang of gunmen in the trees at Shawnie national park in ILL cud take them out easily due to thier being only one way out.It is, one of my greatest fantasies.
And they wud deserve it too. Also, the whole thing is just about drug money at thier level and most likely the entire scene was a paid off gang stalking theatre. Rainbow is OK but dont forget its a business at its base. I still want to see Budda under the wheels of a truck..not moving anymore. Most of the scum in A camp cant show thier faces outside of A camp anyway. They are all that kind of insane that was the worst of the 70's party scene and the 60's: People so f*cked up and crazy that they were considered clinically insane by any sensible person as well as dangerous to even party with.
I got beat up becuz I didnt follow my 'guidance system' that told me NOT to go as well as a cop car in Nashville that tried to warn me about the kids in the van that got us all to GO to Shawney National Forest gathering in ILL. Once again not following your intuition gets you in trouble.