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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fear of a Female President

There is one thing this country fears more than anything else: not terrorists, recessions, war, race nor class- a female in highest or second highest political office. As far as I am concerned that is what the theatrics of the last 10 years have been all about.
BOTH parties? How obvious can this be???

What many people dont seem to recall:

A girl from Isreal named Netta was a major perp in Boston. Her father was into some kind of scientist doing work there. Her and this moron Jeremy from NA were in a car once and since Netta thinks she knows it all (control freak) at like 26 when I was into my 30's, she as well as he mentioned that there were no female warriors until recently(!). When I asked "What about Boudicca?" Thier reply was "What about him?" Did I mention how many ignorant rich kids are in on gang stalking? These two were part of a group of jerks like that from NA who used to go to meetings in poorer places like Medford and sit in at the meeting just to quietly goof on people there. I didnt quite get it then. I was into my transitions stage and wasnt paying much attention to the outside. Lets here it for Israel's education system, which she told me leaves out much of what we learn and is creationist THIS day and age?
That cannot be true. And they have actually had female leaders.

Ignorance of reality is one of the perps very strong suite. Who needs to be well rounded, educated or knowledgeable when you're in a mobbing group. Pathetic.

Bush era neo cons-
Obama era:

Actually there have been a few infamous feminists who were targeted during Bush who said the treatment of them was "outrageous".


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you actually think Hilary Clinton is an example of a woman who got "outsted". Clearly you haven't researched this bitch and her intimate ties to the Bush family and her business dealings (including her Walmart dealings).

They made a real show of putting the black man in front of the female, yes. However, Hilary works for the very engine that makes those decisions. Do you really think she is a feminist who almost made it to the white house OR is she part of the very cabal that controls the white house and makes people like you think the presidential race is REAL.

Anonymous said...

That's just the thing, in my experience: people inside mobbing groups don't seem to know how to access outside information, outside of what is available to them inside of their "circle". They figure they are safe, because they know any "threats" to them are being taken care of by the System, so they never have to worry about little important things, like truth and reality. Most perps themselves are stifled intellectually and growth wise. If they find out a TI knows more than they do, why their little gang members will take care of him by beating him down with harassment to make him feel extremely stupid. I have this one real skinny bitch constantly say things like "you're retarded", like she is bothered that I know the truth, so she has to revert to the tactics of her group, i.e., painting me as a stupid person as per the slander campaign. I also hear things like "that's person's nothing special", and in fact one perp told me this to my face in 2003. They certainly think they are special, because they are so walled-off from reality, it isn't even funny. See they never have to be bothered by the truth, because the truth gets snuffed out by their harassment groups/tactics. They say the truth hurts, and that's why perps are so mean. They are the kinds who are rebels against the truth and independent thought, and they make sure these nasty little things called "the cold hard facts" never bother them.