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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lawyer on gay rights claims that theirs is the last civil rights issue in the USA

OK I shouldnt be using quotes from high powered lawyers without transcript. The quote I want to use is from a tv interview where one of these lawyers claimed that gay marriage was America's "last civil rights issue". I saw this a few days ago at a truck stop traveling. It made me mad just to hear that someone was claiming this was our cultures last and final problem.
All I could think of is the fact I am at a truck stop traveling due to my circumstances and how it wasnt what I imagined for my future. I certainly wouldnt be doing it unless under duress.

I personally dont agree with banning gay marriage. I believe that they too should be able to waste their time getting divorced like every other couple I know..or miserable sticking with each other for years on end. Or perhaps in that rare instance in this world actually being happy for years on end. I just dont understand what the problem is. Married people or people who dislike gays seem to be the biggest advocates of banning gay marriage in my conversations with people. None of it seems to be based on logic or something economic.

But being targeted for so long and having it ruin my whole life its a bit much to keep silent when hearing a statement like that. Organized stalking, harassment, psychological operations and warfare on a target as well as human experimentation are civil rights issues or should be. And I get the feeling that with humans being the way they are historically that there will never be a "last" civil rights issues.

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