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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The world word popo/A TI's purpose might be to map out the situation for future revolt

Listen you leftest liberal morons, before you start picking at what people SAY you have to put importance on the injustice of what people DO.

I have been treated like a slave and an animal. I am a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. You tolerate this but you dont want people to say bad things about each other like a bunch of children having to be told how to act.

That then makes your actions totally unjust and absolutely off base. Not even set in reality.

You shut down the godamn criminals that are slowly taking me out over time- destroying me and forcing me to live like an animal in the street and live outdoors and on the road. You did nothing about me and other gang stalking targets getting into this downward spiral where our lives are destroyed.

And you DARE to censor anyone? WTF is your major malfunction? Geesh. I am so glad there are covert forces that counter how ridiculous you are. And dont worry there are and they have been and always will be.

You cant stop hate. In fact the powers that be incite hatred and then wish to stop people expressing it. Hmmm, sounds like trying to stifle peoples feelings about things..which is part of brainwashing. I dont see anyone getting in trouble for the hate crimes used in my smear campaign against me. It was set up so it was perfectly fine to hate on me and I will never forgive the USA for allowing it or being involved.

What you have created with your oppressive dictatorial environment you've created is a cold war. No one is allowed to speak of what they hate,thus ensuring that that hate divides and conquers quietly.

Wait till you see my next post, a candid piece written a few days ago born out of frustration with my situation. No one will care and nothing will change.. Locals will still mess with me in small towns and gangs in large cities. Cops will still think this shit is just nothing or amusing.

The way people are being treated is totally f*cked and you have the audacity to tell us what to say like children.
You think you have everything set in place to recieve the revolt that will finally come of your pushing people too far and crushing them. You have probably already figured out how many citizens can be beaten down to a pulp and will still cooperate and who will rebel as many are now.

So I see my purpose now. These weapons are going to be used domestically and are being used (TI's can attest to that) on the public. If we map out the parameters, the unknown and uncharted land ahead with our experiences, then in future if you decide to pull this crap full scale or more overtly on populations there will be some guide books and 'maps' for those that do not want to live in the prisons.

Fine with me.
Just fine.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen gangstalking referred to as "Jailers guarding the dangerous" in another blog. LOL - that is so very true. Just look at your "neighborhood watch"... they act like a bunch of wannabe cops, and since when does policing duty involve harassment? The fact that I get watched in certain places, like I'm some kind of suspicious person, just so some higher faction with an agenda can harass me relentlessly and at will is the biggest joke here. A proof there is a nice smear going on. Guard those dangerous killers, perps.