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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have to stay Salt Lake til Fri/ Homeless TI blog ,two posts,6/22/2010

Not happy with Utah. I like Salt Lake City and its clean, pretty and lacking in much corporate influence and psychological warfare on citizens to force them into consumerism that other major cities have.

But they are dreadfully anti homeless. Its too bad becuz the wide open spaces and the mountainous backdrop are so natural its bizarre to see man still trying to control his created environment against natural human behavior. Its laughable really.

I experinced harassment from civilians starting yesterday. The police drove by many times last night, so much so that a fellow sidewalk camper commented on it being unusual. This morning I got the neck breaking stare from a guy driving a garbage truck or something similar of course with ridiculously dark glasses. Getting that ticket this morning is not surprising but its questionable as to being gs related. I hear that this cop is really the only one who does this regularly and he wasnt behaving in a manner that is indicative of when police
are attempting to agitate someone so they can get a reaction where they would then be justified to arrest them. Nor was he pulling the routine of trying to get one to sound mentally ill. But the other instances were pure gang stalking fare and its as overt as anywhere in the US during Bush here. Its easy to ignore now but they dont seem aware in thier desert oasis that TI's, being human, are going to adapt and go for 'fittest of the fit' as that is what has kept man going for thousands of years.

I am almost tempted to stay and conquer the set up here- see if there is a way to squat here without going all the way out to the river to set up camp. But I know I am traveling for allergy testing not conquering. is tempting. Also to stay and advocate for the system to fix its homeless conditions is also challenging. Imagine an outsider doing so in Salt Lake Mormon town its almost an erotic tale its so closed off here.
I have other priorities. Damn it.

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