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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eat this blog..

Lately I have been thinking about the head of Mass Rehab who while not helping me or giving me the same benefits as other clients got to accommodate them had the nerve to not only ignore the first 3 top professions on the list for lesser ones as if didnt have a high IQ or wasnt talented, he had the audacity to tell me I was "expecting too much of myself" by trying to go to school. He also kept saying of whatever was stopping me from focusing: "there's something there". Gee ya think dude? Like a gang stalking/gas lighting campaign and an apartment where I am being exposed to multiple kinds of mycotoxins? GEE YA THINK JACK ASS??

Eat this blog mother f*cker. Nationwide travel on a shoestring at age 35-39 WHILE being harassed, producing three blogs and one YouTube channel..and I had a MYSPACE on travel and homelessness.

Choke on it dude..I expect nothing but top performance from myself. And with the right encouragement (not stonewalling from teh state) I could have gotten a well rounded proper education on top of being talented to begin with. I can also (or could before all this damage) draw, write poetry and dance. Oh thats right Dancer was number 1 on the list after 3 week grueling testing. What a waste.

Dancer, Painter, Writer and Policeman.
The first thig the bastard did was go down to number 4 and ask me if I was interested in being a security guard then moves onto clerk. The lady who did the testing was shocked when I told her that I didnt seem to get the same benefits that she mentioned other clients getting.

You know whos expecting too much of themselves? People who think Targets are stupid. Maybe you should stop thinking and let the system think for doesnt seem to be your strong point does it?


Anonymous said...

Interesting how Green says the victim was "in the wrong place at the wrong time", so true of my situation.

Welcome to LA, the festering cesspit of American corruption.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know, that Bob Hope being a handler is pretty ridiculous. Some sites have claimed that gangstalking is tied to child prostitution, and that Pete Townshend uses the slave ring to get access to little boys. I believe I saw it on one of those Illuminati sites.

I'd be wary of any sight that attempts to make things very tidy, to explain organized stalking away as "Oh it's the Scottish Freemasons who don't like you" or the all-time classic, the Illuminati. Probably it's just a cover for the f---ers that feed into the gangstalking system. I believe this opressive system is more like owning shares or stock in a company than it being "Well, those Illuminati, Shadow Govt., or whatever" is doing it. I believe there is a secret govt. program for this. Really, how does one define "govt."? The govt. is really a bunch of powerful people and private organizations with corrupt companies and organized crime having a controlling interest. I don't see a Shadow Govt. that controls the entire world as being the "reason" behind all of this.

I'll bet a lot of these claims are being perpetrated by operatives and shills who work closely with the System.

Anonymous said...

Saw you at the market the other day. Just making sure you're not causing any trouble.

Jeremy said...

Anon @ 11:54PM:

I don't believe there is any one single agency that's in control of it all. Mobbing behavior is the norm, many people on the street have internalized it to the point where they don't see anything wrong with it. Gang stalking and everything that goes along with it is just a refinement of age-old behaviors.

There are undoubtedly several hidden agendas driving what we think of as "the program". I suspect the intelligence agencies are aware of most of these agendas if not all of them.

The fact is that one of those agendas includes a system of human slavery (TBMC), and pedophile rings are closely tied to TBMC. Child victims of molestation tend to dissociate, and that is a valuable personality trait for TBMC programming. Also, the kind of corruption that makes organized stalking possible is a major part of a child victim's life - they are kept from getting help because all the authority figures around them are corrupt. On the rare occasion where a child victim manages to attract public attention she is simply shuffled off to a new area after a sham investigation.

The pedophile ring angle gets a lot of attention, maybe more attention than it should, because it's the sort of issue that enrages a lot of people.

The way I look at it is, I'll take any foothold I can get.

AJH said...

I did one of those vocational assessments years ago, and did it ever put me in the wrong place, and I could never figure what their rationale was that supported their conclusions. It set the stage for a year out of work, at full time school, and that was a big setup for them to nix the utilization of the knowledge from the training. Bizarre, but that is how it worked then, and how it continues. Get trained, then get re-directed to something else.

Then the vocational assessment of last year was another stunt; heavy on law enforcement "aptitude". What a joke, especially as a TI when one understands the law enforcement crew are the lackeys of the perps. And security guards are nothing but color coordinated gangstalkers with an excuse to be standing around. Cruel jokes these vocational assessments when TI captive.

Anonymous said...

Bob Hope being a handler is not at all ridiculous. Have you seen the video of him with a five year old Tiger Woods? Investigate Tiger's life and you find his daddy was a Military GOON and at five that kid was being made into a golfer.

THEY SHAPE TALENT. That is the whole name of the game and Masons are only one branch. It's all easy to see when you follow the money. Too easy. Only a serious control system could allow such blatant greed to go unchecked by the whole society it feeds off of.