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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The amazing Putney Swope 1969

Broke down got room to rest. Youd think I could have gotten bed at hostel or cheap dive motel downtown. But downtown I cant think or function at all. Have to go outside downtown like many stops south or north to begin to feel unashamed, unstifled and not jammed.

Just watched Putney Swope. timing was good. After months of experiencing a very hot and cold reception from African Americans in downtown SD homeless scene- along with the gangsta obsessed times we live in, I almost I did forget that there were any thinking talented blacks at all. Black people have changed- alot since my youth. Ignorance seems to be pushed heavily nowadays as well as a focus on purely monetary matters. What was called 'radical' back then seems to me just telling it like it is concerning abuse of power and authority...and money of course. Funny movie. And on a low budget its done well.
I am always amazed at how in awe critics are of an artist who gets such work accomplished on a such a budget. That is what art is.. content. Not price. Lots of crap has been made out of large budgets or the big budget itself made the movie. Arent artists known for making thrift store clothes look good? Same concept I guess.
The actors were mostly non union. It seems like they were genuinely into what they were doing. Nowadays professional actors are a dead bore. Movies now have turned into propaganda on how to feel think or percieve things in the culture we live in. There are sooo many seriously untalented children of or who knows where they came from, and you wonder if a law shouldnt be made to ensure that special treatment isnt given to undeserving people to engineer careers. I havent even seen Indie film in years.

Movies are so..slick now. They all seem like they are simply in existence to instruct us in how to percieve things not to entertain us. Its really boring.

Face it the era we live in sucks. I know I am just supposed to be crazy and oh isnt this so sad that Rachael has gone nuts or was always nuts but its obvious that there is a police state and facism has creeped into our lives. Everyone is either ignorant or heavily in denial..or operating with the system to get or keep what they have.
So nothing has changed I guess but nowadays its just passe to say so I guess. Like pointing it out is useless or a waste of everyones time as they are well aware.

After the movie I switched through the channels and got bummed out again...cop shows with lots of love of forensics opposed to police work, shitty movies bs actors and lots of tech induced effects to cover thier asses. Dull reality shows about how to buy a house or what you should be wearing..and if you dont comply they always harass the person into conforming- with everything from interventions to the fashion police to the Nanny to Dr Phil etc. You need to listen to what you are instructed to think by reality shows on tv!
I wont even go near the big channels. Its so sad when I think of the artwork I could be doing. Then I go over it again...just how my life was destroyed and taken from me in 2003. How so many people look guilty or even scared of me having beat the worst of the system but no one is willing to walk up to me and hand me any validation or my life back, revenge or justice.


Anonymous said...

That show with Stacy London always gave me the Willies. It seemed like she and Clinton were bullying the guests. The implication there is that the guest brought it on herself because she did agree to be a guest after all. And I guess that is true... anyone who would choose to be on that show got what she (or maybe he) deserved. I'm guessing they did it for the money. Again, there is a huge emphasis on making big money here.

And American Idol, couldn't stand that one either. Simon is right a lot of times, but still, I don't see him writing music or performing to great critical acclaim. But none of that matters, because he is in a position to judge. That's what this entire targeting is about: Peanut Galleries full of hypocritical judges who just say sh*t to get a reaction.

Anonymous said...

I felt this huge burden being lifted every time I went to TCM. I know those movies are way too long time ago to have anything related to my targeting in them. Grapes of Wrath... excellent movie, though a little hard to watch it all in one sitting. Robert Osbourne summed it up so excellently when he said "that's what happens when you stand in the way of 'progress' and 'big business'". Something to that effect. The funny thing about Grapes is that it seems like the acting was way ahead of its time, despite portraying a primitive way of life. You might say it's the way acting should have been done today in our era had this bullshit targeting and the syndicates come about.

Anonymous said...

YOU SAID Broke down got room to rest. { Hay there lady blue God Loves you beleive It ? }

YOU SAID but no one is willing to walk up to me and hand me any validation or my life back, revenge or justice. { Im willing to try , I mean I want to help in any way I can I want to see you make it big and will help you to find a publisher for your book }

You got friend here ,