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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mapping out remote influence in San Diego CA

I nailed it. There is a definite change beginning at the 12th and Imperial trolley stop. More than once I have experienced my internet connection just dropping off for no reason at this stop and also acting very strangely after leaving said trolley stop.

Upon this occuring I also noted most certainly a change in my thought pattern and my emotional state. So there you have it. One side of the parameter at least is defined. Mapped out. And SD is a city where there are pockets of influence in different spots even one feeling differently emotionally and mentally from say the 12th and Imperial area then feeling much better once one passes through Park and Market going in the direction of Old Town on the blue line. I had been experiencing this all along but was jammed thus unable to express it. It took a night OUT of the downtown area in Chila Vista and a good nights sleep at a decent motel ALONE to get myself centered again.

San Diego is just as dangerous as any other city but perhaps moreso due to one sinking into the lifestyle opposed to places like Boston that are so bad right now that one feels one HAS to leave to survive. San Diego wants to keep you here and eventually get you to sign on to Big Pharma. Its amazing what a nice day I had outside the city. Yet I feel much more productive and clear headed about work (!) since 12th and Imperial and the changes I documented.

I know many people think that TI's are mentally ill or we are imagining things. You have to understand that not only are many TI's psychic or sensitives but many seem to have an understanding of the system that has most likely taken over this country since 2003 if not before. Perhaps it only affects targeted persons, like a remote prison system. I am not sure. TI's are often exposed- thrust really into this world of technology, occult and organized crime and intrigue. Many TI's are survivors of mind control or programming so have a very keen sense of being interferred with even subtley. And after one is exposed to the bizarre practices of the gang stalkers and thier system, which for some may even include human experimentation such as abductions, commonly referred to as 'military abductions'. I havent encountered many TI's who claim to have been alien abductees. They seem to be like a different sort of Target.
Maybe people who are deprogrammed mc slaves naturally would have (unwilling) contact with military or other factions either interested in them or the ones responsible for thier existence.

TI's have something the system is threatened by: either knowledge or potential power. The gang stalking system seeks to manage by destroying and keeping down certain people in this world all covertly. Strangely there is some element within all this that seems to want TI's to reveal all that they have seen or experienced. I dont know why as the world never listens anyway. There have been and are presently many activists dedicated to revealing such things and activists working while targeted to free people from cults or sex slavery etc. The general public are never interested in these things so why bother? To me this has never made any sense at all. What the world is going to change becuz I was messed with by some very very rich bastards working on most likely classified projects? Who cares? That is SO above the public's head... I just dont get any of this at all myself. So dont disbelieve what I write becuz its more of a mystery to me as to why I am bothering with this than to anyone believe me.

Most people dont even notice that thier whole existence is what then? Sigh Ill do it anyway becuz some stupid force wants it done. I do enjoy mapping things out however. Maybe someday people will take any of this seriously and start to notice that our society is now a psycho civilized society. I still wonder if that is just for people like me that the system wants to keep imprisoned..that maybe it doesnt effect other kinds of people.

My body has been through changes that may make me much more receptive to such phenomena like mold exposure and years of psychological warfare etc. Its been kind of like one big long abduction I guess, me recalling any connection with my old life as ending around 2004. It started to get really weird in 2003 but it was year by year leading up to that level of weirdness. Really I became overtly targeted in 1996 so from there I guess.

I suppose mapping out areas as I do is my only form of revenge really. How can one map out Hell?

I wrote in my other blog in the beginning that there was a creation of something akin to a tech hell using tech and math. I hardly understood what I was writing at the time and its taken years of other experiences to know that I was right. 'Hell' being a childish term taken from religious belief but its a good description. Unlike the Hell in religious belief you can actually use your intelligence and Will to avoid, fight or get around this one...if you so chose.


Anonymous said...

I have always noticed something weird about the gangstalkers out there doing their thing, especially those doing walking along the street duty. I've noticed they have this very "open" thing about them, like they are performing, and they expect me to pay attention to them. I can feel it, in a very psychic way: my senses tell me that certain gangstalkers are looking for adulation, like they want me to look at them and "internalize" a huge fuss over them, like I'm supposed to be in love with them.

Interesting that they want attention like this. I am offended by this, as the laws of this country apply to everyone, not just non-targets, and having these attention-seeking "actors" out there is a clear violation of my civil rights. Oops, I forgot... I ain't got one of those!!! (civil rights) How quickly I forget, that rich people
are behind this, so that fact, combined with the fact that I am targeted by the system, means I am complete crap and deserve no personal rights.

My stalkers sometimes will insinuate that I'm some sort of crybaby, or I will get these notions from perps along the lines of "what's the huge deal" when I feel destroyed by some of this harassment. But I feel there is a heavy oppressive component to this, like there is this external "field" acting on me, restricting my natural functions, and also influencing my mood. Honey, if it ain't natural, I am going to reject it (the remote influence, harassment from gangstalkers, etc.) I can NOT accept something that is not of my free will.

I have perps that really think they are human when I am not. One of them told this to my face. How pathetic... and I really wonder who or what has empowered these idiots at the local level to feel like this, unless they were instructed to say stuff like this. I mean, it's not like these idiots aren't disposable. They are the trained monkeys. Interesting that since they are connected to harassment groups, that elevates them to some special social status. In their dreams.

Now I feel like there is some remote influence trying to sap some of the life out of me. Gosh, they really intend to kill us TI's off since we are dissidents. Too bad... we'll just keep fighting the good fight until we win. It's a battle that we shouldn't have to fight in the first place. It's so bizarre.

Anonymous said...

It's being done because the present state of computers and tech is very very crude. All a computer is is a bunch of switches turning off and on. The transistors are the switches. The human brain is far more sophisticated, and these oppressive powers behind this are trying to figure out how to create computers that rival or exceed the human brain by sucking out the knowledge of the best and brightest. That's why so many intelligent people are targeted and brain-mapped. It's to recreate "us", but in machine form. Or perhaps they are creating human obedient robots. Look at how many people are going along with this gangstalking bs. They behave so much like robots, you might say they ARE the experiment, but we are the "control" group in the experiment, where our knowledge is being used to figure out how to get these idiots to be even more obedient. As fricking superior as they think they are, they don't know they are being duped into being compliant little robots to serve the system. The TI's are the ones that rebelled, the ones who have yet to become converted into "one of them".

gangstalking-australia said...

It seems that for some reason 1996 is the year that a lot of TI's targetting became severe and a lot more noticeable. I have read a lot of blogs put on from different parts of the world that all seem to be centered on that particular year as starting or escalating, strange. I know that was when mine took an upward turn again.

Medawar said...

Medawar thinks that the equipment used for making people unwell, in whatever way, is powered by things like the trolleybus or tram power system in some cities. This would account for American TI's getting a bit of a break from it after midnight, which does not appear to happen in the UK.

Possibly, things are more automated in the States.

BTW: has anyone in the States experienced a harassment tactic, where what appears to be an extended family of perps (twenty odd, three generations), lines up near the TI's home in the small hours (Midnight to 1AM, usually) and all scream in unison for several minutes, presumably until throats sore?

People say the TIs are mentally ill...

Anonymous said...

No, that type of harassment is much more overt than what I get. Much of what I get is very deep, subliminal street-theatre type. I do get the occasional little girl screaming for as long as she can, continuously, when I am walking down the street. There may be like several really goofy idiot types standing around just waiting for me to pass, then "attacking" me with harassment. One time, these three were singing an offensive jingle while I was passing them, while the other goofball stood there and laughed.

It doesn't matter how they are doing it, so much as why and the fact they are making me feel very irritable that I feel like my psyche must leave my body. That type of feeling.