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Sunday, May 9, 2010,239667
This is absolutely disgusting to me. Granted I am not a male and understand little about pro sports but I enjoy boxing and cage matches and along these lines.
What struck me at first was the purposeful making of division between who is professional and who is an ametuer. Things being said like "legitamacy". This is the other problem with the internet and everyone having thier 15 minutes or even a public voice.
This is the inverse effect of reality shows. Instead of taking nothings and nobodies and making celebrity out of them, this activity takes raw talent or a specialized skill and puts it up against 'legitamate' or professional mainstream similar activity and usually ends up backing up the status games so common in our society.

Instead of appreciating street fighting of what it is in CONTEXT to where it came from or in relation to the type of environment its a product of, its taken out of its natural environment and pitted against activities that are supported by a streamlined system with lots of resources that it
cannot possibly win against.

This little head game of our new bs oppressive society has been being played using this formula in many different areas since Bush really and the oncoming police state, war on the poor, and all like minded actions with the ultimate goal at supporting an elite opposed to common people. Which is totally nonsensical as the SAME media system takes nobodies and turns them into an elite via reality shows.

The main power play is much of the same that humans, especially males tend to do to anything natural or coming in raw from mother nature: WE control the environment and WE arrange it as WE see fit. WE are human and WE dominate. WE re arrange everything from what is naturally occuring to reality to contruct new worlds based on OUR designs.
And this is thier archetecture.

Its like the whole thing was to bait him out of his niche and show him he was NOT legit or not good enough. Great, they destroyed another cult sub culture following. This seems to be very important since the late 90's to the survival of not only the mainstream culture but to the survival of the mainstream media and all its related businesses as well. The status quo.

The same thing happened with a French performance artist maybe in the early 2000's I recall. He was climbing the side of a building protesting something and a citizen then imitated these actions. The news report written about this was VERY specific in laying out the perceptions we should have about this by making sure to state that the imitator was probably mentally ill or thought to be. There was a forced perception on the viewer that the second mans actions were NOT legitimate.
But they are the same actions-?

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