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Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to destroy the soul of a country or a person- Bush to Obama

You have to understand something. Obama got into office using very nasty methods. Black gangs gave assistance you can bet on that. And why is it that on the day of election my YouTube account shows much attention from a specific area of Africa? Many souls are stolen and energy taken to get major moves accomplished in this world. Even Madonna admitted years ago to doing many spells and incantations to try to get the part in Evita. She got it didnt she.

This is the true meaning of 'ritual abuse'. That is why the greatest thing they ever did to cover up for it was to make it appear it was very overt in nature- as if RA is simply Satanic in nature and with trappings of theatrical rituals. RA is an action or activity and it can occur coming out of any religious background or belief system. Just the action of mobbing someone is ritualistic in nature. Humans do things ritualistically and dont realize that is what it is due to math and science being prized yet that is only a part of 'magick' if you want to call it that. Our other senses and qualities are ignored like emotional power, mental power and psychic ability. 'Psychic ability' is simply when those two aforementioned qualities become especially powerful. Perhaps some people are more adept at such things genetically just as some people can draw, sing or have specific talent genetically moreso than other people do.

The modern world ignores this and due to the amount of research over the years by many competent entities, such as the military and institutions of learning, it appears that much has been discovered if not validated but is simply hidden from the public. What is disgusting about that is that its not a quality they created its naturally occurring in humans. SO its not THIERS to corner the market on..but to have an edge that is exactly what they are doing.
Also there is the fact that some people are genetically more gifted in these ways than others. Its obvious that some factions want to have just THIER people be 'gifted' even if that means by scientific means not natural ones. This would explain all the human experimentation and trying to create the superman..all that rot they've been up to.
It is so typical of man..especially MEN, to learn from the birds in nature over time and build airplanes and space ships then turn around have these creations kill the birds themselves and thier environment.
Man still insists on building towers of Babel instead of expressing his Godspark by working in unison with nature and paying attention to details very carefully.
It seems all man can do is analyze and tear things apart to know how they work and then imitate.
There are much better ways of doing things and other countries have discovered them long ago. The progress you see and hear about in the USA only backs up its industries. It is not perhaps the best way of going about things. Man seems to get himself stuck in the means of survival so that he cannot practice a better way of doing things for himself, other humans and his environment (which is his means of survival).

So the game plan may be to have any true psychic that isnt working for the powers that be destroyed or cut down to if they never existed as a power cell. At the same time try to find out how to induce such powers in people not naturally gifted. This is certainly a way to corner a market to ensure you have the ball and only your group of kids get to play.
And speaking of children note how sophisticated psychological warfare is really just elaborate bullying. Nothing much changes. Most humans 'grow up' but do they evolve? It appears not.

Mama Obama may be making it all better and all that crap but I still want my sh*t back from during Bush.

The life I have been cornered into by the parameters that gang stalking has created is not truly who I am and is false.
I am sure its expected that I go away quietly into this new life I have created for myself hiding in a corner (So Cal) with some friendly allies. However this is literally just hiding. And resting most likely. In order for things to truly be correct and ever be right I must at least release the information that fills in the reconstruct the true time line.
What was pulled off during Bush is the most ambitious ploy I have ever seen in my lifetime. It was so overt. And through old fashioned means of intimidation, fear mongering, greed and opportunism it was pulled off. So much for the information highway or education, or any of the things that make man so advanced supposedly in modern times. Its akin to the bag boy (middle aged man) who ran out and grabbed me in the dark on the sidewalk when Albertsons has all that surveillance equipment to counter stealing (and supposedly to protect customers against being accused of stealing).

People, technology isnt your savior. It doesnt make life better by itself. HUMAN ERROR is always going to be a problem. All that money and time put into a gang stalking campaign against me and I aced it..mostly due to me being 'street smart' (ok and programmed..and having protectors and informants).

People are so wrapped up in living the future NOW that they have lost sight of good old fashioned human screw up behavior..that sadly isnt going to change with the coming 'space age' era.

Humans will just create robots to enslave, treat them like shit, abuse them, then they will get hip, revolt and etc etc.

Man really doesnt pull off anything new. He may look at things in a new way to try to appear as if its new or withhold information from the general public (peasants outside the castle) but when Columbus discovered this place there were already people living here- and they got genocided eventually becuz of it, and I do believe it was more than 6 million.

I am tired of the same old cons being perpetrated dressed up as something new. Just becuz companies and the military industrial complex have discovered new ways of using psychology or how to abuse science to get more of what they want from YOU does not mean it isnt THE SAME OLD CON.

I will never give up on trying to get back what was mine. From 2003. My life is paused there and no one is going to make me turn it off and go onto something else.

These assholes really think they are gods becuz they have the best of tech and human talents at their disposal to create realities. Guess what? I wouldnt be targeted unless I also had some very hefty powers to also manifest things. And I dont need tonnage to do it. I use quality.

America loves to use tonnage to win wars. I could kill my ancestors (yes the joke is if they werent already dead) for moving to this factory, the whorehouse, this wasteland. They should have stayed in Europe.

The game in So Cal here is to keep on pushing to forget what happened due to using the 'no one is going to believe you' theme and that includes 'everyone has moved on' and 'its been years since that happened' 'what are you really going to get from telling this story' and that I'll be labeled for sure as well as probably ignored and dont I realize how unimportant I am in the great scheme of things as well as the big world I live in.
WTF is this? These feelings or ideas are so ridiculous. Its just a damn sci fi novel. And if its being written as such why would it get me labeled? Somebody somewhere does not want this written. Gee why not? its JUST a novel.. hmmmmmmm?

They are so incredibly obnoxious. This system is so heavy handed its ridiculous. All I get is one book anyway, and its basically the results of MK Ultra- a glossed over confession is what it is. The system wins if I write my book and if I dont I'll suicide so they win on that front.

Only if I was allowed to go on my own way and upon my own Will would I have won or things have been right. No one can bring me back my looks or my physical or mental or psychic power from before gang stalking destroyed much of those qualities. And what kind of payback do I have? No one involved is going to have to pay most likely.

Thats why this is ritual abuse. Human sacrifice without blood or evidence but with all the benefits. The only thing they need to do is make sure after they bleed you dry of everything that is yours, they seal off all the connections made to suck off you to begin with and then send you-now a shell of a person- on your way in your 'new' life, which is absolute bullsh*t compared to what it should have been.

THAT is what ritual abuse is. Not candles and skulls strewn over alters. Get with the bigger program folks. These bastards have been doing this for a very long time...why would thier methods be so childish or poorly constructed?

Obama is NOT going to calm ME down or smooth things over for ME. I wont be subdued. And that is his purpose. Things would be very different had an African American who descended from American slave labor gotten into office, believe it. How is he representative of Americans of African descent? Who the majority of are descended from slave labor? Most of their ancestors were here hundreds of years before mine?

The new war consists of utilizing race and class issues. Either you want freedom for mankind as he has a birth right to or you agree with the opressors who have some very nasty new toys and some very useful old ones as well. And that means the divisions are now about what you think and believe in not cultural backround etc. This shows itself in how many different kinds of people are used in gang stalking. The system is trying to blow your ideas of what the rules are and who your allies are. If it works, you become insane and believe that everyone is in on it and your f*cked. If your smart you will disassemble and then reassemble reality to adapt to your new environment for max survival. Which means paying attention to genuine TI's of all backrounds, ignoring civilians unless they are a threat or useful and total war against perpetrators and thier backers.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't look down on Math and Science... just technology. The thing is that gaining an understanding of Math and Science could help a person reason for him/her self, which is what we want. The problem is just relying on technology, becoming a helpless slave to it, as opposed to making the best use of the tools available to us, which would mean understanding and using technology as that proverbial "rock" to get the job done. Just as you are doing with your blog.

A little bit of mathematics can be of great help to a TI. For one, working through problems helps keep your mind sharp. That's the problem with a lot of perps I see: most of them don't seem to be particularly good at solving problems, no matter what the age. I'm talking about those mindless drones who just hang around fast food places, and lay down the harassment. I can see where if they had critical thinking skills, they'd be less apt to be doing this.

Unless you're talking about some serious higher-level math, such as divergence and curl, 3-D calculus and such. Yeah, as a college instructor, I have seen that they do try to pound too much of that down students' throats. It's too institutionalized, e.g. not enough real-world application is taught. But that is true of any field: too institutionalized. But universities have always been that way.