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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Onion:An exhausted Chomsky just tries to enjoy the day

After my earlier post I was amused by seeing this:,17404/

I guess this is kinda like me. I dont stop thinking this way for very long...unless I stop and have other things to do and try enjoying life at that other level. As if there is no responsibility at all.

The maddening thing is that one realizes especially after being targeted and having one's life taken from them, that America is never going to change.. maybe not even any part of humanity. I suppose thats all fine and good as man has been screwing up since the beginning.
But now with how much tech there is to create an environment of total control - in man's outer world as well as his inner one THAT is something we have not seen before perhaps. And its unacceptable. That man should not even be comfortable out in public or even in private unless he is totally dedicated to the power structure and the agenda...and the authority that either directly or is intimated to back that up. That man can no longer rebel or reflect on his own moral stance privately or in his own mind.

Perhaps this system of harassment has always been to ensure that key people two the official line...but its perhaps been always traditionally spies, alot of survaillence, psychological warfare and chemical warfare such as poisons or other such things to gain some desired result. Creating assassins via the use of drugging people with hash (hashashin is one theory of the origin of this word) would be an example of what chemicals can be use for if NOT to destroy outright- to persuade. But the use of advanced technologies..but I often wonder if its any different than the use of oracles or psychic warriors for important powerful people to get thier way in any given conflict.
I wish I had some sort of comparison from a point in time long ago before such advances in tech to now just to see what would have been used back then to gain these results. Its obvious that gang stalking is a re education camp for dissidents as well as victim witness silencing.

How much tech we have now makes it much less likely there is anywhere to hide from it. Even if you had a network of spies in ancient times there would be someplace you could slip off to. Now this is not even possible and its moreso disturbing that one cannot even slip away from such influences in one's own mind or inner world.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure you could just slip off somewhere. The power structure would ensure there was always a soldier nearby or a civilian spy reporting to other soldiers who would report to a messenger who would report to the king or person in power. Also, it would be possible to use one's specially trained psychic ability to key in on the target. You've seen how that works, how investigators use psychics to locate a missing person or criminal to good results.

But true enough, you really can't hide from today's power structure because of the surveillance. Assuming a member of your tribe or household were sold out ala Judas Iscariot, there would be no way to hide. It's amazing what you can accomplish without technology.

The danger in advanced tech is that it does a lot of the thinking for you, instead of just using it like a tool. When you are using your primal instincts for good or bad, it can be so much more devastating than the tech which has no heart nor soul nor conscience.

As far as surveillance, they had artists that could secretly draw sketches, which could be handed in to the appropriate authorities or a proxy acting on behalf of the king or ruler.

Anonymous said...

Another article about organized stalking posted to a forum:

Note all the condescending replies, coming from perps trying to defend their precious little system.

One reply stands out to me:

"QTSPY, with a name like that one might think you're the stalker.. Is this all your way of setting us up for the stalk?"

That's one tactic they use, trying to portray the person they are targeting as someone who himself is a stalker or some creeper who is obsessed with [whomever]. Whomever is the person of the mob group's choosing. It's not uncommon for this "victim" of the "stalker" (actually the "stalker" is the TI they are portraying as stalker) to be a perp, informant, or member of a mobbing group.

I've noticed that perp "friends" become very angry with me when I rat them out or behave in a manner they don't approve of. Just like the real thing (a real obsessed stalker).

Within mobbing groups, informants or perps are usually as individuals very obsessed with the target, keeping tabs on the target with data fed to them via their perp bosses or the System itself. All of this despite the fact that the perp bosses in charge of this are the ones really concerned with keeping the target hypnotized. But the underlings (low level perps and informants) are usually the ones who are very obsessed with the target, and they behave like a loved one who has been pissed on, no matter what the sex. My perps hate it intensely when I disobey them and/or rat them out. They are always looking for that smoking gun, that little piece of evidence that supports their delusions that I am somehow "in love", obsessed, or "want" them. They are obsessed that that notion, that I somehow am a smitten lovesick stalker who desires these perps. I feel like I am stalked by quite a few of these who are trying to say am an a creepy stalker coming after them. Yeah right. In their dreams.

Are they really this delusional? Some perps take their assignments a little too seriously, I've noticed. They really LIVE their assignments, like they're making a million dollars a day or something when a lot probably don't get any benefits at all other than data feeds about the target.

Anonymous said...

That last reply was a little unclear. What I was trying to say is, my perps are doing this gaslighting thing where I supposedly am a smitten lovesick stalker who is ugly and undesirable to them, but yet I won't leave them alone. All the while, they are the ones who seemed to be secretly obsessed with me, but are in huge amounts of D-E-N-I-A-L about this fact.