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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Human experimentation and to back up last post
And for anyone who wants to give me any crap:

What is so bizarre is that with all the room on the internet, with all the colleges in this country and with all the info that is obviously retrievable especially to researchers why is this subject matter percieved as 'conspiracy theory'?

There are enough people on the internet with webpages as well as vid channels that have the right info as well as good theories and many of these sites are saying or stating the same things. The biggest mistake that any of them make is to NOT DOCUMENT CLAIMS or back up theories with showing cause or facts that could lead people logically through the deduction process.

If you could actually go from documentable storylines or theories to aliens then why not do so? Or to dis-prove the far out conspiracy theories thus showing that its more likely human experimentation BY humans then why would on not do so? Alot of it is many people with the brains, understanding even first hand experience to do this are targeted knowingly or not. The other interference is being targeted and then not resisting due to caving in to pressure. There are people out there who value thier jobs or families more than kicking ass for the Truth..why I will never understand but hey thats me.

The dis info people have a job to do and they do it all the time non stop. Thier job and function is to use gang stalking tactics like the ones we see in dis info campaigns on TI's to confuse and mislead the public. I have experienced this first hand in the conference calls. And one often wonders about any website or vid channel that makes claims but never backs them up.
Discussing or writing about something named "Project Paperclip" sounds like so much bullsh*t its ridiculous. I didnt even believe there was a Project Paperclip until I saw the documentation here and now. It was a 'maybe' and thats all.

If you are doing activism dont waste yer time doing what every other kook or well meaning activist has done repeatedly: make any mention or claim or come up with theories without covering yer ass and backing up your claims with documentation. You have to remember that even WITH documentation you may still encounter doubt. This is when people go heavily into denial, the kind one cant argue with, and its usually based on social no one wants to deal with this subject matter anyway etc.

My grandmother was renting a room to myself and my mother in 96 after she lost her house in a divorce and I was in early recovery and had no sense at all obviously I got talked into living there in that toxic environment. The perps used to refer to me as Cinderella and I didnt understand just yet those comments from strangers randomly in the street. The reality of it escaped me at that time..(why is it always blacks who seem to know the most? WTF? I dont care what anyone says either they are still doing COINTELPRO for the Man or they have a huge massive network of 'houseslaves' as Malcolm X refered to them, who have always been and are still watching over things and covertly handling things for the Boss Man. And why not? My ancestors are third wavers all from around 1900. What do I know about the way the USA really runs from its inception as well as the history that preceeds my ancestors arrival here? People like me understand little of the roots of the USA before the third wave of immigration.)
Nana would argue with me about this nightlight that cost nearly nothing to run. I called the electric company and they said it was 25 cents per month I believe. I told her what they said after running through a computer. She then changed her voice inflections and her choice of words and began denial without any basis at all. "Well thier measurements systems are wrong" "They dont know that" all this total bs. I dropped a quarter on the table so it went round a few times before settling just for effect and so it could be heard. All I got still was a back towards me from someone at the stove.

I grew up with the kind of sick dysfunction common in most societies concerning any kind of corruption from the authority figures, but it was always backed up by females when in reality the main offender was a male of abusive power who used lots of intimidation which I never experienced first hand. This is why I am seen as someone who "doesnt respect anything" according to many perps as it doesnt register with me as anything special male abusive authority. It does however piss me off royally when women act in thier defense or on thier behalf which is utterly disgusting and the worst affronts of Nature I have ever experienced in this culture. But then again there isnt much natural about the USA anyway.

Expect everyone to love John Wayne and all his screw ups and defend him til the death...especially post- Bush it seems.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice how many loafing lazy f*ckers there are hanging around that are used by the system? Mostly a lot of these people have truly and honestly nothing better to do with their lives. I'm sure gangstalking TI's is more productivity than they normally would be capable of. I laugh when I see some of these people doing a "just hanging around" role or pose, and they look so pissed and impatient, like you can see it clearly written in their expressions that they'd rather be doing something else. Like "hurry the f-- up and pass by me so I can get busy doing work around the house". Quite a few look irked because they've been recruited into gangstalking, but wish they hadn't. I always thought that's what Henley et. al. meant by the lyrics in Hotel California, "you can check out any time you like but you can never leave". Henley always has some wishy washy explanation for this but always avoids talk of cults or gangstalking. The recording industry is full of organized crime and thugs to go with it. Roulette Records is one example.

On December 20, 1967, while preparing to do a film for 20th Century Fox, he was assaulted after allegedly being pulled over by an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer on the San Diego Freeway in Southern California, receiving a severe beating, leading to a skull fracture. Neither the assailant(s) nor the reason for the assault has ever been established. Not long after the assault, he appeared on a late-night talk show and discussed it, but all he could recall were bright lights, presumably from the car of his attacker(s). Rodgers later claimed that members of the San Diego Police Department had assaulted him.[citation needed] After he sued the Los Angeles Police Department,[citation needed] the LAPD settled out of court for $200,000.[

I've heard it suggested on one show that the police officers were really mob thugs associated with Roulette in retribution for Rodgers trying to get out of a record deal.

Anonymous said...

As a target, I am astounded at the lengths they will go to to protect their precious little system. It's amazing that I, out of countless sheeple am so dangerous that they have to have such ridiculous accusations and other bullshit aimed at me. I am healthier than many of my perps, but they are making it seem otherwise, just because they need to protect their precious little corrupt stinky filth system.

Just behind me was some guy like 70+ saying stuff like "yeah he does dope and beats up his girlfriend". More excellent gaslighting, I know how this works... the perp was referring to some guy I encountered who was a potential wife abuser. But it also served the purpose of pissing me off, because the perps know I am innocent of such things.

Interesting how outrageous lies such as this must be employed to keep me pissed off. I'd love to see how these asshole perps who send out these losers would handle this harassment. If I think a negative thought about a perp or a regular non-perp civilian, who cares if it's negative as long as it's true? Just because I "intently think" about someone who is on drugs, that means the perps must compensate by having some asshole perp sitting behind me saying something equally damaging? Apparently mind control like the perps employ is strictly getting the victim's mind not only blank, but to purify the mind, so that the victim has no choice but to think nice, pure thoughts about everyone and everything, EVEN IF THOSE THOUGHTS ARE FALSE.

And why exactly there are so many perps, I don't know. I am not some piece of meat they can just re-format to their liking. That's the way we are treated: like caged animals or filthy, diseased prisoners; or just a computer hard drive they can reformat just to install their own operating system that does exactly what they want. This system is not for me.

Anonymous said...

I have had perps and others doing work at the behest of the perps' demands, and they tried to talk me into getting a Mohawk, for whatever reason. If not a Mohawk, then a Fo-hawk, a fake Mo where you do that thing with tons of gel to make it stand up all spikey. Interesting they thought I was foolish enough to go with their demands. I was bribed and even offered compensation if I would go along with this. I just told them to f--- off with this.

And now I'm finding out I'm "No Fun" because I won't roll over and die for my many stalkers and perps. Too bad for them, I guess, that I won't just let them have their way.

And to think this system is so powerful... like you say, if you don't let them have their way, you're no fun. Well, I guess being "no fun" beats being labelled a "terrorist". Amazing that they can make us out to be whatever they want just because they are so much power and numbers and connections. And all TI's are special people, too, nonconformist, intelligent, talented. And most TI's I've noticed tend to be the types that love helping others. Of course, we are "no fun", yet the perps are just so much fun with all the idiots and losers and jealous morons they send after us to keep us down.

As far as having stalkers with babies, it's just a tactic they are trying with me, so of course they like to benchmark other TI's with the same baloney they try on one particular TI so they can compare.

No doubt there is a nice big database with all kinds of info on how each TI compares and reacts to various harassment tactics, including remote influence. We are always being watched and probably have perps taking notes on us, and writing them down either on paper or via database/spreadsheet.

Anonymous said...

Gee, now I'm worried that I'm "no fun". Gosh, and to think I wouldn't get out the pompoms and the megaphone and start jumping up and down and cheering when they sent those harassers after me.

I'm sure you are no fun, either, because you are exposing them. Don't you know they are invading your privacy and making your life a living hell because they care about you? It's just Tough Love; that's all it is. [sarcasm] Hell, you could be an artist and a councilor helping people, but why would you want to do something like that anyways? Why do that when you could prostitute yourself and just accept the situation you are in? Why not let the system of corruption and filth and payoffs and drug lording do your thinking for you? Gosh, some of these people must be scared of naive of what goes on in the world.

And they wonder why I stand up to them and won't roll over and die for them.