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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Handled by the Allergy and Asthma clinic San Diego, like most people they just want to stay in business or not get targeted

Ignoring health issues being conditioned not to go to doctors is part of the plan for targeted indivivuals. Once you realize that many people in the medical field are aware of gang stalking or people being targeted especially due to the amount of people in this profession that can be part of gang stalking, everything from purposeful negligence to eut right abuse or harassment, and at times making it obvious its gang stalking related, a TI can become actually conditioned not to seek medical treatment due to being repeatedly so ill treated that one's anticipation of that ill treatment creates a psychological block to NOT act in a way that would get one treated that way again.
And purposefully NOT doing one's job, how can you prove that?

I went to the allergist today and I still have not been tested due to not being able to be off Benedryl long enough to be tested. I have another issue and so I needed advice on what to do about it that is allergy safe.
The thing I did not like about this place last time I came here is that the nurse or assistant I saw for my first visit was obvious about 'handling' me when it came to the subject of the Bactrim having induced my recent allergies after anaphylaxis. Then the doctor today gave me the same line , that it could have been co incidental and pushed very firmly but diplomatically to move on and focus on treating the condition for life.
Once again the medical field and big pharma are sticking together to cover corruption. If anyone thinks I am that stupid as to accept that this allergic condition I had was NOT induced by anaphylactic shock due to Bactrim you are wrong. I have had two other physicians in CA agree that its induced from the anaphylaxis and that it takes much time for it to improve. Also thsi is what the docs in two other states said when they treated me for the fall out right after the anaphylaxis. This place has been in business for 35 years and I suppose they dont want to risk thier rep for me. These people didnt get rich or stay in business by rocking the boat.

I will not accept this as yet another limiting condition, brought on my purposeful negligence or just plain negligence. I will not live with this, just as I had to live with the effects of the mold exposure. If the system thinks that I am going to be like my mother or other family members and live through every set back and just do nothing or live a very limited life becuz of such conditions they got another thing coming to an expose for instance or a lawsuit.

It is amazing to me how one targeted individual can become so abused by so many people in this system and its even MORE amazing how much of the public goes along with marginalizing the person. Weak Willed is an understatement for all this behavior. These people live for the system the way its laid out and are spineless in the face of corruption or abuse of power. Its disgusting really. I wont have it, especially as part of my life.

Now I feel more pissed off than ever over the whole incident. How can anyone be that stupid as to actually try to suggest that my allergic reactions are coincidental? GIVE it up.

I had none of these problems before that reaction to Bactrim. How stupid is this attempt to further cover for corruption? And also they know damn well that its all related back to my health being affected by the mold exposure so no one wants anything traced back to that..especially Olnick and Warren Hall management I assume.
Besides the guilty looks from the people at the desk last time I was there was enough to let me know just what kind of attitude they have towards TI's.

All these people are idiots and deserve to be punished. Can you believe that its expected that this amount of corruption exists in this day and age, especially with PC and all these dreams of a NWO or a perfect world where everyone gets a fair deal etc. And they actually walk around acting like they believe it, like its real. Geez, at least let me get some validation for being victimized or that corruption exists. The systematic ignoring is just disgusting. Its so... CULT minded.
And its the worst part of the victimization.. not admitting to it. Its like the whole US is totally fucked up just like it always was, maybe moreso nowadays and they are so desperate to keep up a front. For the neighbors of course...and anyone who takes action against them or fights in self defense against the victimization is a terrorist or suspected of becoming one very soon.
Get f*cked..that is SO obviously what a perp of a crime would do to cover thier asses. Its so pathetic. Why cant people, even the whole country just be honest about thier greed, selfishness and bloody mindedness. These things have always been so why is it so important to cover them with such a sophisticated system of psychological warfare now?

It must be that these networks and ultimately the designers know damn well that most people with any sense of justice would not approve of such actions as well as 'the People' are not as ignorant as they were years ago due to the internet.

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