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Monday, May 10, 2010

Go away../Bye Boston

No I am not posting today. I dont feel good. Great doses of headache and nausea becuz So Cal's environment doesnt suit me..blaah!
Just watch the hot guy video and rest becuz that is what I am going to do.

You WANNA actually know whats been happening? More ideations. Subtle but non stop. Everything from me not accepting my situation (so whats new?) as a homeless woman as if thats all I ever was or its a natural sequence of events that got me here in the place I am in now.
That and of course the usual 'no one is going to believe your story' bs, with more coaxing to forget all that has happened before and start anew from this point if any of this is fair or real or has come into being by random, natural sequences of events. I am supposed to forget all that and just accept my situation. Riiigghhht.

Then of course there is the ever present ideations to get back on the road complete with frequent flashes of many places I have been complete with emotional signatures. Fucking annoying. That I am missing out on sequences of events that were supposed to shape my future especially that annoying ideation that I belong at UMass Boston. That I have to go back there as that is the beginning of my future of success.

I recall quite readily how targeted that place is or managed last time I was there. Its a total frickin police state if not the best example of the prison that can be created with tech, human forces psychological warfare(harassment stalking) and even chemical warfare. NO WAY am I setting foot in that state again until that book is written. THEN I will have something to stand ON that is a solid piece of reality, becuz MA is as far out there as you can imagine right least last time I was there. Its like whatever they are doing with messing around with this system has sent the damn place into another frickin dimension...oops. I am a bit closer to the truth- the purpose of the whole big picture than I should be revealing.

Good luck with that place cuz notice from my work whenever I go back there I get really messed up and start really losing my mind. Uh, dont think so.

I hope these cities are not going to turn into ovens over the climate change or very uninhabitable places to live becuz Boston is going to be one of the first places to go. Yes, So Cal is annoying and yes, the people are in general a distraction if not an annoyance to a very private, hard working, sensible New Englander. But a bit of a break down of social style is nothing compared to how f*cked up the Northeast has become. Forget it.

As if I could ever go back there and be left alone or not tortured. I recall sitting at UMass at one of the computers and I never had such an unatural headache, one that was more akin to torture than anything nature would come up with as part of the workings of the human body. And it happened multiple times as well.

These deceptions and false promises..screw that. Also I recall the staff at Woods Mullen smirking really evil a few times and it was more than obvious that it was gang stalking well as comments like "We thought we would see you back here again" and comments pertaining to seeing me back there again next year.
So very sure arent we? That place is NOT going to get the best of me..those godamn house slaves doing the dirty work for the rich a-holes in that city..for the massa. Go f*ck yourselves.
I hope you all drown in some disaster in the near future.

F--- Boston. That place is completely infultrated and is dead to all locals like me who have been pushed out in the interest of whatever BS the Mayor or whoever is going for as far as gentrification or turning it into a "world class city", when in fact it always WAS a world class city. It was in a class all by itself but hey, that is the old way of thinking.

When disconnection=Danger then being isolated is unacceptable. Even for a city I guess so its so much more acceptable to push for corporate (or snobby YUPpie ) sameness as a standard. Even if that standard actually lowers the true value of that city, person, object or what have you.

Bye Boston. Good riddance.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd love to fuck some of these people up. The way so many of these people just go along with the mobbing like good little sheep. Mind-controlled dummies is what they remind me of. And there are so many of these... is it safe to say that these compliant people going along with the system and being a Dummy for the system is like committing suicide? These sheeple have suicided themselves, just killed their own spirit... And I've noticed there is NO creativity coming from these arseholes who run this thing. Every little tactic and trick they pull has been done before, but just tailored to me specifically. Not only that, but all their tricks has come from the system's surveillance: scanning and watching like a bunch of corrupted voyeurs who have been given access to top secret Classified technology.

And this technology, being used right this second on targets, would astonish the public who isn't part of this system 50 years from now. And it's being used today.

I would love to see some of these perps and their corporate backers go quietly into that good night just like the poem by Dylan Thomas.

Heh, I was doing a Census job, going around to people's houses, and the perps have me at an elevated anger level all the time. I realize I can't remain calm enough to go to someone's door and invade their privacy like the govt. wants me to. I just can't do it anymore.

I hope these perps are scared of us, like genuinely scared. I would love them to get caught using classified weapons. These assholes are stalkers: they are stalking us BY PROXY. That's what this mind control bullshit boils down to: proxy stalking by complete dummies.