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Monday, May 24, 2010

No one cries for the TI's

I am always amazed and offended at how our plights as well as our valor in fighting is ignored while the media makes much of sob stories.

HBO is on and there is something with soldiers talking about getting Sergio, a Brazilian out of some rubble and his wife talking through the rubble.

First of all the masses always seem to feel moreso for rich people who end up in these circumstances. Something about them making trip plans to go to Brazil and him needing to know he was going back to Brazil, to travel again.

Then an earthquake or attack occured that left him buried under rubble, soldiers trying to get him out, them realizing his wife was indeed the wife of the man under the rubble and having her talk to him under the debris as a motivator.
Soldier had to cut leg off to get him out- screaming got to them but they had to do thier job anyway etc.

Its amazing how tear jerking this was made out to be on purpose as well as moments of quiet drama meant to hook the viewer into taking this very seriously..and personally.

People in the Civil War or War of Northern Aggression depending on where you're from, had to amputate limbs frequently sometimes there was morphine and sometimes not. I am sure soldiers have been doing this for thousands of years.

OK it is no doubt a terrible situation. When the soldier said "My muscles were cramping up" blah blah. Try running cross country from a faceless network that IS a predator. Try running on little sleep not at 25 but at 39 with liver disease and damage from mycotoxin exposure. NOT having food all the time. Sleeping in truck stop benches and thats IF your lucky enough to get sympathetic late night workers. Try functioning under these conditions the day AFTER trying to stay awake in some late night restaurant at that age, with those medical conditions and with no resources. Try also writing multiple blogs while living under such conditions and also making travel plans not only with such limitations in mind but also planning around trying to avoid the gang stalking system..I know the easiest thing to do is to wipe out all this scenario I am describing by saying "Well the gang stalking system doesnt exist". The only people I have ever heard say that directly are people who have some stake in that perception being accepted- by the TI and the public as well.

Also try functioning under these conditions whilst dealing with the emotional and mental trauma of betrayal by loved ones, friends and community as well as the following isolation and finally being kidnapped by the gang stalking system. You are alone. Alone still reeling from the way that everyone around you dealt with the network when it came after you as a targeted individual. And the psychological warfare formula within the gang stalking system works on those wounds as well as anything they seem to have discovered in what was obviously a deep intel collection of psychological profile as well as surveillance.

The thing that is always the greatest difference is that the TI IS ALONE. Alone with the worst kind of serious mental and emotional wounds still fresh, still a mystery to the victim as to just how anyone could desert them so..under such severe circumstances.
There is no loved intimate talking to you through the oppressive circumstances for motivation. Theres no rescuers..well perhaps but they are as covert as the perpetrators. There is nothing for the pain and sometimes the screams that can be so distracting have to be controlled nad only expressed within your own head as you stay in control during torture, fear and the highest stress levels you'll ever experience in your life- all without recognition or reward from any one as well as continued hatred and vilification from the public with the help of the smear people of course.

The beautiful thing I want fellow TI's to understand is that YOU will not cry most likely..if you have gotten this far as to read this and understand your own situation. BUT THE PEOPLE WHO SOLD YOU OUT some point. Either when the payback people come after them..and believe me there is a covert system that gets us justice. OR as they see what this system has done to you..they are indeed the weakest. This is why they sold you out. THEY would never have survived as have.
And if you have become fully aware of what is out there in this world, if you have truly lived through all of this- you will not cry or be fooled or lied to or sucked into such a TV show as the one I watched momentarily.

You live in real life. Anyone who watches that and feels anything for people they do not know as well as glorified characters in our popular media like soldiers, perfect beautiful people like the Brazilian couple and feels anything lives only in the mediascape.

They would not survive.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see if this system can be figured out and beaten. At least you have learned that this system has been in place a long long time. We are talking about ancient times. And all the artistic types that exhibited strange, erratic, and or eccentric behavior. For many years, we kind of had this myth that artistic types are just like this, that they are just different, that's why they act like this. Maybe they were rebels and didn't care what everyone else thought, we thought. Then, at some point learning about our own targeting, we find out that at some point, these artistic types have perhaps pointed to a plot of some sort to undermine them. Sometimes the elite or noblemen or royalty is mentioned as an object of their hatred.

Like, for example, if a composer was gradually going deaf over the course of a lifetime, why all of a sudden does he one year get all desperate and suicidal? Why were idiots jumping up and shouting that they would give 2 pennies to "stop the horrible noise"? Why were wealthy patrons of their having loud disruptive conversations during a concert where the composer was conducting? Then one year, this composer seems to rant a lot in letters that there is a plot underfoot to undermine him and his career. Then younger relatives attempt suicide. And it gets said over and over again that this composer exhibits behavior and mannerrisms "so peculiar", etc. etc. Then after the artist or composer dies, some but not all of his journals and conversation books, diaries, what not, get thrown out by his acquaintance, wife, biographer, under the guise of well, they were simply trying to protect this person's reputation from people of the future? And meanwhile, the documents that remain contain such nonsensical bullshit, like please get your hair cut soon, or please empty that stinky chamber pot? What about the ones which talk about extreme wine consumption? Are all of those non-flaturing? They are still revealing.. Something must have been in those journals, diaries, whatever that made certain people very scared and nervous. Hence the associate was pressured by these scared parties into destroying them.

Funny how at the time I read the biographies, this struck me as not so unusual. Yeah so he threw the majority of those out. Big deal. But in the context of parties and cabals trying to ruin your life, now of a sudden there could be a reason. Those artists were being stalked and hounded and having their minds played with, causing them to act erratic... maybe around certain triggers, well the ordinary observer would know nothing about triggers of these odd bizarre behaviors, making them look seriously nuts or crazy. And yes this happened a real long time ago.

Medawar said...

We did not choose to be stalked.

They chose to stalk.

This is sufficient to condemn them.