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Friday, May 14, 2010

Another psychiatrist shows his hand in the game

Yesterday @ Rachel's day drop in center there was an older male who I have seen around lately..sometimes.
I dont like..many of us dont like any males there as its kind of like on the same idea as a gentlmen's club or lounge. Its a place to get away from anything male centric and in San Diego that is everything. The city doesnt even know just how misogyhistic it really is. They are totally clueless and if not, they arent letting thier women in on any of it.

This place defines itself, its parameters by worn out very tired standards. Its not middle America thats for sure and its not the southwest, or the what is it exactly? CA seems to have thier own little standards and social set up than the rest of the country. Its probably the only thing that has defined them from their surrounding neighbors. I can see where the snobbery comes in as they are drowning in resources and land..why they are crying they are 'broke' I dont understand. Most likely all the wealth is private or corporate, which it seems to me is the case.

Lately I've been beaten down by all these elements here, meant to do just that to any strong willed female with brains who wants to change the system. There is alot of things in place here, in the system here that keep things just the way they want them so nothing is challenged.
One can see this partially in the blind acceptance of Big Pharma here and psychiatry especially among the homeless population.
They usually have someone come in to push Big Pharma/psychiatry agenda by having an hour or two meeting per week where it is pushed within a presentation about domestic violence etc. Its amazing how naturally it is woven into any presentation or subjectmatter as THE ONLY means to recover or fix one's situation. Issues people may be having are talked about, mental illness is then mentioned gently as in saying "Your brain doesnt have the chemicals it needs" and it needs help etc. They of course do not mention that truama can cause the brain chemistry to change, as well as there is a trauma model and a disorder model also that there are alternatives to meds such as behavioral approaches like talk therapy. Even hypnosis...(why do I get the feeling that is definately something the system doesnt want anyone to get hip to). They treat human beings like they are all stupid in junior high have the school books and knowledge level at that point to question these theories. They must figure that street people are book stupid so lets keep it that way. Also the mental health field is arrogant about moving everyone into medication and some short councilling opposed to getting any real therapy to heal or work out issues. I saw this in Boston, the attitude like "Well its not like that anymore". And why is that? Becuz they push an agenda and then people go towards those solutions as the only ones due to those being the only ones suggested, then the industry has everyone right where they want them. They create consumers for thier products in this manner.

There was an older man in yesterday and I assumed he was along those lines as being on staff. Its odd to see a male here. There is another male here sometimes but he is a psychologist and I notice that he talks to the guests and is interested in what is coming out of thier mouths- he interacts with many of the women. This older man stood against the wall yesterday and happened to be facing my direction. As the woman gave her presentation on DV that of course led into Big Pharma it became obvious that many women wanted a talk therapy session. They are told to ask questions only and not interject any information. Its amusing to see the human Will and spirit at work by these women still interjecting by sneaking what they have to say into a sentence where eventually they ask a question. And its kinda great to see this woman get frustrated with that behavior. This is an example of the homeless having no voice and no choice and trying to speak out or ask for something they need. The homeless, especially the women are conditioned to not ask for what they really need and to queitly take the help that is given without complaint. The bad behavior you see is often a backlash, normal I would say to being treated in this manner.

This one woman who is obviously not from this area kept asking about what sounded like mobbing. I got annoyed at the lady speaker for not addressing it so I raised my hand, and asked if she could bring up the subject of mobbing when people address such issues with her privately later, as per her instructions. She tried to stop me by saying "Do you have a question?" and obviously I was asking one so she could do little but have a bit of an attitude, due to me being stealth enough to put out info in the form of a question.
I noticed something..someone from the wall was very interested in what I had just said.

I didnt note it conshusly however. Later though when I was on phone I noted him sitting on the bench outside and it reminded me of every spying perp I had ever deal with on the road for years. I also noted that he did not interact with the guests like the psychologist had.
I thought maybe I was mistaken but sure enough later on I had the computer out and was turned around towards the wall outside to use the outlet and I see his reflection peeking over from behind quickly to see what I am doing. A woman on the bench also mentioned him peeking and going back inside very quickly.

The shrinks know. The f*ckers know all about Dr Cameron, MK Ultra, America's past of unethical human experimentation and that their bread and butter IS Big Pharma. They know about Bush's time with Lily pharma. He is just the type too. All business and his profession.
Its always interesting to observe the reactions I get but sadly its very predictable.


  1. I know what you mean by treating us like stupid children. I hope these assholes really don't think we're as stupid as they treat us. One potential piece of theatre that sounds like perp abuse: some guy yelling at his little son to "DON'T RUN". He just kept yelling "DON'T RUN" at his kid, but it sounded like that idiotic misdirected harassment perps love to do on us. What the fuck, am I their slave that they can "talk to me" like that? DON'T RUN? What the hell, I'm not a child. I see many instances of in-person harassment like this.

  2. I keep hearing about this Cyril R. guy all the time in this one blog. Supposedly he threated to "get" this one "lady" for attempting to photograph him. he is also allegedly behind one TI's abuse, directly.

  3. One tactic the perps did to me was to get me to react negatively emotionally to women who are "showing" (later stages of pregnancy). I'm thinking they want me to "go off" one day, maybe when I see a pregnant perp. I am always surrounded by these types now, and they make sure I see at least one per day. And they did this by sensitizing me to death with pregnant women combined with other "conditioning". Or maybe it's to torment me, as they seemed to play with my psyche that they are sterilizing me with e-harassment. Whatever the case, I get the sense they have pregnant women set as my trigger.