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Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanx/ more perp excuses

Thanx everyone. Thank you Mark you are an angel. Thank you Mike for the encouragement, I dont understand how to write people back through blogger..can I do that?

I am so off nowadays due to my new condition of being allergic to alot of things making taking my herbal regimen impossible that I dont answer much of my emails or YouTube correspondences. My health is showing itself as it really is without me taking tons of different herbs to keep me going.

And I dont buy that doctor's reasoning for that stomach thing either. FOOD? How does food give me stabbing pains in my liver and pain that bad? They used to do this in Boston all the time: deny me the reality of my condition. Dr Chang this Asian doc kept screwing around and it turned out I had a Staph infection for a year along with Bacillus (Anthrax family..hey, that was the trend back then recall?) infection. These kinds of things can come from anywhere like hospitals or rice thats bad and been out too long. But to order CAT scans of the stomach and not do any cultures for bacteria is ridiculous. My old associates had connections with the Chinese mafia and one perp in St Louis bragged that he did some work for them..he also said that when people dont want someone found they wont go looking for them ( my family and old associates). Of course the asshole could either be a fed or the like trying to make me paranoid and start talking and/or not be on the side of justice but as is done to many survivors of MK Ultra or programming, make one into a rat so that when one gets snuffed its no big loss and no big surprise thus one more survivor dead. These bastards are so much more afraid of what we have to say about programming and perhaps recalling faces or naming names per those memories we could never before recall b tefore the age of 6, than they are about whatever info is involved in the bs cover stories around a TI. They tried this stupid move once in Kenmore sq by standing beside me and having this bs phone conversation with two of them there, making sure it was like directed conversation but it involved "we were wondering if you would be willing to identify so and so". It was so obvious and I was there panhandling in the same spot basically every day. So many jerks came to that area to mess with me. Some other things happened there which you probably wont believe (believe it that they have the technologies to pull this off) which definitely constitutes torture. There is no way I am going to be stupid enough to fall for that sh*t. Subpoena or go to hell. And there are way more people who can identify so and so not me, who have way more they can use against them to make them rat on mr so and so than me. This is what is meant by 'targeted individual'. Whatever is going on around the TI involving any number of people, strangely that one person is 'targeted' or focused on, when in fact if you look at the situation logically, it makes no sense as they are not the best choice to focus on.
THAT IS WHAT BEING TARGETED MEANS. There is usually a much greater design behind what you see and one can assume that what you are seeing is a COVER STORY. The perps have a way of deceiving and almost hypnotizing people with thier deceptions, into believing that these things that dont make sense indeed DO make sense. The deceivers I have seen working on people have got to be the ultimate most creepiest part of these campaigns.

Deception yes is the height of boredom but unfortunately your average citizen really falls for this sh*t. Its amazing. You see these bastards for what they are just be looking at them and you see what they are doing while they are operating and its amazing the reaction of your average person is to be snagged by them. To somehow fall for what they are saying. Its like the average person takes no caution or even any joy in beating them at the games. I just dont understand.

My point was that Chang might have been doing her bit for 'the family', as I have been told many of them are indebted for life. A kid in medical school told me that he owed them much for his freedom and lifestyle and that if asked of him he would serve them anytime in his future life. Not a bad deal I guess...unless that means f*cking someone over and making them sicker by misdiagnosing them. Too bad I cant say for sure that she was at that level.
Maybe she was just stupid enough to join in with everyone else in Brighton or in St Elizabeth's Hospital who was helping to harass me. After I got a correct diagnoses and antibiotics I showed her the mistake and they moved her to Acton her hometown. Whatever.

Its like the allergy place here. Not admitting that the Bactrim induced these new allergies. How stupid does CA think I am? This place sucks.

So thank you everyone who actually gives a sh*t and still down with my enemies. And every single person who thinks they got in on it without having to pay. Hopefully I can live long enough to see if the reaper or something worse can be guided to YOUR door. Have a nice night.
Becuz when I am done, if I have any sense at all, I will be outta here as well.

Oh, the perp excuse I was thinking of was one I will never forget.Its one of the memories that made it into the 'wheel' of memories- the PTSD wheel. The Rolodex, the one that kills off TI's just like it probably kills of soldiers. This one memory always makes 'the rounds'. This is the purpose of screwing up a TI's head even more after they discover they are survivors of programming and/or want to grow up out of a hard past: it adds a whole new workload to an already burdened system that the person becomes burnt out, damaged and overloaded to the point where they just disinigrate slowly from the inside out. Anyone who terrorizes someone the way perps do..exactly why do you think you're doing such a thing? Becuz the person 'deserves it'? Well how mutherf*ckin brainwashed are you then is what the next question should be.

I was walking through Cambridge (recall my grandmother's comment "dont go to Cambridge or Brookline.. it will just be a war back and forth".) near MIT, a real 'war back and forth' considering the dirt I have on them as far as clientele and my old associates along with all thier BS with military contracts most likely. Anyway this much older man and woman seemed familiar with me. They started being really mean- saying something about there is the girl, refering to me and stating I was the one who thinks the world should be handed to me on a silver platter. Now with how much I have been abused and denied my civil and human rights its odd for people to actually say such a thing to someone like me. Who would do such a thing- people part of a pedophile rings thats who. I have experienced these kinds of people as the sort who like to torture a person from birth until they can get them to kill themselves to keep them quiet and cover thier asses.
I also recall hearing that bs comment from someone I recall as my main abuser as far as violence, betrayal, emotional and mental abuse: my mother. She would tell me that my grandparents spoiled me when they had me over there, probably becuz they wouldnt beat or molest me. Sorry bitch I got Lithuanian and Roman in me..nobody is messing with me without a fight or a huge damn war if necessary. Looks like Daddy's DNA got me a bit farther than she got.
She would also use that phrase on me. I have heard this from women before:In homeless shelters when you have some self respect for yourself and hold it together and want to make something of yourself and have carriage: that usually comes in the form of "She aint all that" or "she aint no better". Just like you ignore your mother as she is The Great Destroyer so you should ignore these useless b*tches as if they get a chance they will do the same. THESE WOMEN ARE DADDY'S GIRLS. THEY LIVE FOR MEN, THEY ARE DANGEROUS TO INDEPENDENT FEMALES. THEY DO NOT SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS.

So a comment like that can only come from people who KNOW they are doing wrong and once again: revictimize or blame the victim.

The kid I am seeing turned out to have a horrid little temper. He messed with my computer. Thats it you messed with my means of writing-yer gone. So its back to revenge, travel and building the perfect pyre.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what's going on with me. It seems that wherever I go, I always get very young girls focusing on me, like age 5 or even younger, and up to puberty or tween. I believe they are trying to get me to become a type that goes after those age range of girls, very young girls. It's almost like they are grooming and conditioning me to become "one of them". I had one girl recently get right in my face and scream something about "I'M A HAIRDRESSER!!!!!" at the top of her lungs. She looked about 7 or so. About 2 weeks earlier, they had a mentally impaired guy get in my face and start saying stuff like "YOU'RE A DICK". I believe these idiot perps see me as the image of that mentally impaired guy. What a bunch of assholes.