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Sunday, May 9, 2010

post from 05/09/10- Gaslamp SD Cali
A new couple moved in beside my tent. I have seen them get into fights before in other places. I just knew it was going to be trouble but the people I am with right now are driving me nuts with being lazy or my style is to plan to not waste time or energy and to be able to improvise quickly if that goes wrong. I am with people who go with the flow, who accept the fish bowl that is San Diego and the lifestyle it coerses homeless people into. In order to avoid this I just create a 'camp' of my own wherever I go by keeping up a workload and structure. This allows me to avoid having a less than acceptable structure provided for me by the local city or town. In San Diego its expected that if yer IQ is not 60, they will make sure of that very soon if you stay past winter.

This man getting drunk, threatening to stab someone, brought me back to the natural pace of an east coast city especially NY or Boston. Comforted (finally) by an overt show of violent intent instead of passive aggressive jerk offs making life worse than violent crime by annoying everyone to death with constant sexism, racism and classism, I came alive, became content and decided to hop trolley and get away from the homeless area and go to Gaslamp.

What I discovered was that this city that sucks so hard during the day with everyone taking themselves very seriouisly and the oppressive sunlight and heat is rather pleasant at night. If you are from the northeast dont even bother to get up during the day here unless you are going to beach. Its all Jesus freaks, mentally ill, banking people and trendy snobs.

I experienced many young people which I suspected was the main population of Gaslamp and SD downtown. The women are dressed sharply in CA styles. They are very serious about looking good and seem to be on a mission to impress. There are much more beautiful natural wonders in cities like Nashville or Boston at night but the youth and style in Gaslamp is impressive. In conversation I came up with a theory as to why the young collegiates of Boston seemed more carefree adding to thier beauty many of the males and females possessing Ivy league worthy features and bodies: becuz if it doesnt all work out the family has enough money for them to do something else. These kids look like it matters..they have to make it. They are taking thier futures and the whole thing very seriously. It kind of takes away from their beauty really. Either that or making a scene here is taken dead serious. Its nice to be older and not have to care about such things. I am only envious that I was not able to see what my beauty would have turned into if aging had been natural and my health so damaged by harassment etc.

Sometimes it occurs to TI's that perhaps the public were naive enough to believe that a target is being simply bullied due to some imperfection or that by todays standards they are not 'good enough'. It could get the public to join in and serve thier cause if it looks like simple bullying for such a childish reason. The amazing thing is that TIs are usually targeted in reality by higher ups due to superior knowledge, talent or ability..something that is a threat to someone elses money or power. Ironic that at lower levels they get harassed by 'the public' becuz of the illusion of not being good ENOUGH or defective somehow.

Well after years of harassment one will be defective and not fit for society anymore. So once again gang stalking campaigns use self fulfilling prophecy heavily. Going back now. Have lice for first time in history of travel due to allergies now making regular regimen impossible due to health concerns. Hope I passed the love around tonight to some hateful YUPpies or Millenials.

Going to do cure tomorrow using Cetaphil. Created by a CA dermatologist. Its very distracting while trying to write.

I looked at my face in the mirror, really looks is no longer a concern of mine. But seeing all the beauty tonight its painfully obvious I must write my story I must get revenge for taking not only my beauty from me prematurely but my inner Self as well. No one should be this miserable really.

What is also interesting is how much of a lack of constant ideation there is at night here compared to the insanity that goes on during the day. This is another common condition I have experienced in experiencing interference, purposeful or otherwise, with organized stalking and harassment on the level of what seems like mental illness but with observation one sees that it depends soley on location, time and other conditions.
Every place I have lived where there is heavy sun and heat is much worse for the torture TI's seem to experience via mental 'harassment', what seems like subtle brainwashing attempts or ideations, words of god etc. Its all BS of course and one needs to observe as well as experience to just see how conditional it really is on outside factors. Often those factors are so constant that it can easily be mapped out to show its a system and not at all random or THE RAVINGS OF A DISORDERED MIND. You look up the weapons that are documented to exist now as well as the funding of the Navy and other factions for psychic research as well as those mulit millions that the Pentagon cant account for and then tell me how disordered I or any other target really is.

This is covert warfare.

To them its most likely peace making or conflict resolution. To the victims its an unacceptable oppressive situation and not to be tolerated or accepted. Especially accepted. Dont ever let go of the Will. You will age, you will give in to deteriorating health, memory loss and time making everyone forget you and thier part in selling you out to this program. You must remain the angry ghost that never lets any of them rest or forget. You must also never faulter until they finally see there are consequences for their actions.

There is a feeling I get often that the world is somehow at peace in this time frame due to me dying out on the streets or the road. That is what this system has convinced me of. And if I ever want anyone to believe my tail all I have to do is keep in mind that my mother as well as my family and my dad's family will hold fast to the idea that I am mentally insane like my father and that its genetic..end of story. That is all it takes in this world right now the way its set up to get rid of someone and destroy them completely. No investigation,no taking into account logic or facts, not deduction. Just...what is popular for an answer even though it makes the least sense.

Sometimes when I am very tired, I recall h0w much money, access and tech the perps seem to have. How advanced they are and how sophisticatd and all pervasive thier system and its technology is. And after seeing the ignorance, cowardice and irresponsibility of most of humanity, out in society in reaction to what is being done to me..I cant help but be a bit Luciferian myself ( I always was a bit but as I got older 'stupid people' and the human race became endeared to me not hated by me as whenI was younger..alot of good it did huh?) and hate humans for being so stupid, so easily trained and overpopulating the planet and polluting it. And I cannot help but for a moment root for the perpetrators in whatever they are doing whatever thier sinister plans are for humanity. Becuz really they deserve it. Only at more high minded moments do I take into consideration that they are lied to constantly and thier most base urges are constantly encouraged and appealed to opposed to any attempt at evolution towards spirituality. That this is the perfect time to pull this sh*t becuz first its Bush so of course you get a war, then a police state where if you disagree yer a terrorist, now the banking thing unfolds and Mama Obama is there to comfort us or whatever function he serves. Pulling back in time and cleaning up the mess made by Bush and since 2003 is the ONLY way to truly set things right but then Obama would not serve the purpose he does and too many people have alot riding on him existing as he does in this point in time.

And alot of us paid for the existence of this false reality with our lives and our very life energy being sucked from us. Humans still savagely sacrifice people to gain power. There is no 'change' in that.

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Randy said...


No need to post this- Just wondering if you ever tried that hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy for your mold etc.
You can get a h2o2 bottle from walgreens pretty cheap, then you just need to clean out a nasal spray pump, and fill it with the peroxide. theres alot of info online. I think it could be a effective, affordable way to help feel better. The reason I mentioned it, is I started doing the peroxide therapy again and im feeling more energetic, although I felt kinda foggy for the first couple days. I empathize with your writings and enjoy reading them, but sometimes I dont have much to say, other than "i agree' or 'i relate'. Anyways keep it up.