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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

finally wrote concerning police misconduct on local homeless

I encountered some overt harassment a week ago or so. I wont get into it as I want the proper persons and organizations to have access to what I wrote and not say, the defendants. 

But I just had an incident thats kind of unusual for this area. It could have been nothing really as I dont get alot of very overt harassment here. If I ever was harassed here its been stealth in nature so you cant really tell the set up or the source. That is possible but it would require great attention to detail and some other things most cities dont have. There is the Navy here, drug money here, a Mexican border here etc. I say they have the means in SD.  

I never reported the Albertson's incident to any authorities as I just either kept forgetting (how convenient) as long as I was within the city and I just was so tired and worn, having lots of health issues etc. I just couldnt get to it. Strangely, I really couldnt get to writing Catholic Charities, writing about above mentioned incident and reporting the Albertsons incident. Those were three things that seemed to get jettisoned out of my memory more than any other task at hand. Hmmmm.

Enough speculation.  I encountered a man near a crappy neighborhood who demanded my attention as he turned the corner with the usual "Where are you going" and when I ignored him he asked again almost like a demand. He then turned the corner then pulled over to be on my left as I was walking up the right hand side of Market St.  I had seen this a million times before through the years especially while suing OLNICK for the moldy apartment as well as after Jake's bust and during the federal investigation of 'friends of friends'..and obviously to discredit me to protect MY old friends.  During the height of the gang stalking years ago I was so newly traumatized and so stalked and harassed that the constant repetition of a suggestion like opening a car door after stopping by me, or telling me to get in the car or asking me if I need a ride- any form of this tactic, after so much suggestion at one point I recall that I was actually falling into a state of being brainwashed where I was feeling my conshusness, my Will slipping and I was going to just get into a car due to these activities. This is all based on a system of trauma based mind control. Sleep deprivation, trauma,  and repetitive suggestion just to name off a few. Its so damn obvious its ridiculous. 

I have not encountered this in a while as well as never in downtown SD. It was unusual for a man to stop and be so demanding- I stopped and got behind where he couldnt see me around the corner, pulled out my camera and sure enough behind the guy in traffic was an unmarked cop car just the lengths behind that one would need (and from my experience they use frequently) to 'catch' a person in such activity. Of course its entrapment and even if I approached the car to tell the guy off it could have been miscontrude. I learned a long time ago as those corrupt f*ckers in Boston tried this for months to just ignore the car and move away like you are afraid. Then all the cop sees is you lurching back and witnesses can attest (if they are honest) or street cameras can show that you were creeped out- and not responding.

This may have been pure coincidence as 

1) the area is skid row basically 

2) I have encountered such activity in this area before

3) its not totally clear that the cop behind us coming up in traffic was interested in what was going on with us or just on his way for some other reason

However, its defninatley in the maybe file. I have been through this for so many years I can now tell the difference between random chaos and planned orderly attack.  The car lengths behind was too perfect and the guy was so aggressive with me that it was not as sexual as it was seeming very important that he snag me in whatever game this was.  I have encountered being solicited before and the guy was definately interested in eventually getting me in the car than being aggressive any other way. You could tell he was addicted to sex or women or whatever. His ultimate goal was to talk to me or 'make friends' with me any way possible. And the cops showed up, were amused I called the guy names, then looked up his record and saw he had a history of soliciting. They let me go of course.

The great thing about SD is there are alot of cops I have encountered that actually do thier job and stand by the innocent or uphold the law. I have found them on many occasions to be very fair. Its not like Boston where there is so much corruption and crossing over between the mob and the local institutions that the cops are just constant psychos or on some extreme power trip. 

So I cant really tell but it is unusual around here.  And I also wonder if it was pulled so that I would write something like this making me look paranoid. Well this I dont have witnesses for but the other incident I do. Albertsons....yeah I should do that. Its too annoying to let go of. That guy Marco still works in there. He should have been fired but I cant get him fired if I dont tell corporate. The cops that intimidated me that night for Albertsons interestingly had the same style as this incident I reported.  

When SD cops are doing something that is outside the law they tend to lose all touch with reality and do bizarre things like try to appeal to the emotions of the victim as well as base thier actions on things totally unrelated to laws and codes.  

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