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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

comments from readers 5-2010/ stuck in programming

Thanks Rob. I may try that as I have business to tend to in that area. Also thanks to my readers for sticking with me.
And thanks for catching that comment from YouTube that states to "just ignore it and live your life". Yeah, I caught that too but it could just be a TI who is in her own way of doing things right now or is still doing things according to old programming..I dont know her situation.  Until she does something totally overt I cant say she's a perp.
Look at what I did years ago, telling Clarissa Conti to not connect gang stalking to any sort of other activity. It must have sounded like perp stuff to her. I was simply still very stuck inside programming and the chess game that is eternally going on inside. I really hated to connect info with other info as then ANYONE could look at it or figure it out, whereas if its compartmentalized or kept in its place only those with the 'codes' can figure it out- which would be very smart TI's or those hooked into our system. As far as programming goes it seems that programmed people indeed have a special and very frightening private system of communication. 

I just didnt want anyone else- outsiders, getting a hold of information or cracking 'codes'.  Also this was during Bush I think and that was an intense time for many of us where we had to play very carefully to survive and we knew it. Now whatever that was is over..not over for us as far as what they did to us but that phase of it has past, and everyone is so concerned with the economy etc things have dropped off.  
Dont think its over for TI's though becuz many of us are so damaged that we are just waiting to one day its inevitable.  The only thing to counter that is to reveal the lost time line- and all the tricks that made this one happen. 


Anonymous said...

The bad economy is good for TIs. I hate to have to admit that. You see, the big wigs didn't actually tell the lower level masons what's UP and what's coming and they are loosing their shirts left right and center right now. You know what happens when the middle class perps ain't gettin' paid anymore? YEAH. WHO WILL THEY TURN ON? YUP. I'm looking REEEEEL FORWARD to the economic hard times.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Bob Hope is mentioned as a handler in this article. Usually images conjured up in the collective consciousness of the public is that of a good, clean, guy, who did a lot of charity work, and lived a long life, etc. Then Frank Sinatra is mentioned as a rapist. Something about that doesn't surprise me, as he was one of the "original" teen idols.

I've kind of thought there was something not so clean about Bob Hope, especially when I watched one of his early 60's movies. He introduces himself to a little girl, says "How do you do", and she says "How do you do what?" She says her name is Mrs. something (don't recall exactly), and he says something to the effect (Groucho Marx style) of this is not a good day for women for him, or something like that. Could those 50's and 60's movies have some slave programming in them? Maybe certain ones?