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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

newest from Homeless TI Blog, Presidents Day

After I posted today some woman came by the day shelter area just as I was walking to the entrance and on the street punched me right in the shoulder/chest area. When I asked her what the deal was she asked me for a quarter. And then I told her off. Staff of course handled me instead of calling the cops as they should have or siding with me. TOTALLY unacceptable first of all to have anything to say about what happens on city property, also if you are that concerned that you didnt see what happened and "all we see is you yelling at some woman in the street" then call the cops and stay inside like the prissy bitches that you are. The reaction was not only manipulative but perhaps illegal due to them overstepping thier juristiction on city property.

The homeless scene here is designed to wear down fighters into a sense of comfort and its the best handling I have experienced yet. Obama would be very proud.

The one thing I especially did not like was trying to condemn me for my reaction to an obviously ridiculous affront and also then being snooty and manipulative. The older white woman from administration looked at the younger one trying to manipulate me and calm me down and said " I think she is doing a very good job". WTF?? Its about YOU? Give me a f*ckin break. Its like after 9 pm card games keeping clients awake becuz staff thinks its about them having a good time at work. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU ITS ABOUT PROVIDING SERVICES TO HOMELESS WOMEN and that should mean sticking together not trying to handle people. These kinds of tactics only serve to make someone further dependent on the system by continuously taking power away from the homeless person. If I were them I would have called the police and either taken me inside or told me to wait outside till the cops arrive.

We are not children. I am sick and tired of that from the system. It is destroying my appetite for activism, that and the homeless being really dense out here or carefree. I know I am not going to last much longer here but I would have like to.
The hope is that the target will recall how bad the harassment was on the road and be conditioned to stay somewhere like this where people are nice and accepting of them. Its tempting but the self that is forming is not what I want to be. Besides, due to their being so many nutcases like that woman, the mainstream people here treat the homeless like lepers..I now see why.



  1. I could never understand that sort of reaction from "witnesses". When people cooperating with the perps witness a TI going off to obvious provocations, they will simply act like the TI was never provoked, blame the TI, and say your behavior was atrocious. It seems like a common reaction by those afraid of or cooperating with perps or maybe they were perps themselves. Also, the perps claim they will leave me alone if I quit posting replies here, but I know they are just afraid that they will get caught. I've never seen a situation where the perps "back off", and here is the reason why: this seems to be a Power Game, where those with the most leverage and connections or those who just know how to play along don't get harassed. It seems to be the only way out of getting targeted. The only other way out is to just go let yourself be a perp and be manipulated by perps, do everything they say, and be controlled by them. That's another way out.

  2. A stalker trying to deny what his group has done:


    -and Medawar's gentle and restrained riposte.

  3. Being assaulted in a major harassment increase; I hope this doesn't escalate to a new level. I had one assault in 7 years, but it was only that once. I hope you are OK now.

  4. wow that first "anon" comment on this blog...that says: "the perps claim they will leave me alone if I quit posting replies here"...that SOUNDS to me like a perp fucking with you!!! I reread it and yup...what a hopeless fucked up message. Man...they are putting their cleverest little shits on your ass, you have rocked their boat. I don't fear for you in the pit of my heart and that tells me you are protected.
    I wish you the best.

  5. Street assaults are part of gangstalking, as well as Happy Slapping in various forms. Pretty much these losers go by the book. Well, you didn't expect them to do something new and creative, did ya? :-) Gangstalking is all about leeching and being jealous of your target. We all know the aims are more elaborate than that, but this business does not foster an environment of intellectualism and learning. More like, it's about cowardice and attacking your "opponent" from a hidden, well-protected position behind layers of security. If any of these perps running the show had to fight us one on one on the street, they'd lose like 10-1 or greater. It would be a mismatch of monumental proportions. I know you are tough, and so am I. yet both of us are getting similar attacks from the hidden bullies making themselves look like Larger Than Life GODS who rule over the paens that are us (TI's). I have had various associates resort to slander tactics when they got frustrated with me. F*ck truth and honesty and the American Way; let's be hidden bullies who sit behind an outdated computer and dispatch tough guys to take care of business.

    I should let it be known that the perps send people like this 6' 3" 210 lb. fullback after me to assault me at my home and throw me around. Why couldn't the perps do it themselves? Why? The perps love to project this image of being the mighty God you hear about.

    Here's a thought: maybe monotheism, believing in the one all-powerful God nobody can see, is just a tactic invented by crafty dictators who are using it to control their population? If the Controlling Cabals are unseen, then the Invisible Almighty God must be meeting out justice against the helpless population over the centuries, and not perps. I guess that's one purpose monotheism serves.

    Don't get me wrong: I still believe in the One True God, or that there somehow is a Plan for a lot of us that has nothing to do with perps. But you do have to think that perhaps it's interesting that God as we known Him in the modern age may be nothing more than a placeholder for a controlling government to gain control of a population.

    See, that is one of the points raise by many people: if God really does exist, then why does He allow all of this suffering of innocent people to happen? We are talking about nice, innocent, helpful people here, law abiding, and yes, some of us really never have touched an illegal drug outside of cigarettes and liquor. How come this God allows all of this suffering to happen? The way it normally is rationalized is: one, it's just a "test" so that we can live out our lives, overcome obstacles, overcome the Devil and His lies, and our Reward for suffering a mortal life is life with our Immortal God. two, the Devil hates anyone who is good and just.

    I just don't know. I believe God and the Devil are just abstractions of Good and Bad energies that our "spirits" (mind and body energies working in unison) of everyone in existence.

    Buddhism kind of makes sense to me. As a child at Catechism, I always felt uncomfortable with the Nuns teaching us all about this "God" who is always "watching" us. At first I thought she was talking about Santa Claus. Really, it's kind of a parallel idea: someone you can't see who is practically everywhere who watches for good and evil doers alike.