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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Conditions change as of late yesterday and today/holidays off for certain TI's- theories as to why

Its either me ovulating and gaining a bit of testosterone and other hormones reeling me back into a healthier state or something has changed. It could be a combo of both as its been obvious to me over many years that the remote influence (that also changes with location and seems on a time clock of approx 6 am to 12 midnite) ceases or there is a noticable amount of relief during holidays.
The reason for this may be one of three things:
-the perps have other things to do during this time frame and manning the tech and or managing a TI thru tech is their 'work' time and this is time off.

-the system wants certain people to appear normal when around relatives or for the influence to not be felt if around others as is common on holidays

-there is something in the TI's behavior modification plan that is tailored to relief being given on holidays; this could be trying to coerce the target into conformity or socializing them to western society's schedule which would include holidays.
-there is something in the TI's psychological warfare plan that is tailored to relief being given on holidays;to reinforce the birth family of origins original control tactics.

In my case my mother, like many sick abusers had this warped mentality that fighting family members should "Lay down thier arms at Christmas and birthdays", which is totally insane as there is no good reason to be at war in the first place, also this constant infighting takes away from the strength needed to fight the outside world to get ahead in life. When I presented this logic to my mother once she looked up to the side of her head with her eyes, an indication that a human being is going deep into their mind due to NOT HAVING CONSHUSLY THOUGHT OF SUCH A THING BEFORE OR CONSIDERED SUCH A CONCEPT. Can you believe that? This is why pedo families are SO easy for the networks to control. They dont even know how dysfunctional they are and denial buys them a way out of facing that. These are people who have been bonded by trauma, secrets that keep everyone silenced....and sick (and extremely stupid) of course.

Its also really arrogant to think that you have the right to drag your kid into a war if you are a parent. What did the kid do? Such warlike action is for those outsiders that threaten the family unit and its 'empire' not each other. Real plan for success..losers. My family is so screwed up that the only way they could succeed as a family is to gain a whitewash by selling ME out and exhalting my cousin. So pathetic. They are so inept at truly gaining success through thier abilities that they have to resort to thier typical criminal mindedness to get somewhere. Its a laugh really as this is how the cops as well as higher authority manages the masses, families 'in trouble' specifically.
My mother was a warrior but this persona went in and out. And she was naive about knowing her enemy. If you make an enemy out of me I take that seriously, not some childish play between family members. My mother would not be anywhere in life without her manipulating men either sexually or as father figures to help her get what she wants. She is a nothing. Men protect her when she gets into a fight to deep for her to handle. The landlord upsets her? Her dad gets on the phone..I always knew this was her biggest weakness and with my stepfather is was no different. I got fed up with her wasting my time as kid and traumatizing me all the time taking from my schoolwork and energy and on her birthday when she expected everyone to "laydown thier arms" I totally ignored her becuz I knew someone so controlling and attention seeking wud just die from that. I was only 16, I didnt understand her I just knew I had to defend myself becuz the bitch was killing me over time ever since I went back to live with her. Of course she reacted by crying to my stepfather who was totally taken in by the big t*ts I am sure..he found out what a monster she was later. NO ONE interferes between me and my mother and then denies she ever beat me. He got what he deserved for getting in between two bonded females and she got what she deserved for trying to make some poor bastard that gave her the world into her father all the time. They were both too stupid about thier emotional states to get it and they both are probably still in denial to this day about thier relationship. I hated her dragging me through those stupid relationaships with men...why couldnt she just mind her own business? But then when it was convenient for her she wud cut me off completely as if she had no emotions at all. Totally programmed totally a truama survivoer hwo never dealt with her own BULLSHIT who is playing with her kid as a diversion. She always had to be better than me and blame me for her life instead of her father. She still needs to pay up. Its prob why she is so into being in on my gang stalking....she realized I was not only remembering things but also that I was coming of age to realize how much a part of me being screwed up she was in my life. She once apologized for abusing me as a kid years ago, probalby to please my grandmother to get something from her. When the shit hit the fan during the harassment she all of a sudden changed her tune to " I never abused you as a child". This is the greatest part of the campaign. Everyone can get out of taking responsibility for any abuse of the TI. So on top of all those people being mean to me and abusive, some of them for years like my mother, her family and Julie, the system then ruins the victims life to absolve thier abusers of responsibility.

You just upped the bill a sh*tload fold you idiots. Do you honestly think you can erase something like that? Me thinks that my mother is carelessly applying her accounting degree to spiritual in life on the books my dear, one cant just erase a debt as it is convenient for one to do so. That goes for Julie, Jake, a huge portion of Boston itself as well as every crooked cop or other union jerk who KNEW they were f*cking up an innocent woman's life.
I am sorry I got off on a venting session there.

My point is that a family that has secrets and crimes to hide needs control to manage its victims and keep the scapegoat down so no one goes after the abusers.
It seems in my experience that the gangstalking system tries desperately to recreate much of the same control through the tactics used by abusive families, especially for those who are survivors of more extreme things I deal with here in my works- its very important to get a survivor under control once any INTERNAL controls are no longer working and/or the survivor gets away from the control of the family of origin.

This would make sense say in my case, where holidays were used to manipulate familymembers and give the perp or main abuser even more control by having THEM dictate when fighting or offenses occur and when they do not.

I took a trip to the border yesterday to find cheap clothes. San Diego is full of snobby tacky malls with overpriced crap made in China. I cried real tears when I laid hands on the racks of those Mex outlet stores..and as usual Mexicans near the border rock . The women are happy and very pretty..if I were a male I would be in love with every female in Mexico. They have this Euro class from Spanish blood along with this great profile and noses unique from the Native Americans in the area. Since I am not gay or a man I have to be satisfied to look from a fine arist viewpoint. So many of them a perfect painting. Anyway, as I was down there I got a sense away from the brainwash of the US. A message that I had definately been screwed and my life ruined and should not continue to destroy myself.
Perhaps someone saw me looking so haggard or someone knows something more now. I dont know. The only reason I dont flee the US like a Jew escaping the occupations during WW2 is becuz I have heard from other TI's that its the same in the next country you go to. Also I have been messed with my Italians as well as Germans during the early years of this though it was a bit easier to have MOST of the conversation making fun of me to be in another language. Still its not going to be easy to get into some diffuculty out of the US. I just dont have the money or the connections to be safe overseas. Besides, something very stubborn in me wants to stay and defend what I feel should have been mine. Its stupid I know but why leave America to the a-holes? So many people have left instead of staying to kick ass. And since I cant leave anyway...

So I will see tomorrow I assume if it is JUST Superbowl Sunday giving me a day off from being tortured to death. This would also give me more of a belief that its a mostly male run opertation targeting many female dissidents or victim witnessnes, many over or near 40.
This is another interesting thing, that the system has to come after someone like me in my early 30's and keep up the ruination of health and keeping me from sexual activity which seems to bring on a older womans waning sexual state quicker than if I would have been left alone to run my own life and be healthy.
I will not get into it here but I know its connected to other things and that would be the female coming of age as basically a psychic powercell (orgone via sex?) in her waning estrogen years but testosterone..this 'sexual peak' that everyone talks about in older females. I have basically had that totally ruined by gangstalking. Destroyed.

So then...what is it about certain women, certain women connected to the radiation experiments via DNA, and perhaps programmed women from certain family bloodlines....what is it exactly that the system fears so much about someone like me becoming sexually charged?

Do your research and the answers are astounding.

And STILL they will pay. No matter what they do. In time. They will pay.

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AJH said...

Interesting post; a family tour if you will. I can vouch for the fact that the gangstalking will follow you to Victoria, BC, Canada, immediately north of Washington State. And too, it is alive and well there too, as that was where the perps first went overt on me (Seattle). As for sexual manipulations, it is a given that one can be highly manipulated, though for me, they turned it off, which is just as well. Judging by the number of times they arrange for couples to have sex in my proximity, I would agree that there must be a big orgone release like Wilheim Reich proposed, and for some TI's (me, at least) they don't want this to occur