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Thursday, February 18, 2010

another a-hole YouTube commenter-drugs are part of gangstalking

Now being very grow up in the last post lets kick back and read some hate mail or for me some comments from viewers/readers who are not TI friendly and usually with ulterior motive as one would not bother to comment on my blog or video or even watch it unless one was motivated somehow other than ignorance of subject matter or entertainment. The ones who are in those catagories usually are not persistent in their commenting on TI's accounts. Its the ones who insist on being recognized or engaged. Even posting this is more attention than the person deserves but he serves MY purposes in the long run, due to the overt content of his YouTube channel...dumbass.

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delusional paranoid schizophrenics....
go see a doctor and if you already have, take your meds

Similar comment was ignored twice but "assmastered" still persists. Obviously being 'ass mastered' must have been very traumatic for him as now he needs to smoke lots of pot and harass activists. Or having his ass mastered is a closet fantasy that needs ANALyzing.
I know it says "taskmasster" so why spell it with "ass"? Freudian slip of the keys? Maybe its all the maryjanewanna:

He's blocked now and he or she is boring and obvious....and stoned probably. Also I might add have experienced many perps to indulge in smoking pot. Today's pot is not what you recall. Its unusually strong which sucks for trying to live life normally. Its not fun and giddy like the old days and the THC levels must be very low as rarely does one get any 'love your fellow man and all of humanity' type feel as anyone who has taken THC liquid caps can testify to or recalls pot from the old days. This is not your parents pot you scored out of the top dresser drawer. This is that crap that started circulating in the 90's and only got MORE hybrid and weird..and very Babylon influenced, far far removed from anything mother nature intended. Cannibis Sativa (NOT Hemp which could have saved the environment if not for stupid people thinking hemp is the same as smokable marijuana) has become so mainstream and socially acceptable I personally am very suspect of it nowadays. The amount of perps I have seen smoking is just bizarre and I have found that the effects now resemble more of an anti depressant/mood stabilizer or something that actually numbs any good feelings or euphoria than the other way round.
If you seriously consider how valuable it wud be to make something supposedly rebellious into a mind control drug its the perfect con for the childish American mindset. No one in 30 years has had the sense to have chemists test thier sh*t except for maybe when MDMA was starting to become bogus at raves. By the time 'raves' hit mainstream America, one could pawn off crap ecstasy to any dumb American kid dying to be hip or trendy. And in northern CA people have pot cards that let the govt supply them with pot..yeah great idea. So what happened to the SWAT guys with the attitudes of Crusaders busting in on old ladies and killing them by accident due to disinfo from a crooked informant. Obviosuly those people all died in vain. The system thus decides who gets stoned and who gets killed for 'The War on Drugs'...and HBO can air a trendy suburban bore like "Weeds" no problem.

The people I met in northern CA were not AIDS patients or had cancer. It's too easy to get those cards in my opinion. One card holder was a snooty,very averge,no talent law school student who is no danger to anyone connected to either side of criminal justice outside of how cut throat she is to make up for how much intelligence she lacks. She will go far in her field due to her being cold hearted.
Her life was controlled by a washed up guy who worked in the music business and liked to handle her like she was talent. It was pathetic. He also claimed to have done intelligence work in the Navy or something...typical perp stories. Also,he thought he was Machiavelli and we all got off on this street crazy he tried to tame leaving his ass after he tried to control her life for too long.
She always looked at me like the true street people do, not the posers, the informants or the temp people running away from thier lives in the mainstream. She looked at me like she felt very bad about either the way I was being treated behind my back or the way they were talking about me behind my back. There was always that connection- intimate, knowing but distant between the truly downtrodden. She also had all the signs of being traumatized into her street homelessness not just mental illness. It was very sweet what he did with her and he did handle her wonderfully but one got the feeling there was this darkness behind what he was doing. He was one of those people who has not yet faced his own dark side and realized it beside the light- accepted his control issues and then acting to help others. His controlling side must have become obvious to her and she fled. She was one of those mentally ill people who you can tell knows things about people. One has to wonder if the 'gang stalking' faction, who seems to seek to destroy psychics often, had gotten to her long ago. She may also just have been born with a disorder and people abused her its hard to say. If one doesnt know one is targeted often that is the result..sadly.
She was more help in keeping me aware of my situation with that crowd than anyone else. I acutally got perped while I was with these people and I dont know who was in on it and who wasnt. There was some gaslighting and especially everyone liked to ignore me and act as if I was a good looking, buxom older bimbo type with no brains. Being from the collegiate center of the universe, Boston, I thought this was amusing and just cleaned,rested and spent what time I could with hippie boy. Who cares? I had cute exotic guy for a while, had fun and got to see Berkeley. It ended of course with something stressing me out over the edge and me calling everyone lazy hippies.
There is just no living normally until some of this is resolved I realized.

I learned the hardway that drugs are involved somehow but it seems there are factions of people breaking the law who help the TI and then there are those that seem to want to be in on harassing the TI. There is a definate connection to perps who are drug connected.

Who knows anymore. All I know is that this YouTuber was persistent enough to be suspect.


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