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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

comment about AXL Rose/ my latest shelter conditions

Comment sent by a reader:
"I've noticed Slash has cut all ties from Axl. Str... I've noticed Slash has cut all ties from Axl. Stradlin did too. I'm not sure what Rose's problem is, but it appears he is just an uncooperative a-shole who loves to start fights. "

Are you not recalling that he did an interview years ago talking about memories of abuse and more compelling; something about a needle being used on him to drug him? You have to keep an open mind as there are many MK Ultra or programmed people or at least victims of RA or truama in many different walks of life. Especially entertainment.
I heard he worked as a male prostitute to get money when he was a nobody. I always felt for him if that is true and admire his guts to do anything to get what he wants...and for doing that obviously due to it being some part of his history to start with. He's just a human being ya know. I dont know much about him as the big hair metal from LA was never a fav with me..being from the NE I had my nose in the air a bit heading more towards English heavy metal being 'real' metal...but I am sure he has reasons for being way he is. Its none of our business I suppose, I was just being careless with my passing by that book and my day. I was vengeful yesterday.

This morning I got aggrevated with the place I am staying. Its nice for a womens shelter but this fat councilor Shelly stays up when she is there and plays cards keeping everyone awake with this clique of women and the director can't control her. The other day I saw her yelling at an older eastern European woman in front of everyone, scolding her like a child, for some small thing like putting her blanket in the wrong cubby. It REALLLYYY pissed me off as being grossly unfair as she has this Uno card game she starts on her shift At 8:30 pm when the women should be jsut starting to settle down for 9 pm quiet time. so this woman Shelly, breaks the rules, to the detriment of the clients and SHE has a home to go to, but yells at an older lady with a language barrier over some small thing. If the lady was American I would say sue.
Who does this fat bitch think she is? Now you wonder why people dont last in shelters who have any kind of self respect. its either the clients starting trouble, the staff or abuse of power. It never ends.
I have been too tired becuz on top of the noise she brings, the post office is underneath us and they make ungodly noises at 3 am. I am so new to SO CAL that the first night I heard it I thought it was one of their earthquakes it shook the floor so much (YES i know this is very funny to natives of cali)...its just not fair this whole homeless system is a mess and people make money off of us and treat us badly and want us to feel badly due to the sentiment we are getting a free ride in a capitalist society.
I am going to write the director at the top and if all else fails there is a nice story dissing the boss titled "the nun who makes six figures".
ahhhh to mess with someone who buys her ink...you know the rest.
The attitude is that only one person cant change the system, certianly one that has been discredited.
I LOOOOVVEEE putting more chips on a bet on the wheel..uh, dont YOU? ahahaahahahahahahahaha.
Allright, to be fair I realized just now that Shelley does have her supportive side. I suppose after fighting really serious monsters for so long and never really having a mom who was...well a Mom type person I just thought she was out to hurt me on purpose....also it is rather trying to at this age with my life experience to be treated like a child. I am not a child I am a 38 year old highly intelligent female and to put it mildly..I have seen some sh*t by now. It just feels like someone belittling me. I think she may be the type of woman who is stuck in mom mode..maybe she even took the job when her kids grew up and she started the empty nest freaking out phase. I get it, kinda...but I am not a person who can afford to bond with people. Now and forever I will always have that one eye open to the possibility that NO ONE can be trusted as who knows what may be held against them or offered to them to turn on me. I say it happen, all at once during the beginning of this and it was shocking to me, that so many people were full of shit to begin with.

And I dont care how much love someone offers fair is fair....now I feel bad becuz this might be her whole life and maybe she is recreating her now absent homelife in her job. The card game is eerily like a bunch of guys playing cards as the women and kids sleep. And I notice that its the most rugged, large, dominant females who have jobs who come to sleep at the shelter after work and sit to play cards as they walk in the door from work. Its all the bread winners that have the priveledge of playing (and breaking the rules). NOW I know what bugs me about it. It recreates the inequality of the capitialist society INSIDE where I sleep which is set up to be communal. (Breadwinners get privelege of breaking rules- we must suffer no sleep as they are higher up due to clique with staff). I also cant stand it due to it recreating a very malecentric
ideal of home life, something I never expereinced for very long and have little appreciation for as I have seen the abuse of male power in excess.
Yeah, I need to find another place. This is for wives, moms and suburban chicks. Its for women who watch Lifetime...willingly.


  1. Thanks for the tidbits on Axl Rose; I had no idea. That goes to show that the outward appearance some people show, such as the acting out, to the uninitiated looks like the person is some angry loser nut with issues. I was listening to one live concert where Axl approaches Slash and tells him he should kick his ass, and I remembered some instances where Axl would show up late when Stradlin was in the band. When Stradlin got disgusted and left, all of a sudden Rose started showing up to concerts on time.

    I wasn't completely condemning Rose; in fact I was wondering if something was going on "behind the scenes". You can never be sure.

  2. I am not validating anyone's behavior nor invalidating it. The scope of this work is to include whats hidden in our society that creates mystery, fear and thus gives the puppetmasters all the power...the illusion of that perhaps. I am not interested in Axl Rose's public persona just as I am not interested in Marc Carr's public persona nor his alleged crimes..I am concerned with the clues that are left behind that indicates there is a system of enslaving human beings, usually at birth and in childhood for use, abuse and then either termination or human experimentation.

  3. While we're on the topic of music, here is something interesting:


    How in the hell were they able to hear a similarity? That's one thing. Another thing is, even if there was a similarity, shit, that really sucks. Imagine having to pay back 60% of all earnings of a song you rightfully own, but has a riff stolen from a tune from 1935. It's ridiculous. This happens all the time in music. Maybe it isn't worth it becoming a songwriter/composer; I'd probably get my ass sued as soon as someone heard a similarity to some obscure tune. Probably just an attempt to leverage money by the guy's estate. The songwriter of the alleged stolen song has been dead since 1988. Who will get the royalties? Oh so maybe Larrikin Music has some ties to organized crime, perhaps?