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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

san diego another city where remote influence is on a time clock

The remote influence begins in San Diego (at least at the shelter I am staying at) at 5:30 am not 6 and ends at 11:30 pm most nites not 12 midnite. If this is not tech its chemcical. I find that during the night I am coherent and my memory functions much better as right now. For instance I have been trying to post this info for a week and even thgouht I tell myself to do so during the day or in the mornig I just cannot do so.

There is a definate dumb down effect, a dissolution of mind..if that is not the right word seems to block my from being focused.
ALso taking action such as writing a letter to the shelter concerning late night card games, getting anything done that would benefit me or tell onauthority figures as in whistleblowing.

Also I become very anxiety ridden at 530 am and its obvious when it hits me. This causes much insecurity during the day and ads to me being unfocused.

During these times at night I often awaken and ask why am I not writing what happened to me or why am have I not sued Olnick or told someone what has happended to me? It seems crazy at these times that I have let jmy life get this far away from me. Or that I am not more outraged about what has been done to me.

Its aa]mazing the difference in my between these time frames.

again its obvious something this being done to 'jam' certain people if not manage the public.

ialso notice that my posts are incredibly long lately as if I get wrapped up in them where i cant get other things done.

during this time of night I feel much more like my old self in 2003.

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Medawar said...

You seem to notice this, apparently, in big cities, all with some sort of electrically-powered public transport (Metro, trolleybus, trams) where the current gets turned off over night.

There's no discernible down-time to harassment in most of the UK's towns and cities: until very recently, only a couple of these, outside London, had any kind of light rail at all -and Railtrack's mainlines have 25,000 volt overhead lines that are rarely turned off.

There are a few possibilities:

1/ Some kind of signal is superimposed on the metro or trolleybus current and thus transmitted all over the city, until it's time for the night-time safety inspections. This would require the collusion of all relevant authorities.

2/ Some kind of signal is transmitted by equipment on the metro trains, trolley buses or trams. Again, full collusion required.

3/ Some kind of chemical is dispersed by the movement of the metro trains etc. This is something that MI5 were worried about in the sixties and they had Porton Down do experiments on whether or not harmful chemicals or bacteria could be spread around London via the underground train network. (Yes, they can, was the obvious answer.) Their concerns were pretty sudden and specific, so maybe they had intelligence on a KGB or STASI plot of this kind. This obviously could be done without the authorities, or so many of them, knowing.

4/ This is the one that could be done most covertly, so may be the most likely: a signal, or chemical, comes from concealed static installations that are associated with light railways only for free, untraceable, unmetered, electrical power. Because the current is off every night and the voltage is similar to a local rural mains network, (750 volts or thereabouts) juice could be tapped, almost anywhere along the line, using the same kind of transformer you see on poles near farmhouses out in the sticks.

To tap the actual electrical mains network would be another matter: it's only accessible (without digging) at certain points, and it's monitored pretty sharply because that's how electricity is sold. And it doesn't get turned off for several hours every night to allow someone to splice in safely and hide their cables.

The light railway network only really meters the power as it enters the system, and not as it's distributed around, except for train-sized chunks of current. The perp's equipment probably draws a small fraction of what a train does. The nightly downtime makes splicing safe, and the tracks and cables carrying power, go past all kinds of unused tunnels and lineside buildings, gantries and so on.

So, Medawar cannot say from this if it is electromagnetic, chemical or infra-sonic, but he can say that whatever it is, uses power and the perps do not want to pay for this power if they can help it.

In the UK, the perps seem to undo the bases of streetlamp standards quite often...