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Friday, February 26, 2010

an amendment to a post/ an interesting development concerning psycholgogical warfare and the media

I posted something a week or so ago when Charlie Sheen got arrested.

Feeling a little guilty afterwards due to the fact that he did take heat for speaking out for an inquiry on 9-11.

Around the shelter there are those rags from checkout at the supermarket..Enquirer and all that. I started reading them during my year long hell with Scott Ashmansky the abusive jerk becuz it provided the best escape from my life at that also illustrates how brain dead one would have to become to date a guy from a Lithuanian/Irish Catholic backround from Jamiaca Plain (a burrough of Boston) who is an avid sports fan and NA 13 stepper. A Hollywood dirtbag promoting porn stars in his later years was a step up from thief/con and in his early years male prostitute/base head. America land of opportunity right? Yeah, for desperate people like that with very little options left but probably plenty of equally sleazy friends...ok ok this is not about him.

Anyway, in one of these rags, it looks like its the Enquirer Jan 2010, there is a story on Charlie Sheen more concerning his arrest and circumstances around it.
I kept thinking after wards about his activism. I know damn well that activists get targeted and the more power in the media or over the public they have the more the system wants to keep them quiet..unless it supports the agenda.

I looked up his family backround and I found his father is a pain in the system's ass as well except in a much bigger way. He's done more and for much longer.

I keep looking at his mugshot, trying to figure him out...I used to have this ability to 'know' things about people by looking at thier pictures reading faces probably. He looks violent thats for sure but underneath he's in pain. In pics when he is younger he looks insecure kind of like 'I can never compete with my dad's career'. He's been spoiled as a Hollywood brat but there is something in his face that also shows the pressures of a life growing up with a powerful and important man.
After researching however it makes sense that there might be something going on due to his speaking out and his dad's activism as well.
I am not saying he is any less of an abuser of women becuz hes been caught doing that for years...I am saying that he seems to get focused on for it and caught when Hollywood has not shortage of sick f*cks to expose- I am saying that the system may be using it to thier advantage. Its his weakness and that is what they use against a target.

Also, interesting is the show Two and a Half Men. Lets say that there is a fellow TI who has noted as part of thier campaign, a period of time where there was much targeting via the media. This show was noted by this person and I am not going to get into the details but there were things in the show that they felt were just way to close to be 'coincidence'. And those things in that show were supposed to be damaging to this target but they saw through it, blocked it and tried to laugh it off.

Another strange occurance related to this show being used against or to mind f*ck our TI friend begins with a black man who was a friend of a friend in TI's hometown. Call him 'T'. T thought gang life was cool. T started talking to the TI and started slipping info. One of the things he said to TI was that he liked Two and a Half Men, and added that it was his favorite TV show and added other information by slipping that made the TI realize that TI was very correct in what they thought they saw in this TV show. Soon after that incident T was approached by a mysterious woman he hadnt seen in town for years. She suggested they scored drugs together and brought home heroin not his drug of choice usually. They were both found dead the next morning in his room....with mysterious needles outside the window sill. The perps made the best of this by making directed conversation around the TI soon after the death was fresh in everyone's minds, saying things like "Well if you killed someone"..and something about turning yourself in. Our TI friend had been a target a bit too long and gotten good at the nature of perp mind games. And this fit thier MO per usual. They still thought TI was stupid I guess.
Also a local scalper/herion addict who hung around that apartment building with those same people one of which now dead, approached the TI in a very obvious manner when police were right there watching that day of the death. This TI avoided him as they understood the intimation of guilt by association but really it was to continue to try to guilt our friend or scare them into going into a police station to start blabbing nonsense out of paranoia. Making a target paranoid is a major perp tactic. And now the cops and fire are involved in a city where their involvement in gang stalking is notorious. So it was the usual after all.
Interesting is to wonder why fat man died. Was it becuz he was simply useful to an attempted set up or could it have been that he, for a moment, made the TI wake up from the brainwash and let them know that it was real...that they were alone and that other people knew full well what was going on?

The reason this story comes up in my mind is that in the same rag there is another story about Charlie Sheen under GOSSIP by Mike Walker (p.12). One about how he has the power to spook execs at CBS concerning leaving the hit show. The creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, is noted as a "total egomaniac" who likes to infuriate Sheen and watch him get pissed off. Recalling what I did about the TI's story its interesting for us to remember that for all the celebs we see that seem messed up or distasteful to us, the truly dangerous and sick are behind the scenes of the entertainment business. Imagine the higher ups who stay hidden. Can you IMAGINE that much power or how sick you could be and hide and get away with it..for LIFE.
I recall this interview with Faye Dunaway. She was sitting beside an older man, a big Hollywood producer or higher up. One of those types that has an awful lot of power but stays behind the scenes and if he has survived to old age he cant be a saint. I noticed how this powerful woman, one of the most beautiful faces to grace the screen, acted like a little child in this man's presence. How commanding he was..and how she seemed to be kissing up to him to survive. How arrogant he was. His answers to her childlike questions were..impatient and curt. I couldn't deal with seeing that for more than a few moments I think I turned it off in disgust.
Watching someone like her so small in a man's presence like that. A woman that scares the help at restaraunts, who is an ultimate 'bitch' and is beautiful enough to pull it off easily, seeing her almost cower or at least act ultimately respectful made me realize- along with this story about Sheen- that we shouldnt shoot the messenger.
The truly obnoxious sick f*cks are perhaps behind the curtain pulling the strings.

I think these celebrities are under pressure from many directions but imagine the monsters who are behind the scenes. Just imagine how f*cked up they are, seriously.

Now you can see how TI tv can be a reality if you have enough money or enough motive (or obsession).

That organized stalking and harassment has been noted as part of Hollywood's intimidation system by people dealing directly with contract negotiations and consulting on movies (like my post about the real life Quiz Show contestant who got stalked and harassed and pumped for info working on a movie deal. )

Powerful egomaniacs who like to watch people squirm..hmm. My old associate had clients that might fit that description. She fits that description and so does my mother but she has alot less power..and if she does have that much power then the system is a joke for giving it to her.

Its interesting that he's like one of the only domestic abusers in Hollyweird who gets attention, as well as he has this higher up on his ass.

I am much more intrigued by the idea that this TI is sure of the show being used for psych warfare on a target. And how the creator happens to be in the newspaper for being a "total egomaniac" who likes to torture people and watch them suffer.
Who ever said that imaginative artists would always use thier talents for good? Just like anything else it can be used to destroy.

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