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Monday, February 22, 2010

Blaming song lyrics soley for violence/ Feminism post NeoCon/The Artist

If you are concerned about something that is violent then become an anti stalking and harassment you wont be fighting with artists but with real criminals. Not concepts.
Due to artists doing nothing outrageously violent themselves (at least not being caught) people can only wait until something awful is connected to their existence. Like this for instance:

There are also Cannibal Corpse songs that are about the male writer being a victim of female violence as well, not just sexist lyrics always:

So when I finally get that perp in a deserted warehouse and interrogate him to tell us finally who they work for via torture (and if all survivors of mc slavery ARE bloodline then we are all related to Vlad the Impaler like Bush, so watch out!) then its due to CC violent lyrics then?
Uh not quite. I am being sarcastic of course but this is just the kind of thing that is USED on targets to make them look dangerous..of course all the people who are trying to say a TI is dangerous are in on the harassment or know of it as the true cause if the person may go postal.

One of the reasons that I use this sort of music is that its what I like now. WHY? becuz I am a victim of extreme torture and abuse. I had a slave like existence to begin with according to most people but what was done to me when the system came after me in 1996 and 24/7 in 2003, a full on attack that lasted for all of Bush's presidency, would have destroyed most people. In fact of the people on the street you see that are 'mentally ill' homeless many of them are targeted individuals that did not have..whatever it is that I have in me and the 'friends' or connections I had that assisted me and saved my ass from total destruction. This system of covert warfare has eaten them alive. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW BAD GANG STALKING IS LISTEN TO THIS BAND. Don't read the lyrics necessarily, just listen. And also how hard these guys play is HOW HARD YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT AS A TI TO STAY ALIVE.

To those of us who have been attacked by the stalking and harassment system this is battle music. I know damn well that many of the scary individuals waiting for me in suspect vehicles were sent to do the kinds of things that are in these songs. It was intimated to me that alot of bad things were deflected from happening to me. I am not stupid I know what humans are capable of and men especially. Being programmed it just doesnt matter. To die in the course of the mission is expected. Welcome to the world of expendables.
By the way if you dont like this kind of violence then stop being wussies and saying things like "We support the troops" or worse "I support the troops I dont support the war". Having grown up with my maternal grandparents both former Marines, that is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard and could only come out of the mouth of a civilian. You are kissing the system's ass or you cant admit that you think war is wrong and the human beings that are sent off to war should be 'supported' by NOT BEING SENT.

Dont worry becuz there are plenty of people who like to go to war and career minded military personnel who have advancement on thier minds..they like the military and they are geared towards its ways and the things that go on in the military. However if the public ever saw what a gruesome war really looks like the lyrics in this music probably would just about suffice or not even measure up. I dare you to go deep into footage, journalism or interviews with soldiers. In the old days when my grandfather was coming up families didnt want their daughters to marry soldiers. They dont call them 'dirty dirty dogs' for nothing.
Oh thats right. They dont call them that anymore. Becuz as the world has gotten more politically correct it has also gotten more unrealistic about real life and the true nature of man. Death in all forms has been removed from our day to day lives: everything from coffins in the home during funeral or wake to slaughter houses for food to hunting to disease and dying. We shove old people into homes instead of live with the reality.

I thought about this last night. If you took all the old people in nursing homes or dying homes and put them on the street like the homeless you would see that humans get sick or old, diseased or damaged and that is nature's way, not a stigma of 'mental illness' or its thier own fault cuz it must be drugs/drink for why there are disgusting homeless people everywhere.
You just cant deal with it can you, so you keep this peasant class around you, to make you feel luxuriant, as if you have beaten death or imperfection ever day that guy isnt you.

If anything, CC's music has given me an outlet and been very theraputic. It may have made it so that I DIDNT go postal becuz after what was done to me I have a list believe-you-f*ckin-me I have a damn list. And if I had money and power certain people would not be walking around on thier feet. And I have even thought about it myself but I could never figure out how to get everyone from the Brookline NA, Watertown NA who was in on it as well as Jake, Julie and my mother into the same room at the same time. I could never choose who I hated more. Its probably a very calculated move from this system to overwhelm the target with a mutli directional attack as well as many of the perps being strangers coming out of nowhere and whoever is behind it remianing faceless. Its the perfect way to subdue a person who is a fighter. If cant see the enemy you cant strike back in self defense. THIS SYSTEM IS THE PERFECT WAY TO SUBDUE SOMEONE OR NEUTRALIZE THEM IF THEY ARE AN AGGRESSIVE, SMART FIGHTER. Its not that the target is weak its that they fear a target's power or the target growing to discover their power. That is why so many things must happen at once. And the induced ptsd from so many betrayals and attacks just destroys the person mentally and emotionally over time.

Eventually you commit suicide anyway, unless you give the system what it wants: compliance and an obedient sheep who accepts forced behavior modification through torture. NOPE dont think so. So the system knows you will fight still but they figure they have pretty much wiped you out and they won. Some of these people see the targeted survivor as a soldier who cant stop fighting and needed to be made more average as to get along in common society. They really believe they are helping with thier 'time to put down the sword' bs. They might be more annoying than the jealous destroyers who are threatened by the TI's potential power...for their damn piousness.

If this music was not available I would have no outlet or understanding of the trauma of my situation. I would be totally alone in a world that either ignores what happened to me or doesnt know such things exist in a democratic nation. THIS would have resulted in immediate suicide. Ever sad R&B song would be a call to the grave for what a lover did in betrayal or every song about something interesting or intellectual or poetic would be one more reminder of the system coming after me right as I finished my vocational testing for college..and how I will never be able to perform artistically or intellectually as I did before I was destroyed. Every rock song from good times past is like looking at your own life from beyond death, like a ghost looking at the living. These effects are all a planned part of these actions taken against the target. Why do you think people in the know move away from you or betray you? Its very nasty.

Cannibal Corpse maps out the way through the grave to survival, as this is the reality of being a gang stalking target. As I say that most people must believe me mentally ill that its all been in my own head, so they can keep THEMselves sane. These kinds of tactics to neutralize enemies, silence disidents or conduct humane experimentation are all a documented part of human reality more so for me due to my mother being a documented human radiation experimentee.
I probably would have never even listened to this music unless I had to fight so aggressively..and often that meant traveling very hard very fast around the USA while thinking on my feet AND having to keep up a facade that I was this normal traveling hippie girl. Even in the face of being actively harassed the best face is a stupid one or a poker one. Ignoring things is the best tactic and that takes lots of effort. This system seeks to destroy sensitive people via overstimulation and leaving them no choice but to learn to tune things out. Whatever was in me that was Slavic or Eastern European as in deep and sensitive side, listening to slow and dark (to American ears) Russian or Polish music is gone now. Destroyed. So is my ability to create artwork with this quality or sit very still and reflect. The depth is gone. It feel literally burned out. This is the sick reality of behavior modification. Someone may believe that its done to toughen the person up or make someone less sensitive or anxiety ridden but those are cover stories. Its often done out of jealousy, paranoia, hatred of certain ethnic groups and thier qualities, as well as of women and our natural qualities. No doubt I have had to fight with my male side and CC's music is ultimately male in nature. Its a trick of the sexists behind this system of gang stalking partially- to make me learn to respect, fear and need men by me realizing the value of masculine action and my never being able to truly fight as a man. Its the ultimate taunting and slap in the face to make me learn my place as a woman. I have posted of the sexists I have talked to in on this system and they are ultimately the extremists or cause stalkers you have read about in gang stalking. They have some personal group cause for the campaigns.

I think its interesting we have been so far removed from the 'girrrrl power' trip, which was about as seriously taken or as much of a threat as Hello Kitty! or Power Puff Girls. It was a joke to us..on growing up with women's lib. Gen X women are very Victorian in a way, very natural. We understand women have always had primitive powers that men dont have and vice versa. The 80's were actually wonderfully balanced at least in MA to grow up in. We were treated like women when it was necessary for male intervention due to some reality that we were not men, but otherwise boys knew when NOT to interfere with our independence. I sort of disliked the 'Girrrrl power' thing. It made a mockery of what our mothers and we had worked for and also made feminism look a bit weak--note its "girrl" not woman. Charlie's Angel's in the 70's were women: big boned Halston model types with bone structure to die for but still ladies to a point. Ladies that didnt f*ck around. Nice. Dynasty wasnt bad for this prototype either.
One started to see the decline of real women during the 90's with awful Brady Bunch retro clothes and 'girrrrl power'. Why were we regressing to being girls? All these angry punk rock girrrrls. What about L7 or The Runaways? They looked more like women when they WERE angry young girls than the WOMEN in the 'girrrrrl power' movement looked like. What about Wendy O.Williams or Blondie? Even Sade is more bad ass due to her being unafraid of womanhood. Or Annie Lenox.

Feminism had become a threat somehow. Along with the Hip Hop movement where black men were now expressing turning on women-all women were now 'bitches' or 'ho's' and were going to be ruled by thier being cooler and being men. This left ALL WOMEN but especially WHITE WOMEN UNATTACHED TO THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Which left white women or any woman who did not want that scene without a political ball and chain. There was no longer to protect or look after or assist (other than the environment).
Also I notice that the tv show Sex In the City portrays the 90's woman as confused or lost in her own search for self. Selfish and never the end a lost little girl syndrome.
THIS IS WHY WOMEN ARE SECRETIVE ABOUT OUR INSECURITIES AND TRADITIONALLY KEEP THIS AMONG WOMEN AND WOMEN REMAIN A BIT OF A MYSTERY TO MAN. Gee I wonder why. Look what happened when a show came out that portrays us to accurately in a certain era. That show should have been against the law for straight men to watch, especially sexist ones or anyone threatened by such material.
Now post Neo Con, post Bush we have sexism firmly in place again and still an active effort as part of this new post 9-11 police state, to keep it that way. Obama was a slap in the face and to me it's a return of coupling us with the black male and the civil rights movement. That has been put above us once and for all and it was a very obvious sentiment to those of us not smacked into complacent sleep by domestic terrorism during Bush. Now, if you go beyond 'girrrrl power' or 'black power' you are again a threat or worse: a politically uncorrect bitch and a monster.

GOOD SHOW Machiavellians. Clap clap clap. But still, even destitute I can see and I have said so, I have told what I see.
Many people sense these designs and movements but do not understand why they are disturbed by events around them or what it means to them.
You have a right to be pissed and so do I.

If you want to write your whoever about obscenity that is your right and your free Will. But consider that before the listener takes on music for the backgrounds of his dangerous and violent fantasies, there is something present in that mind BEFORE the listening. Something has deeply disturbed him or offended his spirit or some ghost of his forefathers something in the DNA calls to violence, rape and murder.

I fully agree that bands such as CC dont help that sort of situation but the lack of their existence may not have any effect at all. The offender would find something in other media or seek it in real life experience. It would be great if we had a machine that one could just point at someone and tell us who has enough control or 'good' in them to not commit violence but then what would it mean to be human? The reasons for violence range from disease to brain damage to DNA to circumstances long term and immediate. As long as humans have to fight to survive that violence will always be part of us. It occurs to me sometimes that humans behave as just genetically enhanced apes and it's a wonder to me that driving cars and operating machines and owning nuclear bombs more disaster doesnt happen more often. It's amazing actually.

I know I am protected and have had to see little death or overt violence in my life. I take that into consideration always. The violence I have had to deal with in my life has always been covert in nature or deceptions or from secret enemies one cannot readily see. It always involved spying, psych warfare, torture that wasnt overt or control and stalking. I have been at the center of some sort of war all my life along with my mother growing up. For ever creep that we caught on the roof across the street with binoculars there were guys to come and 'dispose' of him. For ever carful of violent child molesters that tried to get me in the car, there were cops to put them in a cell full of stand up cons and tell thier wives what they did to ruin thier lives. This has been more stressful over time than perhaps being killed in one hour or one day. What is the point of living if this is always the reality? And it just got worse when I thought it was going to get easier in my mid 30's. I have never been allowed outside of this prison I live in via some faction trying to destroy me and then some other faction making them turn up missing or crashing into thier cars and sh*t. Its better than dying like in CC's songs I guess but after what I have seen in the last few years- not by much.

Stop all wars and real life violent crime, tell the medical industry to stop lying about organic brain diseases like parasitic disease and even chemical pollution and thier involvement in changes in human health and behavior and get honest about covert warfare. Only then will people not seek to express their anger and rage through music..and as long as there are men of sexual peak age the problem isnt going to go away. Modern man has no idea of the power of the human mind or body..the modern world is a comfy prison of control over primitive man.

I have read thier lyrics and often its amusing in how over the top it is. It can be humorous as in Ace Ventura :

Know whats truly obscene? ME having to live homeless and destitute with the amount of talent and smarts I had..and wanting to give back to society as well. THAT is what is obscene. I guess this society only feels safe when you give back within a system like social services or organized religion. You will all grow very old waiting for THAT to happen.

I love the following vid as it displays thier musicianship in a studio and it looks almost like classical in an orchestra. Especially becuz people focus on the lyrics and not the musical composition which to me sounds like classical music. And no one can deny that the bands that pump out energy like this work harder than you ever have in yer life. Face it...its easier to put them down or laugh at them and ignore the pure energy output or the work involved than to admit that artists are one of the last refuges for expression of human primitive power. OTHER than war or sports which being female I feel excluded out of anyway. I cant take a basketball team seriously if they wear makeup and short shorts..not unless the men start doing the same and along with those tights for football players I may then become an avid fan. Til then American pro sports its just another boring boy's club. And another excuse to associate male violence with American heroism..why arent CC your hero's then? Are you assuming that your home sports team are fighting just for you? Like troops in a war? In my situation all the bands I listen to are fighting for ME as far as I am concerned and some of this music has literlly acted as a plasma hook up, keeping me alive with thier energy.

Still I dont know if I could go on certain days without this:
The world has left me with little else.
What my family,lovers, community and associates did in a plot of evil design and compliance with the system is just as vile as any of these lyrics. But never as brilliant in thier composition. Bands like CC make the perps look like the common bumblers they are, as the group mind tries for brilliant designer and artiste. They fail: the true artist survives and hopefully prevails.
What is a threat to society is the Artist-as always.

Keep fighting. Keep Surviving.

Keep prevailing.

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Anonymous said...

At 2:27, note the literal reference to the "Buzz Saw". This supposedly is part of the gangstalking network that targets journalists. Maybe the writers of this show were alluding to this. 2:33 he scares them off. 2:45 another mention "Buzz off Saw".

This is from Tales from the darkside season two - "Monsters in my bedroom".

Part 2, full clip

0:32 to 0:49, another reference to the BuzzSaw. At 8:20, the abusive dad is attacked and "finished off" by the Buzz Saw.

I couldn't help but notice the allusions to gangstalking and the cooperating factions of torture in symbolic fashion in this episode.

At 9:15, "He didn't have heart trouble, monsters got him". Interesting, because the perps are always attacking us with weapons that mimic heart trouble.