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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I belong in jail? WTF?

Uhh if anyone out there thinks they are smart enough to figure the legalities of what went on you get in touch with me. There is no way that anyone was going to question me or put me in jail due to the fact that that would have led to me having to give up my superiors who owned the business and the local cops and many other people who could rock most of your worlds to the ground were NEVER going to let that happen. Also if I belong in jail then did Jake belong in jail? Did Julie? Did my mother with her crooked law suits?Did her lawyer?
Did my grandfather for all he did? Or what about my dad's family? Or maybe HUD or Olnick or the Pettiti's for whatever scam they had going that they liquidated when I put in for suing Olnick due to the apartment being moldy and them not fixing it. I got worse than jail. At least in jail there would be a record of human rights violations, now as it is I have really nothing except a very viable and intersting story to tell. STILL I most likely will be ignored.

You morons out there who are so pious need to concentrate on the crimes going on concerning the enslavement of human beings for profit, the use of nonlethal weapons without any good reason or the actual declaration of war and please- the actions of our last administration.

Jail....that is such a predictable thing to say to. If it werent for gang stalking and programming I would have had a different life along time ago.

I hope I did not here passing my me what I thought I heard. Gang stalking is worse than any prison and even death. If any dumbass thinks that it says to me that this may be another reason why people lke me get gang stalked...this is there 'extra curricular corrections system' that clowns with no knowledge of real corruption would have someone like me put into.

I still say its to destroy a victim witness and forced deprogramming.


  1. They're telling you you should be in jail?

    One ALF nutter has been telling everyone Medawar lives in Ipswich. It's nice to know that at least ONE of the buggers doesn't know...

  2. So what context was this mentioned? To me it sounds like another case of perps rubbing salt in your wounds. Don't you know that corruption is the norm in this society; all decent people obeying the Constitution, the Law, but not going along with what the scummy perps want belong in jail.

  3. See:

    for the ones who really belong in jail.
    There's another six hundred odd where they came from....

  4. I want to comment on the homeless shelter life and all it's ups and downs mostly downs but at least I got to know my Lord And Savior Jesus Christ while I was there . For the most part I was let down by the staff because of the clicking that went on but I guess thats human nature . I am now just finding out about this gang stalking and am starting to connect all the dots . Well I'm blessed to have a job and a apartment and was able to get on my feet disspite all the harassment . I'm still being harassed at work and home but not the exstint of others I read about . I 'm greatfull to My Lord Jesus for giving me Psalm 3 to lean on in times of stress and Psalm 32 for the assurance of my salvation . Jesus literaly showed me these in a dream , with His hand pointing to the Scripture . I just want to say to you that there is protection in God and I Mean for this to be taken literaly . I'm sure You already know this , being the strong person I can see in you . Well I just wanted to thank you for your testamony and say to you that haven't lost your looks and that you are a very attractive lady . Sencerly Robert