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Sunday, February 21, 2010

On accusations of being in the drug trade.

Oh did I mention that I also want revenge for having sh*t heads like Homeland Security personell and other useful idiots or knowingly corrupt participants harassing me across the country like on a bus and similar due to (I later realized) a hysterical and ridiculous idea that I was running drugs? THAT really pisses me off and I was in such a state with the gang stalking as well as being targeted with other parts of the system AND dealing with internal programming that I didnt really understand the cover story or rather to me,what was going on on 'the outside' until much later. I want blood and worse for the Homeland Security jerk who seemed more like a red neck sexist gettting off on knowing I was a TI being framed or he thought he was getting revenge for law enforcement making my associates pay or my family by harassing me, which only helped them get rid of me. YOU HELPED MY ENEMIES. You assisted in destroying me.
Yer all dead meat. Every citizen spy everyone I can think of. No evidence at all just a witch hunt. To this day I get treated like I am doing something wrong in many places I go just when I sit down and that is from employees of shops many times or train employees on public transit. I talk to other homeless who frequent these places and they dont get treatd the same way.

My mother clued me in once but never told me what was going on by saying shit like "People dont trust a pretty girl they think she is up to something" or that "YOu always look like you have money" even though I had nothing. I understand now that the bastard Boston cops were calling me asking for 'donations' as a way to accept bribes...and if it was gang stalking related then they KNEW I had no money but had to create a cover story scene as if I did. F*ck them.

When the world finds out from another victim witness how the system was abused to destroy more victim witneses from yet another screwed over citizen I hope its more embarassment. What could be more embarassing than 9-11 or Bush or even now? America doenst care who's blood they spill or what they have to do to get thier way..and unlike REAL empires like Rome they hide sheepishly behind Christianity instead of being forthright about thier bloodymindedness. They pretend its not a war but something very different. America doesnt need to be punished with its destruction as now, what Americans hate most is being torn from their Dorothy over the Rainbow Disneyland type reality with happy endings to morality plays all around. You want a morality play? Sorry I have no new testament drivel but I do like the old testiments "eye for an eye"...I can deal with that.

Its time that instead of keeping the slipper from Cinderella and her not getting her prince which is pretty much the treatment that America's fairly tale is getting now, itgs about time that someone told them directly that its JUST A FAIRY TALE and that there is no Santa Clause.

And I will do everything in my power to ensure there is worse than coal in everyone's stocking that is for sure. And all the spoiled brats that had a field day during the hysteria of Bush who stole all the other little kids lolli's and made them cry are beaten severely and put to bed...hopefully permamently.

Even today when just riding a train to escape the city some train employee down near the border had to come in look at me and then go out and walk down the side of the train at everyone in it. It may have been nothing but its probably the same psychological warfare as usual. These morons actually believe or want to believe the system is right SO BADLY and cannot afford to be wrong (just like the judges in the wich hunts of the 1600's) that they continue to use tactics to shake up most guily people. If this is so we can all have a huge laugh at this as if that were true they must think I am this masermind with nerves of steel. Like that movie with Cluseau - all those assasins trying to kill him and he's this bumbling idiot who just gets lucky all the time.. like by tying his shoe at the right moment and similar coincidences. But they are all convinced he's the super spy or something. "The case is solv-ed!". Pretty much, its called a frame up and its pretty bad of a script. I cannot believe they get people to believe this shit.

I was on a bus from St Louis to Florida. I was hit and harassed so hard in St Louis and wasnt ready for the Arctic cold that comes in from the Arctic Circle in winter. You feel like death on your get hypothermia just wating for a bus. I couldnt deal so I freaked out and jsut bought a ticket to Florida. I was still new at being a TI and was still being activiely harasssed with noise campaings like fire engines and even helicopters and I wll not tell you what color they were cuz you wont believe me. I was also still being wiped and files gone through. It was very nasty. (I thgouth that trucks were in on the noise campagn but since have discovered that they use their engine brake 'jake' brake, on downhills instead of buring up their brakes. this makes a very loud noise and in some places I see signs that they are not allowed to use them. The fire engines I did not imagine as firemen would mess with me directly and wave up to the apartment and be very overt about it.) I went on a wim. Upon arrival I had perps in a truck waiting and got harassed the shit out of in Gainesville. I originally wanted to stay in Tampa but it was so humid I felt I couldnt breathe like I was breathing in water. The Stones fan who owned the hostel was pissed but too bad his hostel was moldy and that was how my lungs got so f*cked to begin with. He said his "friends' in St Louis said I was "nothing but trouble" before I arrived anyway. Screw you dude. By the way that gentle talented Burrito Bros musician you named the hostel after is a wonderful and interesting historical and rock myth must have been a gentler person back in the 60's becuz now you are just a nasty old man.

In Gainesville I saw some of the worst harassment not due to tactics but the sheer amount of people involved and how they were obviously into sadistically destroying people as part of thier job. They seemed to be in pain themselves on some level due to the results of thier handywork on other human beings. OHH WELLLL you picked your sides, your courses of action. Too bad now.

On the way down on that Greyhound bus these black guys came on and really they were trying to warn me. They said that THE BUS WOULD BE SEARCHED or could be at a later time that day. They just really stressed that the bus was subject to search and kept stressing that while looking at me. It was, now looking back, so hysterical as I literally did not get what was going on. Its laughable now but then it was terribly confusing and only served to destroy my mind more.

I dont understand it. There is this African American faction that seemed to be in on destroying me and abusing me in ways only former slaves could have picked up from cruel slave owners...that or COINTELPRO. Or Africa where voodoo is used along with terror to get rid of ones political enemies. There was also this other faction of blacks that seemed genuinely intersted in helping me, watching out for me. If I was walking into traffic there would be this local black kid just putting his arm out but you didnt see him watching me overtly. When some perps would mess with me there would be this angelic black type, who would show up out of nowhwere and stand right in front of me seperating the perps from me. One time on a bus route I got off due to the driver being very abusive of us and I still say it was gang stalking related. There was a car wating there and I talked to the guy for a minute I sensed he was sent there to watch me. I said something self depricating like that I was crazy anyway and he replied like he knew me "Your not crazy girl". Him I didn like so much as the guy with him kind of acted like he was getting off on my situation. Its hard to tell friend from foe as many of these people get off on the power trip of all this. To this day I dont understand if this was one solid effort at good cop/bad cop, psychological warfare to mess up my mind or a true battle between factions--but why so many blacks?
If indeed someone was assisting me it is appreciated but most of the time I really genuinely was not in danger unless they were going to plant something on me as a frame up. I doubt if that would happen as I wouldve started blabbing about a federal investigation back home, money laundering, Jake, Julie, my family, everyone lying to me and gaslighting me- the whole thing. I think it was easier to frame me up by intimations and such so that NO ONE HEARD MY STORY. Remember that is what this system fears most- exposure.

I read that the TI with a lawsuit..from AZ hes on here somewhere. He has a website its linked here on the bottom I think. Anyway he said something about Cher being targeted and them using her being involved in the drug trade as an excuse. Maybe its her ex being a jerk. I recall Jake had to proudly announce on day to me with his chest puffed out that he had met Govt Mule. I was like "uh, OK whatever" and only months later on a planeride to AZ after my settlement for the mold exposure did I see them on the cover of some magazine. Same crowd, same 'help' or assistance for male seen as screwed over by attractive female? Jake looks alot like an Anglo/Germanic Nord anyway (and he is the one who is actually a Jew, ahahahah while in St Louis they were making Jew comments to me and I didnt get it cuz I am not Jewish but I look it. America sees dark Italian coloring and Lithuanian features and thinks 'Jew' due to being idiots. Even the guy that owned the hostel this old money,WASP,related to the Cabot's social register type, hippie who had dropped out long ago, dropped a few very telling comments. These were again cases of mistaken identity and very comical to me. My programming jsut kept me in this great 'bimbo' front alter so I jsut sat there- I recorded ever word, every voice inflection, every detail for the mental files but I sat there like a lump on a log in response. Partially also becuz it was so far fetched. Not much of the script of what was going on around me made sense to me.) so they probably naturally side with him. Here I am this dark haired woman with what seems Semetic features. That art teacher who clued me in alot to info who I modeled for, told me once that I was suspect to American culture naturally anyway as I am to dark and built. To 'semetic' looking and they natrually associate this with 'evil'. Its laughable but its very true I think.

Anyway, being in the drug trade must be some commmon frame up becuz it seems to figure alot in peoples stories. This woman in St Louis told me that none of it matters and the feds "arent stupid" and until I am given a subpeona dont do a damn thing with it.

Well after what I have seen of the gang stalking system it seems that there is an entire system that has alot of info that you would not think accesable. In fact you could create world peace from what I have seen but instead its used to create world chaos, manage crime and ruin lives, destroy brilliant minds and talented artists.

Dont make sense does it? Welcome to the dirty tricks sector. Just like the great film Law Abiding Citizen says "...he does some really f*cked up things so you and I can live the good life".

Well now you get to read about how some of it works and the price paid for our way of life. Some people dont want to know the cost. Selfish indeed.

ALso I dont appreciate the insult to my intelligence which I might be looking to extract payment for more than anything else. I dont like stupid people but am tolerant as many people are tolerant of uneducated, uninformed people like myself. Programmed people are very smart but often held back for years so they really dont understand how the 'real world' works. Thus my stupid mother trying to cover her ass, the family's and mine by calling people and whining/begging "She doesnt UN-der-STAND". I am sure our family has attracted all kinds of wrath at these attempts to make excuses for behavior. I would have prefered my mother never do this becuz it may appear she cares but really its a control tactic. That being said now its the system's turn to have to answer for its behavior. I unlike my mother dont need anyone to make excuses for me, I never did. I tried to improve my life and did everything I was told would be good for me or in the interest of becoming a productive person. I was actively kept down from doing that as well as passively not given the same assistance readily given to others.
My mother begs the system as she fears its corrupt authority and is used to making deals to survive. Its about time someone stopped cowering before the bully, spit in its face and said outright what the truth is. Let it lose its temper all its wants. One can only see how much weapondry it has or how the beast will react by activley antagonizing it. Mostly it will just arrogantly smirk at you and then systematically ignore you like small potatos- the expendable loss that you are in the big game.


Payment should be due for all arrogance and power trips. Make em pay. The truth usually scares the shit out of your average American anyway as it seems to scare most grown ups.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty arrogant people. I can see the tactics they use, how they try to get the target to hate himself. Possibly, they will turn him into a domestic abuser. My programmers are programming me to hate and be envious of women, to get me to think I'm some lowly piece of garbage, and they are some lovely showpieces I will never be able to get my hands on. They have been working on that, getting my hatred of women up. I can tell where they are going... their little "experimentation" requires that I not get married. So it seems another goal is to get me enraged enough at my spouse that I beat the fuck out of her. They are using programming to use violence against women, and I am male.

So my question to you is, is it true that the system tries to get targets to turn into a ritualistic women-beater? Maybe because the system is full of such people? Perhaps they will get my spouse to beat the hell out of me, too. Maybe they require beatings as part of their research agenda.