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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sexuality used against TI's

Reader comment:"Unfortunately I've found that studying anything "o... Unfortunately I've found that studying anything "occult" related must be approached with caution. YEars ago many of the AMORC (rosicrucians) were basically hijacked and there was some court case too. They have ALL been corrupted and hijacked. THe path to knowing lies within. OUTER distractions such as the stalking and even if you're not stalked just the f'ed up system are desigened to keep you from knowing yourself.

So every time I hit that "religious" or spiritual wall: WHY am "I" in a "SYSTEM" (or "matrix") that is clearly designed and perpetuated to keep me from self actualization?
Publish Reject"

Thank you for this comment and for understanding..for being knowledgable.

One of the worst things for TI's psychologically is that we have no one to talk to about the details of being targeted. Other TI's have to be kept at arms length for safety as many of us learned the hard way of infiltrating enemy factions posing as targeted individuals such as disinfo agents,perps, handlers or sabateurs. If you are programmmed you may be assisted and protected and even have a natural ability for intelligence games like these but without proper training its all taken very personally and does a real job on the survivor/target's true self and genuine emotions. Becuz the campaign seems to be about us, personally as people, we involve ourselves as such...especially when strangers are attacking you using very personal information, mirroring you with private intimate details that they should not know.

That is the perps greatest weapon I now realize...THEY ARE NOT PERSONALLY INVOLVED. This is why TI's seem so shocked at how no one cares what is happening to them- its this simple: everyone who DID care about you has either found reason to betray you for whatever thier motives or has locked you out to save thier own asses. That leaves the perps and you have no power over THEM as you would your intimates due to them being UNknown to you. THEY have power over you however as a target becuz they seem to know much about YOU. This gives them an incredible amount of power and leaves the target at a total disadvantage.

Recall what that young perp said to his 15 year old girlfriend in Memphis TN when she felt bad for me and expressed emotion: "She's just a target". This is their attitude exactly for the most part. Its like working in the sex industry. You dont really care about these people they are just a source of revenue..you dont know them personally unless you become friendly for a while. The difference is that in the sex industry people satisfy or even heal...at least pleasure and release, and usually the person on the other end had to willfully ask for such an experience to occur.
With gang stalking the TI did not ask to be engaged in such activities as gang stalking by perps and it does not provide release, pleasure or anything else positive. It destroys the person.

You have to understand the dynamics of power involved. These actions are ordered by people in power and the perps are all about power...and lessons about power. In the long run one may say that it makes certain targets stronger but the price is usually health that is damaged, destroyed sexual prowess, personal power and sense of pride and Self. Its a very 'satanic' way of strengthening a person and its definately a satanic idea of strength. It cuts the person down so they are limited to this very concentrated strength but so much else of the person is now destroyed. It does NOT have to be done this way and the person could have been strengthened in other more positive ways.

It reeks of the military as well as this is so similar to their boot camp training. I have had a few people say to me that I am harassed due to the military seeing my ways and my way of life as foreign to them, intimating that this is being done to make me more like them as far as discipline and responsibilty go.
IF you can get a victim to believe that they will be on thier way to finalizing the brainwashing. However, the timing in which this was done (medeprogramming, rememvering) as well as the informaiton that would have been damning to certain people that is now lost makes this whole excuse very suspect. There are times before 2003 where I could have been seen as much more 'weak' and in need of strengthening.

Thats all bullshit and dont believe it for a second. This is about retraumatizing someone so they dont recall the original traumas. So all that affected them before is wiped out along with who they were. IF the target can be harassed enough with the idea that they deserved this or that they needed to be stronger to make it in life or that they were not living correctly that they were 'wrong' in some way then the TI themselves like a brainwashing victim will begin to believe this, even secretly so deeply internally. THis is why sexual harassment and sexual arousal along with torture, humiliation and shaming is SO important to make this work.

It is one of the only things that will over time transform the TI to thinking the way the perps want them to. Without sex the perps could not accomplish what they do as far as behavior mod and brainwashing. Sex and all that they connect to it is the ONLY thing that can go so deeply into a persons psyche. I cannot speak for how this works with men but perhaps it works moreso on women. In a psychological warfare campaign, one needs to be brutally honest about what is around them...what the enemy is and how he thinks as well as the realities connected to any of the campaign. PC will get you killed on both sides or failure. SO as we all know in reality women are represented as Betty Crocker in America and men as virile sexual animals but notice how women have to be the ones in sexy clothes and made objects of all the time. F*ck feminists becuz I think they just dont want ANYONE to look sexual at anyt time, anywhere. Notice how its carefully orchestrated in our society that MEN are never objectified sexually. Every woman who is honest with herself knows that those bullshit mag covers with some lame ass Hollywood star as "biggest hunk of the year" and "most handsomest man" is all topical. A womans idea of sexual fantasy is alot more perverse than George Clooney or Brad Pitt. These are polite fantasies for women to show the public as part of keeping society in order, being seen as good wives and mothers and most of all- avoiding both men and other women from calling them 'whores' or viewing them as oversexed. America is totally paranoid of female sexuality especially in the primitive sense. Its no surpirse that the only Marilyns we have now are Latino and African American. Porn stars are the only white women I see who are objectified as sexy. My theory is this is partialy due to AIDS having run its course through human populations due to the female body being seen as sex itself unless you are a gay male and I dont know how they percieve women really. Some seem to like women and some are not female friendly at all.
This society has slowly sanitized sexuality so that even the filthiest porn star now looks like Mrs Brady or a soccer mom. Sensuality is non existent. Its like June Cleaver or The Good Girl meets flashiness and that is where it ends. Its very..ugly. And not very intense. It feels disconnected, unatural and very very judgemental of women. If any woman was capable of just jiggling like Marylin nowadays they would harass her with the idea she is a whorish bimbo or out obsenity laws on her. People have been trained to fear the heavy sexuality of a true female form..and I dont mean the fat girl from Titanic becuz for her bone structure and height she was JUST FAT. And that is part of the con right there...everyone was running around fawning over the movie becuz finally they had a woman in a movie who had a shape! A white woman! Yeah, she was a fat shape end of story. And Anna Nicole was just ridiculous even though I liked her ballsiness to get out of the gutter.

Lucy Lawless as Xena had to be a hardass and muscular as well as in the end she had to be gay. There is good example of a true Marylin type nowadays. The thing that made female years ago is seen as extremely threatening now and AIDS has alot to do with it. Also shapes like that are being seen as 'ethnic' for some reason. My mother was 6'1" with DD boobs. We come from all blonde people so where is the exoticness of her backround? German most likely is where her shape hails from cuz my grandmother is Irish/French and she does NOT look like that. Its from my German/Dutch grandfather from New Orleans.

I notice on British TV the women playing 'tarts' on sexy ads or shows for sex content are big, built and very much NOT politely unsexy. Thier facial bone structure is usually to die for. Perhaps this is considered very sexual and NOT polite for proper society I dont know..but they certainly arent afraid of the big bad female. America IS afraid nowadays.

If men were sexualized the way women are in America, I mean really objectified daily in media and such I think we would have a very different world to live in. (Perhaps world peace hey? Or constant war who knows with men.)

Denying women their true levels of sexuality is a way of controlling women in this society. Promoting motherhood over intellectual achievement or artistic achievement is common. Its not unusual for women to expect me to pay attention to thier kids or give them special treatment due to them being moms. I jsut politley ignore them and tolerate thier children the way a good German Shepard attack dog would. "I will protect you if necessary but other than that I am only tolerating you becuz there are other things around me to focus on". Women seem to hate this and in our society women need only become mothers and little else for reward and security. Women are capable of much more especially when that estrogen starts to even out with testosterone levels like at my age.

I believe that women, especially certain women are highly sexual and moreso than men perhaps or in even running. Society MUST learn that there are sexual athletes and warrior types and its natural for certain PEOPLE not a certain GENDER. There is a pregnant girl here with us in the shelter. Having had an abortion a few years ago its natural for me to kind to her I like her as a person anyway. The other day she said she was hungry after eating just a dinner for one, and something primitive in me started looking around for more food and after that I had this urge to go out and kill something and bring it back to her. In other instances when younger it was my urge to either protect females in a group or take charge of their children if they seemed unable to tend them themselves. Society has got to start accepting what ancient man knew- certain women are jsut more geared towards being protective, physical or sexual like 'men' are percieved in our society.

The gang stalking system knows everything about its targets. It knows who is highly sexual and it seems to use this against the person. Women may jsut be more sensual than men and if this is so for a target that sexuality is used against them to get very deep into thier psyche, attaching to it ideals , ideas- the suggestions that are part of brainwashing. This is why sex is used as abuse in programming or any kind of conditioning or brainwashing. It is a strong bonding agent as well as it gets down deely into the person. All the perps have to do is attach their desired ideas or suggestions to that sexual abuse and traumatize/train the TI into transforming.

In the end its like any other part of these campaigns: taking away the TI's Will. Making sure everyhting they do is NOT of their own will. Its cult mind control in its simplest form.

Today on the train its so obvious that I get alot of now very subtle harassement and its really further attempts at control and brainwashing. There was a guy sitting to my left and he had to sit looking at me instead of facing straight ahead. Also the muscle guy behind me tapped my seat with his bottle and stayed standing behind me...this unconshusly says "you are surrounded, we are again in control". And then a woman sat facing me in the seat with a kid. I ignored the kid and kept playing with my mp3 occasionally listening to metal. Eventually when it was obvious I was not going to pay attentiion to the kid or the mom, there was this disapproval. There could also be felt gentle pressure from that man to my left as well we the mom to PAY ATTENTION TO THE KID OR THE MOM. When I did not there was a definate body languarge and looks of disapproval. I knew it was gang stal.king but I couldnt get up I didnt want to deal with being fully realizsed of what was happening.

When she got off at the same stop as the guy to my left, a man came on and sat in her and the kids seat. He brushed his hand over his forhead while taking a peek at my chest, then I looked him in the eye like "wtf?" usually with normal people this works to make them behave but he made it obvious he was going to continue the peep show.

I moved and did not like haveing to give in due to this. I now realise as I write this that teh message was "conform to society's polite ettiqutte as well as the ideal of womanhood here in the US or be treated like a whore all the rest of yer life." You could sense the military or presence of gangstalkers who are pros. That body language was present even before the idiot on my left.

Its all very subtle now as I am controlled and kept down effectively here in san diego. I am so worn down and mind controlled via all the years of harssment that its easy for htem to train me now with sublte ways like this opposed to hardcore harassment. They figure my sense of reality and self has been so messed up by now that its easy to start to form me or continjue to form me through subtle harasment alnd stalking.

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  1. These people ,if you could even call them people, being their c very cold emotional response to their victims are demonically controlled. their obvious lack of humanity in their reactions you get in their persona shows that. I'm sorry about your abortion, I realize now what I did in insisting in my ex in getting one and regret it.