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Friday, February 5, 2010

OnMC Wordpress- Friday, Feb 5 2010/yesterday's experiences in San Diego.

Someone left a comment that quoted a part of this blog and something called 'ONLINE UNIVERSAL'. I dont mind my work being quoted as long as its from this blog and that is indicated. Please respect the copyrights above. Thanks.

Yesterday was awful. Went outside the homeless parimeters here into fashion valley and mission valley to get supplies. I still dont get the city layout and its been the most confusing city yet. There doesnt seem to be a cheap place to just hop off the train, get yer sh*t done and go back to yer life. Its all such an ordeal and complicated.

The pathetic attempts out here at being high class are of course your typical nuevo riche slobs using unbridled snobbery to that end. Being from Boston its disgusting and tacky all at once for me. I went into one camping store that actually smelled like REAL money and of course they didnt give a shit what I looked like as long as I had money to purchase something. They didnt need to work on thier image constantly, being so busy appearing to be able afford things they really cant with ease...there were real rich people in there and I like real rich people. They tend to mind their own business and accept eccentricity or you minding YOUR business. Snobs piss me off to no end and I mean the middle class kind or whatever they are...their stores dont smell of money and neither do they.

Anyway there seems to be a system here where if you go outside where the homeless services are you get gang stalked.

Lots of remote influence within the parameters of the homeless areas and skid row and outside there is not such an influence experienced..that may be why you get gang stalking then.

I should have known as this is the old rule of thumb I created for myself a while ago after years of traveling and experiencing this as the norm: Whenever there is alot of human force involved in keeping the TI down (in person harassment and stalking from human beings) you can bet that there is little remote influence or tech being used. It is the other way round for the opposite dominant influence. So dont be too happy if you can say "Oh I like this new place I am not getting gang stalked here". It may be worse when you feel the brainwash so hard or your brain goes to jelly. You forget things, you cant function or hardly put one foot in front of the other to get anything done and become not only unmotivated, but start becoming docile and participating in your own behavior modification. It might be better to get pissed of by some perps in person and have that stress opposed to going over the f*cking rainbow with strong tech influence.

Remember: You can always hit the damn highway and every location has an exit. It is YOUR RIGHT to leave a place a location or a person that makes you feel you are losing your self interest, your motivation or your sense of SELF. And dont forget to reinstall your WILL you left at the door when you leave. BECUZ THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF THE CAMPAIGN ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.

To get you to go along with alteration by giving into it by your own Will. Its the trick of long term coercion.

Hit the highway and give em a high middle finger on yer way out if anyplace ever gets to be too much in behavior modification or loss of Self.

I got off the train to see Old Town San Diego. I got a far as this park. I saw a sign on the plaque at the park that said "Presidio Park". I got spooked and got out of there got my ass right back on the train. I dont know if its the same area as the ritual abuse cases that were alleged and I dont feel like investigating that right now. I'm just not ready for anything like that yet.
I've got my experiences back in Boston to deal with running itself through my mind every day.


  1. They seem to get a lot of kids involved. When I tell others about the kids taking part in gangstalking, the excuse is "well what do you expect from kids that age?" These kids were clearly playing out roles; I could tell by the way they were carrying themselves. No, it wasn't because they were kids. Notice that there is always some cover for gangstalking, like "oh are you sure they were talking about you?" or "they're too young to know better".

    it sort of jibes with the "yeah but he's a funny bastard" excuse you were getting. Always something to cover for the gangstalking.

  2. An excellent post. You are so spot on with what you have written regarding once there seems a drop in the amount of obvious gangstalking going on outside, its just switched to far more advanced methods, inside your home, or vehicle.
    Quote you "It might be better to get pissed of by some perps in person and have that stress opposed to going over the f*cking rainbow with strong tech influence."
    Regarding using children in their campaigns, yes, but its the age of the children they will stoop to using that astounds me.