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Friday, February 5, 2010

Articulate and very true comment by reader about denial in those around us

A very true comment by a reader:
"They seem to get a lot of kids involved. When I t... They seem to get a lot of kids involved. When I tell others about the kids taking part in gangstalking, the excuse is "well what do you expect from kids that age?" These kids were clearly playing out roles; I could tell by the way they were carrying themselves. No, it wasn't because they were kids. Notice that there is always some cover for gangstalking, like "oh are you sure they were talking about you?" or "they're too young to know better". it sort of jibes with the "yeah but he's a funny bastard" excuse you were getting. Always something to cover for the gangstalking. "

You have to watch out for this. Let me tell you why.
In my campaign a few years ago people that were in on it but were sympathetic types- animal rescuer types or the like, people with control issues that still used others or projected onto others their own sh*t like most perps, but had a gentle side to them or dealt with thier own trauma history by rescuing people or animals instead of becoming total sadists are the kind of people who will drop you info while still basically being part of the campaign. THIER greatest foul play is gaslighting which is one of the worst parts of this becuz it is really what creates the psychological prison. It appears to the TI as if some people know and some dont that treat them fairly normally while others are straight up destroyers.

Many times with me this was women or older less testosterone driven men who had a weakness for something about me. But these are, especially the females, the ones who will one minute drop info as if its common knowledge, at least to them or a group around the target at that time they are part of, what is going on. Its very obvious that there is a campaign and they validate that fact. But this same type of person will then go back into a mode as if its NOT happening and be in denial.

This is extremely damaging to the TI at the intermediate stage where they still have some of their old life and Self left in them or I should say, have not developed the calous exterior and training through repitition that say I have now at this age and stage of being gang stalked and exposed to all the conditions of gang stalking. The TI in the intermediate stage is still very confused and is actually capable of going in and out of denial. Its really messed up for a perp to do this or someone aware of what is happening to the TI. If you are a survivor of programming and the system came after you after you fought suicide programming they are literally playing with your alters, perceptions and internal systems (some of it anyway). This is EXTREMELY cruel and does much long term psychological damage and I am even convinced helps to destroy the TI's 'mind' and thier memory capacity. It literally wears the persons mind out or helps to do so. If the TI is capable of compartmentalizing the TI/survivor's 'internal systems' are already working harder than before as now they are dealing with trying to sort out a new confusing reality INTERNALLY with this new discovery of self and programming AND they have had thier OUTER reality totally screwed with. Only a compartmentalized mind controlled slave could mutlitask like this within. But people who think they are just playing with the mind of a stupid person are really destroying a complex, sophisticated system. As far as I am concerned THESE FUCK UPS WHO ACT LIKE THEY ARE MORE INNOCENT AND HELPFUL TO THE TI ARE JUST AS GUILTY AS OUTRIGHT SADISTS TOWARDS THE SURVIVOR/TARGET. They are playing the same control and power games. Believe me in her more controlling or overt moments this same woman showed how into this control game she really was.

But as for my example: This same woman, after talking to me like we both agreed on the same reality, that the campaign was real (such a reality was introduced by her, I kept my mouth shut on purpose just to see what people would do or how much they knew) would at a later time when I would bring up say, gang stalking tactics I suffered that day ( I was in St Louis, believe me I suffered being harassed there) her responses were of denial, just like the reader comments above, like "oh maybe they meant this or that"...instead of what they really meant or were doing to me. As if its all some misunderstanding on my part- which if of course why this kind of perp sucks harder than the overt cruel ones..becuz they are essentially gaining your trust and then f*cking you up again by betraying it. It would be best if you CANT DEAL with the TI's reality to talk about it with them ONE TIME, help them out as best you can and let it be known you dont want to deal with it in your life after that one validating conversation perhaps other than what help you can offer in other ways other than talking about it with the target.

This is the sort of person who is trying to be a better person in life perhaps or cant accept thier own cruel side due to being a victim of crueltly themselves, which wud explain the obsession with rescue. HOWEVER, they have a bit of the side of the aggressor in them and cant help it perhaps or admit it. Whatever thier problem is the TI suffers as if feels as if yet another door that opened in this dark pit has now closed again or someone is playing shadow games with them ON TOP OF being gang stalked evertime they walk outside.

Either the person is trying to 'make it better' weither they believe it or not OR they cant deal with or dont want to deal with your situation and this is a polite brush off. Americans have a very hard time with honesty are very into denial in order to get by..maybe that is everywhere I dont know.

If you are in the intermediate stage of gang stalking and seem to be struggling with going in and out, using denial so your mind doesnt get blown by all this, its normal I think as it takes a long time to become accustomed to this new reality and especially people being so ignorant about covert activities or people being so abusive consequence free. Get away from people like this who are not helpful to you or find some other way for them to be of use to you as you need to get resources from wherever you can due to the denial of this system officially and the activist forums being so infiltgrated with operatives and perps. Also, the fact you are being hunted to death is a pretty good reason as well.

Its simple stop talking about this stuff with them and they will stop handing you excuses. Its THAT simple. I know its hard but find believers not discreditors or detractors.

One of the biggest things the gang stalking system hates is for a TI to ace this game and for them to be independant,not wither, not fall, not fail and to become very self reliant and run their own lives. Remember these are very screwed up people as far as control games go. IT IS MY ESTIMATION THAT THE PERPS ARE SO ADDICTED TO GANG STALKING TO SURVIVE THAT IF THEY WERE TO BE FORCED TO STOP SUCH ACTIVITIES THEY WOULD BECOME A MAJOR PROBLEM TO SOCIEY AND THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM.

Many TI's have seen this. YOUR job is to frustrate them as much as possible and show them, the worker bee ones that are put on your ass everyday exactly why you are being gang stalked..its most likely that you are highly intel or have above average intuition lets call it. Use it and overtime they will have to find a new them who is thier better.

THey are just hyenas taking down lions. THey are the group, the herd, the hive, the mob. ALONE THEY ARE NOBODIES WITH NO POWER.
Dont depend on someone who cant be depended on. This is a f*cking war, not some game. In time you will discover how serious this is and how you do NOT have time for people acting like its a ladies tea party with polite niceties and sh*t, acting like no evil or sinister exists in the world.

Hand them a comprehensive history book and walk away. They will probably put it on thier table and never read it. THese people are the kind that want to lose weight but still go to restaruants and when they come home its to a place where they use the excersise machine as a hanger for their clothes.

YOU and the SADIST perps are probably more the hardcore reality 'get things done at any cost' types. Forget these types, unless they are gentle people who just cant deal with your situation then see if they can offer you some other kind of assist.

Good luck.

Oh and by the way, if no one believes that people raise their kids in cults read a newspaper or do some research. Get a clue and grow up.


Anonymous said...

As we are spiritual beings not just concrete shapes, i think TIs shouldnt give perps any power at all or definition or justify wot they are doing either. i think the best thing is to just forget and forget deliberately but only after u have figured out the shit behind it. otherwise ur mind is gonna be frazzled. the reason i say this is cos alot of this crap can be self fulfilling and alot of hot air, like pple love the power trips agro games.
These types that u describe are the worst the ones who sympathise but then treat ur concerns and testimony as false ur non existant.these are the coward types and not just in the stalking game, these characters are like that by genetic makeup and often they are the best and worst of people all n one when it comes to sinking u or helping u out. we live in a concentrated state i think we have to dilute it out somehow. i will try to figure out how to do this efficiently. fayroozable

Anonymous said...

I've found that when I stay away from the perps I come into daily contact with, they become frustrated as they lose their victim, their toy, that they so love to torment. I was told that if I stay away from a particular group of perps, they will find another victim to pick on.

Another interesting thing is that when I stay away from certain perps from a prolonged period of time, I find out later that they've been involved in some crime while I've been away. It's like they need the victim to unload on and pick on to prevent them from getting into other kinds of trouble, as you pointed out. That's why the people who run these campaigns will say it keeps the people who normally would be getting into trouble, out of trouble when they're engaging in gangstalking. Gangstalking is easy for them to deny, whereas normal everyday crimes such as dealing/using drugs and robbing convenience stores are very undeniable crimes punishable by law. So by avoiding these types, I'm basically allowing these criminals to get into the trouble they deserve.

I've noticed that the majority of people engaging in gangstalking are troublemakers and hoodlums, as well as general weirdos, stalker types.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one and outlines why a TI must MUST MUST remain "detached" in a healthy way rather than the kind of detatched the perps wish to create. Trust is something a TI can not hand out, it must be earned over a period of time. It's the challenge of a TI to allow themselves to connect with and trust people in a safe and sane manner, but no matter what you do the perps will always fool you sometimes or get to your trusted confidant eventually.

A TI who cannot soften and have human companionship at all anymore is DONE FOR. Suicide is the result or insanity. We need human companionship and love. SO a TI must be able to TRUST...fully knowing that the person they are trusting could very well turn on them. It's getting above and beyond that issue of betrayal...and taking it to heart...that a TI must learn.

Am I making sense? If you can get over the deeply personal wounding of betrayal of what you thought was friendship by seeing that the other person is SICK and it's not ALL about you...then I think a TI can find themselves able to overcome this whole tactic. I'm outline my own process with it basically. The ability to experience intimacy and then completely let go of that is something that I cherish in myself. It's not like there isn't grief but it's not soul crushing. It's kept me soft and soulful to be able to let go of betrayal so easily. They failed to make me hard and cold and incapable of love. And so what if I got shit on a few times? Being victimized and IDentifying with being a victim are two different things.