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Thursday, February 18, 2010

article: Harassing by internet is now fed crime..unless its gang stalking related, right?/NWO,-go-to-jail/2010-1028_3-6022491.html
Another article shows that our reality and its problems is as usual ignored by the mainstream. CNET is great but again being 'targeted' means the involvement of covert activity, the probable involvement of intelligence agencies, rogues or not or military or other govt agencies perhaps along with organized crime or secret societies. Either that or there is this war around the TI between the afore mentioned factions. Either way being 'targeted' is a silent, invisible affair. We get harassed constantly but its very psychological very subtle.

I have actually experienced attempts to train me in political correctness via these harassments which pisses me off more than anything else ever done to screw up my activism or target me. It was some article where I was shaky or pissed off at some incident and was writing about race issues...something along those lines. I was probably trying to make order out of some chaotic situation via naming, labeling etc. This is normal for TI's who are attempting to stay sane and were highly intelligent and the system seeks to especially dumb them down via brain damage through different methods in the gang stalking system.
Its also a great guilt trip which is one of the staples of a the psychological warfare involved in these campaigns.
In the bottom right corner of my blog draft screen there is a space for tags for the posts. I put in something and it came back with the full phrase "labeling people is.." I forget it was a phrase saying it was discrimination or along those lines of meaning. Someone, one of the many hackers who I am supposed to be imagining as a TI, once again gets into my computer to train me on how to act and think differently. To condition me.
This would be understandable vigilante behavior if I wasnt writing the piece due to being a very wrongly traumatized targeted individual and this action against anyone is unjust to begin with. America is the freedom to hate as you see fit and if you are going onto my blog you better be doing this to black supremacists hip hop or anything else racially charged. (everyone ignores how sexist hip hop is by supporting its classist/racist "you owe us" bs. I love using OSR on my YouTube account as most lilly whites who are sickening liberal types didnt have to grow up where most of us did and wouldnt even get it to begin with. MYOB)

It was so childish and so PC, which is childish anyway and very pious. When we, Gen X started out with the idea of Political Correctness it was kind of an orderly way to continue the "I have a dream" idea of Dr King that we all grew up idealizing even secretly through the grunge years. Those years were a reflection of the disillusion as we realized our parent's pot smoked laden realities werent the ideal of the real world and also we resented them for selling out after hammering those ideals into our heads. We were thier first children and at the first sign of rebellion they through us into tough love programs which was their jealousy of our youth as well as their fear of losing thier own. Also the boomers of that age have a very bad habit of not realizing how arrogant they are..when LSD was going to change the world they were not above dosing people. Then when recovery was the way everyone should live, they were going to force THAT on everyone. We were sick of their flip flopping, thier orders, their selfishness (which the younger kids cannot even begin to conceive of what we had to go through with the ASSHOLES you idolize from the 70's) and their jealousy of teenagers. They were fun when we were small because little kids are fun to play with when you are stoned and you can do things to piss off your mother's June Cleaver generation by growing the kid's hair long or letting them run around with no clothes on. But once we became Willful AND youthful, we were a threat as they now realized that the Mother Ship was not going to land in the middle of a Disco, let cocaine loose all over the dance floor, and take them to Mars (like Jimi promised as he was from there) where they could be young and party forever. They were scared out of thier haze by AIDS and Reagan. It was fun to see them tortured by the realization of thier own mortality...oh it was fun to watch. I loved every minute of it. After years of having to put them to bed, clean up thier messes, deal with thier self indulgent bullsh*t and thier partying instead of raising us as parents. Hahaha.
For then it must have been like having to face the sun rising in the morning after a night of partying but this time forever. Never again would the same twilight dream land protect them as before. However due to them being completely freaked out during this time period they turned on the very monsters they created. All the ideals they raised us with as children they now worked against. This left us confused angry and without allies against 'The Man' we created our own world of rebellion and it would be dark, sinister, depressing and something totally foreign to them. Like normal kids rebelling against thier parents but these WERE the rebels so it was extra hard work to keep them out, especially since they were desperate to not fade away and wanted in. The getting rid of the dinosaur bands era was refreshing. It would turn out to be much like Punk however, just got rid of them for a moment then they were back.

When I was in Vegas for six months or so helping a friend realize you dont gamble the rent money away, I would frequent the businesses there like a local not a tourist. Taking everything in I would pass by this huge poster of Cobain in the Hard Rock (where I only went at night due to them having the only and the biggest piece of chocolate cake I had ever seen at 3 am..anywhere..ever) it says on it in caption "I hate myself and I want to die". For anyone IN that generation with any brains at all its firstly a joke on the mainstream every time someone buys into that as a sales pitch on his suicide (which is its purpose in that poster) and its also easy to see he was being sarcastic. The great thing about Gen X grunge era is that it was engineered to keep the mainstream and the grown ups OUT and no matter how you try to repackage the material it still does just that. This was the generation who like the surrealists, would vandalize one piece of a billboard ad, knowing it changed the whole meaning thus destroying its power. In order to stop us they had to bring in Bush, the war, anti terror, PC, the right wing Christianity, heavy psychiatry/big pharma introduced into daily life of the people, community watch, all around surveillance, a streamlined police force etc such action is considered terrorism. As Bush became powerful-as I recall after the public wanting to impeach him for the bs election due to something blowing up, then him doing what always happens when one if his family takes the helm- waging war, I saw Earth First fly off the shelves of health food stores and other places out of the fear that then was new and now stays with us as a warning against trying to have any say at all, enforced by the aforementioned supposed 'anti terror' establishment. During this time Gen Y came up, slightly dense and then the millennial- conservative sheep scared to death by growing up with Monster Bush as president. Now its over..completely and totally. Anyone who was a threat has now had thier life destroyed and Gen X members are either sold out, dead, silenced or ignored but respected. The boomers got thier empire back and the millennial only know them as wonderful older parents or grand parents in recovery. Looks like one indeed becomes thier parents as they age and they have done a white wash that June and Ward would be proud of. Too bad more of them didnt choke on thier own vomit...pity.

The caption under Cobain should be one of his statements near the time of his death. He saw an Eagles concert sell out as grunge was fading and the bastar...I mean the Boomers were making thier way back again as the great Immortals they know they are. He stated allegedly: "We shouldn't even bothered to have happened". THAT should be under his face on that poster cuz that sums it up quite well in truth.

This new world order they are building especially seems to fit well with the millenials who have taken to YUPPIE militancy as if they were born for the part and the Boomers who would rather forget the truth and live out thier retirement years thinking of themselves which they never stopped doing, as well as the people who worship them: the Millenials.

Do not even try to tell me that a small but very smart generation like Gen X who are the children of the transition- having knowledge of both the new age world including tech and the old world without it, who were raised in such an environment as the late 60's early 70's and then experienced multiple rebellions against the 60's rebellion generation itself are not feared by the establishment. They make it look that way and they make it look like everything that has happened is happenstance- that its all due to other things, circumstances.
I believe that the reason we did not take action as kids, thus we were 'slackers' was becuz we WERE taking action by INaction. We had seen our parents take enough action to start the process but then sell out in thier later years. WE are in this for life and the establishment knows that.
Some of us that the true rebellion would come later: and as Targeted Individuals HERE WE ARE. All society can do is repress us at this point until we become old or die or conform.

As usual this is the generation who can turn off everything else and be logical due to our drugged out drama queen parents trying to get the best of us through manipulations (like thier parents) or the Reagan era pushing for trendy, conformity and corporate. If one looks logically at what has gone one through the last decade on can see that society's claims are full of shit and PC is no longer used for its original purpose of peacemaking in society. It is now used as social control.

It seems that the Neo Cons came to steam roll over us with right wing Christians, Conservatives and a new kind of hateful Republican that hardly resembles Ford or even Reagan that were livable as influential Republican administrations.

THEN after Bush disguised as some backlash, there is the presence of a left wing Liberal faction that even make ME sick and appears totally insane in its goals...JUST LIKE THE LAST ADMINISTRATION THAT WAS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PARTY AND AFFILIATION.

The key here is not conspiracy but one phrase: New World Order. This was a phrase coined for a different purpose originally. But it has been taken on as the best way to describe what is going on since the late 90's. And it seems to be global.

One thing that must be noted by detractors is that people like myself that use this phrase are not the inventors of it. The artful treatment of the phrase, the best sales pitch ever is that IT CAME OUT OF THE MOUTH OF TWO PRESIDENTS..that is its origin. One being Republican and one Democrat, Bush Sr and Obama respectively. The only difference is that when Obama says it he looks like he is just doing what the Man wants perpetuated and in the original clip of Bush speaking of it, resembles an evil genius from a Bond movie planning his world domination plans. All that is needed is a small pet such as a cat for him to stroke as he dictates his plans for all of us: "A new world order..." ..not the law of the jungle but..' and then something about a kinder gentler whatever. I'll look it up but that speech is ingrained in my mind and I dont think I will ever forget it. It is SO traumatizing to anyone sane that most of the public has probably forgotten it by now to stay sane.


The Obama statement was NOT the speech touted by many as his NWO speech in Berlin. There is a clip I have seen briefly where he actually says NWO. I recall "the new world order that we all want" were his words. I believe it was a short interview but I dont have the time to find it right now.

So PC and other forms of cult brainwashing are being used. Firstly how is it that two parties want the same thing? And please question how insane the two parties have been recently both using cult mind control tactics to get thier way moreso than any other past administration. Taking people out of reality especially with the presence of psych meds, the internet and multi media- of technology being so intricate a part of our lives now. These two factors alone have been used to help uproot the public and place them where the handlers want them placed. Its no wonder that many people feel that we are living in what they describe as an "alternate reality".
There are many reasons for this and one is the way its being done. Humans may be brainwashed but they are on some level aware of the con. Its like something is missing or one doesn't feel grounded.
Also as far as logic goes it just doesn't add up: How is using child labor for products used in the USA Politically Correct? Its not legal here. Becuz as long as no one realizes it then its not really happening so it doesn't matter. REALizes. REAL..REALITY.

Globalization has many a causality and according to political correctness this is wrong. But if people don't see or care to see then it doesn't exist for them..political correctness is just about as legit in its new NWO form as psychiatry has become: it's relative. As I recall gravity is pretty much a rule, a truth for all of the earth. Psychiatry depends on being relative to the culture you live in. When that culture is trying to pull of a campaign of greed, hostility and social control using any tactic it has to to get the public in line, via multiple parties, administrations and other authority now corrupt- then psychiatry and other things depending on being 'relative' should be regarded with suspicion. Not due to paranoia but due to being sensible.

The shame of all this is that many people who have seen either the worst of this, the truly dirty tricks that are going along with this power struggle or have been victimized are posting, writing and speaking: the public or most of the people seem very satisfied if not complacent on the subject matter. They may listen to Alex Jones, the new Howard Stern as far as edge or popularity or being 'different' but they are satisfied to just listen. Before the insanity of Bush people were starting to turn off the TV to not allow thier kids to watch TV. The public is so overwhelmed now that they cannot take control of thier lives- not all but many. When I returned to Boston I could not believe the change in the population. How the poor now looked so miserable and anyone how had anything appeared stressed out. The very rich and the students were the only ones that appeared as what I recall as Bostonians. Kids tend to have fun no matter what and this is partially due to young people having a bond between them naturally at that age no matter where they may meet or exist. Only when people grow up is it easy to trap them into doing what the system wants as you can no longer fool them but now can black mail,bribe or oppress them adults.

Its like the whole world changed after Bush really this started being obvious in the late 90's. For anyone really paying attention it started during Reagan and it does not surprise me that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush Sr were all in Ford's administration.
I now realize why so many artists or targeted people who were older or more savvy than myself left when that administration got chosen during Bush Jr. Anyone old enough to recall the pardoning of Nixon knew better.

There is a difference between making a better world and appearing to do so for the benefit of a chosen few as well as any lemmings in the population who go along with it. There are little things that they pretend to fight over like outcome based education: the Republicans hate it or anyone of that mindset. I also think its wrong to tell a bright child to stifle it in the interest of the group or the lesser. Now THAT is unAmerican. Yet this is the same world we live in that has now taken to YUPPIE or new money snobbery as a judgement of human worth. Stasi tactics and harassment are institutionalized as during Bush, to back up revitalization of communities and economic warfare is readily used. How is THIS Politically Correct. There is no such thing as a perfect world and anyone who tells you they are forming such a thing is conning you. There are always causalities and costs. Ignoring them does not make the world better and snobbery might be the only way to validate your actions against others and block out the casualties by legitimizing your actions against them.

And in Obama's speech he says that everyone will have to "Do more not less". Why should the people have to work harder to support the few getting rich and being basically overlords of the people. How stupid are you? Its marketed as some sort of world peace. That doesn't or shouldn't come from the dirty tricks sector doing whatever the hell it wants to people as well as taking the lives of some to benefit others. IT SOUNDS LIKE ITS THE SAME GAME IT ALWAYS WAS...just a 'kinder, gentler' way of processing it or looking at it.
Its brainwashing flat out and when people have to be afraid of what they do privately in thier own homes as consenting adult or speak out against actions taken by those in power or when a crusader like attitude is put forth on ANYTHING to do with governance you have a serious problem within that society.

There is something very suspect about promising a perfect world when to get such a thing built you have broken all of your own rules as well as principles.

People are validing thier greed and writing off anyone who gets in the way end of story. THIS is the reality of this NWO. Its brainwash and only those who go along like cult members will benefit. You can do as you like for by now you know I am all for free Will but to deny the actions in place is the worst act of all.

If you wish to be bastards I am not telling you not to do so. But to deny people the truth of thier experience as well as justice is not PC its lying and suppressing information in a cover up. Ahhh cover ups. How retro. Popular during the old guard as I recall..except for one big difference. In the old days the people knew about cover ups, quietly questioned them, then acted or did not but went home to the privacy of thier own lives where most of the population could afford (were allowed) to live sheltered, fed and even happy or if miserable at least in charge of thier own lives. NOW cover ups are denied as insanity or conspiracy as if leaders or authorities under them/ backing them no longer partake in corruption as they take our rights and control of our lives from us as well as our standard of living and ultimately quality of life.

In other words you are being conned and you're supposed to be minding the store as my southern grandfather used to say. Old fashoined? Perhaps. It seems giving in to a systematic destruction of the USA in the interest of some vague ideal of world wide communism with capitialistic rewards is THE fashion right now. The new generation's ideal of what is right or the right way to live. Just like putting LSD in people's pizza was the right thing to do 34 years ago.
Humans rarely have the right ideals of what is good for everyone especially something as hefty as changing the world.
My generation has seen too much of this in the Baby Boomers ideals to trust anything this total...totalitarian.

Only when you oppress opposing viewpoints and forces do you get only YOUR word across or seem correct or righteous.

And the denial of the systematic targeting of dissidents should be enough to tell you there is nothing perfect about the NWO, in fact weapons are not perfected (documented) that make forcing human beings to one's Will possible. If there is denial of that as welll as scorn for its critics or its alleged victims how is that a perfect world or peaceful (or politically correct). Its like fitting pieces into a puzzle by smashing them down or cutting them to fit. Obviously the plan for a perfect world is not perfect after all.

Its being marketed as a perfect world the way products are deceptively marketed to you everyday: it doesnt do what it claims. Listen carefully: "A New World Order". That could be anything or different things to different people. Its to broad to be possible or even logical or sensible. And "order" may be gotten by getting rid of anything considered disorderly. Claiming you are going for the whole WORLD is never a good sign.

I would be very suspect especially if many people seemed to become heavily targeted during Bush as using anti terror or other excuses seemed the way to harass certain people into conformity.

The post started off about just that story but its grown into something else. No matter how TIs are ignored no matter what the cover story is or what the smear people have to use against us the fact that we were dealt with so militanty, so heavy handly during the last administration means that someone somewhere who knows more than any of the people who would opress us directly knows that we either know something, conshusly or not, or are capable of something directly connected to either the actions that are being taken or the people involved in taking them.
No matter what anyone does remember that. And dont fall for the "isolated extremist" phrase either as this is a meaningless phrase just like "New World Order" or "Political Correctness" or..the worst of them all over the era:"Proactive". Raise your hand if you hate this sort of made up speech...heeyyyy!! Wait a minute! Why didnt I see this before?!! This is loaded language, whats used in cults. Ah ha!!

See what I mean? This is officially an era of insanity. Ignore it as you have been as best you can, try not to take part, and help make sanity occur again wherever you can.

Its like everyone has taken the bad brown acid but no one knows it. Its like if you dosed June and Ward in thier studio home with the fake flora and studio fake tv feel but they dont realize it and the best action for them is to try to act normal and live in denial. That is what society looks like right now.

Before you buy into the NWO take into consideration what the costs were, are or will be. Most people dont want full knowledge of what they are partaking in as most people are cowards...that is why the beligerant, hated oucast among us still continue to speak out, kick ass and fight even though we are made out to be society's fools or downtrodden.

If you open you eyes and see what you are partaking in and then still do so of your own Will, then fine. Its the Helen Keller act that infuriates me most of all.

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