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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another TI blog: florenceioviray @Wordpress

I laughed when I saw Mother Teresa's face next to mine...not quite my methods but if it gets the job done fine then.

Thanks for the exposure and a crituque that sounds more sensible than most of my posting. This is what I need really. I am like this crazy artist lost without a manager to help get along with the 'real world'. Its very hard but the core of my work does make sense and I want every one to see the changes daily and over time in a targets life. I only take a post down if its especially damaging to the cause or the overall big picture of targeted individuals.

Travelling the country I have realized that the northeast or even the north or the east alone are very different from the rest of the USA. This place is too godamn big. The regions of the USA are akin to different countries really. Even though San Diego is technically CA there are specifics that make it really a part of the southwest. I cannot believe around the USA how swearing or cussing as they say in the mid west is frowned upon. Its a part of everyday speach in Boston or NY perhaps due to sailors in the old days I dont know. You are conditioned not to swear around 'grown ups' or other people where you have to be respectful but its only temporary. I feel very stifled in most places when I can sense that my swearing as a natural part of expression in speach is dwelled upon. Its censoring and I cant stand it.

But this made me realize that much of my blogging and other things I do make common people NOT familiar with the northeast think "well this is why she's targeted". People really take to focusing on the eccentricities of TI's. There are plenty of people in the northeast that swear daily as a natural part of living that are not targeted. There are also many people who speak freely on sexual matters or religion that are NOT targeted.

Human beings become targeted for very specific reasons. This is a business like any other and no one with access to THIS much money or tech or man power makes decisions based on the silly things that the smear campaigns lead people to believe are the true reasons for TIs being targeted. Its all very vague under examination isnt it? That is becuz its bullsh*t. If someone was targeted for being oversexed or swearing too much or pure jealousy or some moral jugement there would be nothing left but Targets and Perps. It wouldnt and does not make any sense. Dont fall into the smoke and mirrors. The decision to have a TI targeted is a business decision and never forget that . Somewhere there is alot of money involved and something is at stake. Getting off on torturing people or tangible rewards/perks are just by products.

And the insanity or 'down the rabbit hole' environment that is created is just a tool it is not the reality of the situtation. I dont care HOW many crazy perps you meet who seem everything from programmed to brainwashed with brain damage, Christian extremists to Satanists, sexist, racist, puritan to pervert...NONE of these people are the designers of the campaign and none of them represent the power behind it. They are soldiers, toys...figures on the map to move about in the theatre of war.

Always remember that to have a TI targeted to begin with it took a very cold and sensible business decision not the seemingly random insanity that is brought forth after such a decision is made. And if you are a survivor of programming that is higher level then you have most likely been 'managed' your whole life anyway and only when the system wants to bring you back under control will you experiene its full force. Either that or you are being deprogrammed by the same methods deemed illegal a decade ago consisting of kidnapping, rape, abuse, humiliation and other psych warfare all part of behavior modification TO ERASE YOU MEMORIES AND YOUR make you average and keep you silent about what you remember about being programmed in infancy, anything you experienced during your life while working for the system and anything you can map out to show the world the structure of your own internal programming.

Other people dont know why they are targeted but there has got to be a reason. Every crime has a motive and to get that much focus that must be costin alot of money somewhere its GOT to be either an investment or a protection of an investment. The perps seem fools but the puppet masters are far from that. Its very calculated and dont you forget it.

We need people like this to pull all the info together sensibly. I have not read the rest of the blog other than she includes Eleanor too.

And stop writing me telling me not to hurt myself. I post what needs to be posted to allow people to see the changes. You have two outcomes, perhaps 3: I either snuff it and you or I will not have to worry anymore as I will be dead, I write my story first then ..whatever but that book needs to be manifested- OR- I succumb to all the behavior modification and accept that I am some loser who should realize I can never win and in a world of many I am just one average person as well as my story no one is going to believe anyway or help me..and should start working for my retirement and blend into the crowd and keep silent about everything. The system beats me down constantly with this sentiment EVERYDAY and its the worst in a while here in San Diego, CA where the herd mentality rules. It takes all of my Will just to do simple things here. Its got the fire power of St Louis but they dont want to kill me or hurt me severely- they just want me to shut up, act normal and get a damn job. I may just prefer physical torture and attemtped murder compared to being tortured with that sentiment.

NOTHING is worse than the death of the true Self or one's life experience. Physical pain and death torture and suffering are preferable to 'forgetting' one's past or who one is, was or could have been. Its a very sick society that seeks to destroy the individual for the collective, the true Self for a newly created false 'self'. This is a society that takes a pill for everything (except pain nowadays- THAT is encouraged of course now). If you cant function to make money, be social and pay taxes and own 'stuff' then you need to take pills cuz America needs to get on with it. My mother thought nothing of taking anti depressants temporarily just during having to move. Being a person who is very into her home and her stuff moving was traumatic for her. People just dont have the strength in them to face dramas or traumatic events. This is extremely unhealthy for the human animal and the species. How did our ancestors survive? Granted there was not the stress on them as there is on us due to chemical and electro magnetic enviromental pollution, which may be the number one reasons for all these new conditions anyway but they will to survive should prevail. Yes often that means blocking things out or not dealing with things, but when a system is doing battle with you by seekin to control you so it can cover up corruption then it is seeking to INDUCE that reaction for its own purposes. THIS time it WANTS many of us to shrink before the challenge, to not be able to deal or face up. This it will use to handle us into being silent about our experiences- nothing more than victim witness intimidation.

We must fight not only those who are Machivellian enough to know EXACTLY what they are doing (who are actually easier to deal with) but we must also deal with the numerous useful idiots they employ often without thier knowledge. A TI often in these people's eyes needs to be fixed, needs to be reformed, needs to be brought into line, needs to be re educated, saved, punished, murdered, taught a lesson or know thier place. There are SO many factions they utilize or they realize when they put a certain story out that many factions will respond to the smear in these ways towards the TI and they use this to thier advantage.

This is the main reason that telling my story is so undesirable. If I finally have a voice if I finally tell my side if you will then the smear people HAVE NOTHING MORE TO WORK WITH unless they can manipulate people who have not read my story. Thats when you just let the story do its work for you and whatever else happens is none of your concern. This system works on painting a picture of the TI and if you have done a self portrait then the frame is already filled. All they can do is to try to paint over it or smear that. At that point f*ck em.

One must always question WHY its so important to silence a target from telling thier story if indeed no one is going to believe them as they keep pushing. What, it will ruin my life and my future? Those are already ruined.

Its a trick of the system to try to bring us back in line again by making deals to keep secrets. In the old days when people like me were under control they just fed us whatever kept us quite like drugs or money, glamour sex fake friends. When you get honest they seek to get you into the jail like system that IS the dysfunctional pedo family of mind control. Dont respect authority, fear it for its corrupt , bond with said authority keep its secrets and you will be rewarded. The rewards just arent big enough for me and I was never paid off properly. The attitude when it comes to me is that people can do as they please with me and I have no power to fight back or defend myself. I am not worth paying off as I am more easily pushed around or intimidated. This does not fit into my life plans especially since making me lose my looks. THAT is worth my own death as well as the death of anyone else due to nothing being more valuable in this world than a work of art, beauty or intelligence up there with artistic talent. Destroy those and you ask for death. I am as I was now dead. Why should I, at all, further seek a life as a citizen of what world they offer me? I will never leave the cold darkness they have put me into and its a joke on them anyway cuz in my programming there is this sort of darkness paritally present. It doesnt bother me its just not supposed to be EVERYTHING about me. Its supposed to be a part of me not the whole. Along with this were beautiful structures, imagination and all the light- the positives of knowledge and potential to gain knowledge.

In short these forces came into my 'temple', dragged me out through the front hall, raped beat and destroyed me, destroyed my temple, then left me for dead and now seek to enslave me....needless to say I am not happy with this outcome and I seek return of what is mine. Since they cannot return this to me as time has taken much of what was valuable then I seek only to destroy and perhaps I consider sometimes to rebuild...but IN MY IMAGE..not the system dictating to me my shape and form within ITS structure. If not then all 'construction' will cease via the death of the vessel. This body.

Do not f*ck around with my sense of Self or my sense of ownership or of space. I notice that a natural territoriality that both my mother and I have is sought to be destroyed by this system. Its goals are VERY different from what it presents to the public and they have NO IDEA of what is being lost, destroyed and altered as they think they are just helping some f*cked up woman get out of homelessness, irresponsibilty and get employed. To destroy a human sense if Will power is to destroy ALL. Life is someone elses once this is no longer owned by the inhabitant of the body in question.

I have never seen the attempts as now to destroy or alter. But then my Will was never as strong as it is as A FEMALE IN HER MID TO LATE 30'S. They knew this and they fear this. It was always easy to misdirect me, lie to me, frustrate or confuse me or discourage me. It is not so easy now and so they need to turn up all the buttons to full tilt.

Good luck cuz there are two choices for an outcome for me- either that story gets written or I am a dead woman per my programming. Outsiders cannot interfere.

And dont worry even if I have to tell the story in some babbling on video for 8 hours becuz I cant write due to constant interference I will do so. Itll get done. I am sure they love the video idea as it would make me look like an idiot. I have a way of using the talents I should have used for art in my vids so something will come of it to my desired outcome no matter what the opposition.

One has to wonder why the arts have been a main focus of either keeping me from expressing myself in them or destroying actual artwork I have created. This also requires payment.

Its the same as it always was. Instead of paying ones debt, one would rather burn at the stake or frame up one's creditor. It never really worked as these things have a way of equaling themselves out.

The system here in San Diego has been very hard to deal with. I dont leave becuz I dont get gang stalked here which was really wearing me down. That psych warfare is the worst of this and I couldnt take it anymore. Just over in Victorville northeast of here in CA it was overt. Here its very subtle along with other harder to detect forms of brain washing. Its a very effective system and a TI will stay here due to the homeless scene being mellow and it being a major city with opportunities and no overt gang stalking. One does however feel watched intensely and that includes inside buildings (not all but its frequent) often where one cannot see cameras in sight, but we all know that pin hole cameras exist so seeing nothing means nothing. And though I hate to speak about tech becuz it sounds so much like insanity this place is obviously capable and 'wired' for sound if you will. Lets just say I couldnt even write this post it was so bad or get anything else done for that matter until I took my cell phone and put it over that spot in the small of my back. I used to use magnets but this kind of remote influence hasnt been this hard on the Will since Boston. The ideations are not as cruel here and the remote influence not as torturous. Its more like constant gentle pressure to conform and that includes sexual stimulation in attempt to have me go out and get a male companion. This all ceases once that cell phone is on my spine...let me explain ( there is a spot on my spine that has always been fascinating due to any stimulation of it 'unusual' things as a result. I believe I read somewhere this may be common as an implanting spot for mc slaves. Perhaps this is just genetic or normal in human females but not common knowledge. Its sad that such a thing is used to torture someone or to control them to supplant the Will. Something tells me that its for pleasure and not for what this system seeks to use it for. They are abusing it, another reason they need thier asses kicked by and expose.) These attacks are daily here now and much of the result is sexual stimulation that results in me, along with all the years of torture, believing that I have no other way out but to engage in being part of the adult entertainment industry.

One can see how religion cant help a target nor anything else but truth, logic, science and other things helpful. Jesus is not going to solve this. Its a battle and concepts of a god only confuse things. Besides when one group comes after you trying to make you feel bad as a whore only so that they can make you back into one, you start to distrust this whole system and realize NO ONE is to be trusted and the moralists play on the same team as the whoremongers and supposed Satanists.

I believe that the only end to that outcome would be to discredit me, once again we have to look at the business end of thier goals. In the beginning I was constantly being harassed with attempts at entrappement. This is a forcing of those circumstances. If I dont willfully get into ever car that stops by me and opens the door intimating I am a whore or after the focusing on that so much in the campaign, then force me to do such things in some other way. If you look closely at each stage of this game you will see that its all calculated as well as its always pretty much the same desired outcomes on the systems end.
Also without overt harassment its very easy for me to get alot done. This is also a place of many mentally ill homeless and I wonder if that is also a desired outcome for me..if I cant get alot done where there is no harassment perhaps this problem is that I am insane after all? Another attempt at driving the person into a label..and how long have they been trying to do THAT in many forms? It always returns to the same outcomes but due to them using the same tools to do so, the counter moves are of the same-exposing thier tools usage.

A counter tactic such as the cell phone on the spine is used. That can only mean one thing.. tech is being used very similar to what I have read about along the way of these experiences or I have a disorder that manifests itself in me fooling my mental illness by putting the cell phone on my spine- but that wouldnt explain all the leaking of info by strangers family and associates alike. The system is hoping that I will eventually appear to the public that I probably imagined that too. Its so important for me to NOT map this out logically for them to win this war.

As usual Up Yours.

Again thanks for the inspiration by another blogger appearing and not sounding like a disinfo agent. oh thats right, that is for the yearly protests in Washinton where they wear tin foil hats to get their point across. Uhhh, its not working is it? Do these organizations have ANY fashion designers or artists working in them? Thank gods for the few musicians are writers that make it believable again.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
as a Canadian TI living in Vancouver, I have a curiosity in what people on the American west coast are experiencing. San Diego sounds a lot like Vancouver. In my experience, anyway. Only on rare occasions have I had overt, in-your-face, GS. A lot of what I'm getting is psychological, featuring intense privacy invasion by the ever-watchful whoevers.
Lately, I have been re-establishing a connection with the spiritual, but not in a cult-sense, but in a affirmation of what you yourself have stated; this isn't irrational non-sense. It's cold calculation carried out by someone with a business plan. Now, if you consider, part of that plan would be to handle TI's as case-studies, applying resources and methods according to the TI's nature. There is no humanity in this; no empathy or sympathy, or any of the other nice 'pathies. Only the bad ones, like sociopathy and psychopathy. The question; what has animal traits, but lacks human traits? The word I'm looking for is "beast". A word very much in the lexicon of those who would attribute much of what you, and I, and many other unfortunate b*stards suffer as the workings of something altogether sinister, dark, and extremely malevolent.
This is the paradox, isn't it? When you admit to a reason that transcends science, logic, and reason, you feel that you must abandon your individuality. I've been fighting this syndrome ever since I decided to break from my Roman Catholic roots. While I am happy that I left that twisted and perverse organization behind, I am not always entirely sure to what or whom I am going to.

I hope you can persevere.