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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Knew? The New (Hostile) Liberal Power Elite..Wont Tolerate Dissent

Is this what my lawyer meant when she said "Cambridge isnt what it used to be." ?


"Those who dissent from the accepted point of view can expect their work to be simply ignored, or in some cases vilified."
Or you can have them harassed until they are totally villified.

This must be why my wanting to improve homeless conditions is such a threat. The homeless world exemplifies so much of the realities of poverty and racism (reverse included) as well as shows the system's failures to solve problems.

Also if you are trying to destroy the middle class and lower classes you wouldn't want to assist anyone falling. You'd want them to end up in the homeless pit so to speak and they may or may not make it out depending on how well they go along with the system.

Like other elite you need somewhere to deposit your enemies you've targeted.

So...I should be proud that Harvard trespassed me the sleazy way that they did. I now realize that I am simply fighting up against a new threat from rich overbearing spoilt rotten assholes and their underclass house slaves, a threat that our generation and our parents had seen from the totally opposite kind of people.

Its been strange to shift my understanding of the enemy to someplace where party lines dont exist.

One thing I always understood is that Liberal elitists are rich people FIRST and foremost.

With the growth of this creepy culture Ive seen through these years you cannot trust or rely on labels like Liberal or Democrat like one used to.

Reading the links I realize Im losing so badly becuz my work goes up against the "oligarchs" of finance and technology and now my recent direction offends the opposite group.

I have no place to be safe. But then again in reality the activism on this level IS about both of these groups benefiting from the war crimes of unethical human experimentation, mass mind control and targeting of individual citizens.

So much of the worst abuses from what seemed like military levels of tech (helicopters used etc) happened in the local area. Kenmore Sq, Berklee College area, Emerson College Boston.

Then again similar horrors occurred in AZ a notoriously military state. Harvard and MA state police were always heavily involved in harassment.

For whatever reason I could seek refuge in Harvard Sq for many years. Since the new admin took over that's changed completely. Its unnerving the amount of negativity and hatred that exist there now.

So by obsessing over diversity the elite are covering for their class wars...and hiding the fact they are the same evil greedy selfish self serving pieces of shit they always were.

Actually I recall the old money type kids years ago being much more kind and doing wonderfully WASPy things with us minding their own business. And having the class to not draw attention to situations. Much unlike nowadays.

I should be pretty much satisfied that the 'new' Harvard Sq acted like punk ass little scumbags and utilized something so horribly trendy as terrorism to get me tresspassed.

Did anyone mention the new elite are pretty much a mob where no one person has any kind of true creativity or originality? And it SHOWS darlings. It really does.

I was told by a local recently that Im also targeted becuz Im too smart and that "around here having natural talent is considered an unfair advantage".

So it is very much a closed elitist society where institutions rule.

Of course its really about Harvard's connection to MK Ultra and all the nasty crap they pulled during Bush. And early Obama.

Just like every other elite core who wants to enslave humanity with the NWO deception.

One thing I have to say is that it seems there are some allies in the area. They lay quiet. But they are at powerful institutions and this is the force that got me to come back to MA once again and fight some more. Who can tell if theres those that genuinely want me to continue to victory or if they just want to have me back here to finish destroying me. I cant tell anymore.

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dmatic4 said...

one time at a grocery store one of them was talking loud and said "he's way too smart.he's too smart for his own good". im not really that smart its just that most pple are so fuckin stupid, especially gang stalkers.