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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Update: They Are Trying To Cause Burnout And Killling Levels Of Stress

Update: Isolation, homebase gone, Color Harassment and Perps everywhere using every tactic imaginable to keep stress levels high and the pressure on is taking a toll on my well being and sanity and behavior in public spaces.

Ever since the new people took power in various offices in this area of the country, nationwide there's been an increase in organized stalking and harassment utilizing psych warfare.

My homebase and the people I knew as my street family are gone. Whoever is left has turned on me and now do gesturing tactics when speaking to me.

98% of the people I have interactions with perform tactical gesturing. In other words I cannot have a normal conversation with people I interact with without they either running thier hands through their hair or tapping their sides/rubbing their front pocket, leg area or both. This is on top of people in public spaces doing this to me all day long. Its everywhere.

Also the Boston area has a SERIOUS black and red or black white and red color addiction problem.

Multiple people daily are wearing the color combination all over the city and surrounding areas and its also in store windows. Macy's store windows has black white and red clothing to the exception of ANY OTHER COLORS.

Ive also experienced very worrisome tactical trends like people doing gestures in ads, tv (college football games? Wtf) and things like photos of an entire company board. REI is one example.

Boston and surrounding towns now seem to be home to citizens who are nothing but mindless cult members. It must suck to have such a limited color assortment available in your wardrobe or to be obligated to wear only three possible colors or have to have those colors in sight somewhere as if you are military or gang members.

A recent way Ive seen black and red clothing displayed as intimidation if the person isnt wearing is to hang it on passenger seats so its visible. A worker at Star Market in Porter Sq Cambridge had his jacket displayed in the same fashion on the skid he was moving products on to stock at night.

People are being creepy nice and friendly-smiling as they either put hands through hair in a way thats awkward and obviously unnatural or unnecessary if they interact with me. As if its a come on to join them. Like to brainwash me that this behavior is normal and I will eventually accept it, and them.

When Im panhandling now, 50% or so of the people who give me money do side tapping or front leg rubbing while interacting with me seemingly normally.

No longer are people always hostile. They are friendly which is nothing but normalizing torture.

Police vehicles now show up wherever I am especially if Im panhandling. They must drive around or drive by. It's an added threat to the recent occurence at Harvard where a false tip of domestic terrorism was called in on me. (See earlier post).

The recent expeeience in Harvard has kept me from the area completely while I try to get advocacy. This has taken a toll on my ability to be stable.

Im still focused and sane and I have readapted to a new routine and area. However the anxienty induced has been so great I have been allowing my self talk coping mechanism to take hold and using it for creative process, and stress relief/anxiety reduction.

I also use it as a sort of activism to insult perps and make people listen to truths about whats really going on out here. The perps want to keep me stressed to keep this mechanism going becuz I think they believe it discredits me but it seems to also piss them off as well as guilt them for a time becuz truths suck for them.
Its not going to discredit me becuz in my odd position its part of the creative process and can be shown as such. Also I have prior psychological documentation of being overworked like is common among CEOs and simply in need of sleep and not being overworked or overstimulated. Essentially all they have done is make my workload so heavy that its burning me out. As usual with females it seems they are accutely aware of possible adrenal burn out of older women.

This process seems to me like accelerated deprogramming or breaking me. Its nothing more than increasing the amount of brain damage I have as well as using stress as a tool to kill by inducing illness or exacerbating existing health issues.

What I wonder is why has the area become so bad and also where are fellow activists. I know Im not alone.

Firstly its as Ive mentioned that new people are in power, the old guard is gone and many allies are dead or not in power anymore.
Also it seems people are focusing on the racially charged McDonald's incident two summers ago, probably as an excuse to accelerate harassment but also as a rationalization not to pay any mind to my years of prior work. (Lets leave her when the going gets hard. Typical).

They basically broke Harvard down and people left, some have CONVENIENTLY died within a short amount of time (post new administration locally) and the rest were busted or made life difficult until they joined the cult. One kid has even denounced being houseless and his new profile pic on social network site is an age old tactic common among TIs (not myself)-the tongue out of the side of the mouth.
This kid is so desperate he will run out of nowhere into the street to pass me and do a tactic.

Upon asking people in the know about his recent situation (something that might cause him to join the GS cult) I was told he had tried to get involved in some 'street games' that were way over his head. Like trying to sell marijuana and I can buy into that becuz he is a big kid but kind of dim. And hes only been around a little while and hes always wanted to go inside, he came out with that intention so heres his chance.

So they seem to be sucking people into activities then busting them so they have to work for the system.

Ive also come to the conclusion which I didnt see clearly before that Harvard Sq is partially based on tolerating pedophiles.

Years ago you would see street kids in their early 20s leaving the company of older men and it was none of anybody's business. Its common among lost young people and people seemed protected back then. But somewhere along the line it seems like some very predatory rough nasty kinds of people have taken over the street and drug trade so that its not about living a lifestyle to make life tolerable while you are miserable but forcing people into misery.

The old school system that protected people and kept some decency is gone. The absolute biggest assholes seem to run the drug trade now in the area. Asians and some sort of Latino cartel has been seen and mentioned by locals. I of course am blacklisted so never know wtf is going on but thats best. Becuz of my being a Survivor of programming I may talk when I shouldnt. IIts one of the things they seem to work off of in this area and have since Bush. To get me chattering.

I also find the 'die off' of people in such a short amount of time to be very strange.

There was a strong woman of Scottish descent that was involved in the black community in Boston and considered them family. She also was into gang stalking and must have known a great deal about the local 'business' dealings as well as how organized stalking fit into that. According to locals her 'people' ratted each other out, she didnt and got time for it. She may have been baited becuz it was supposedly for assault of someone making racial insults to people in her crowd. She hung herself in jail.

Then a long time roomate of a person I knew from friends who lives in a section 8 hovel, supposedly was found in the Charles River dead. His mother died within the next day. The roomate I was introduced to I realized was not only a crazy person who was abusive ans a shitty human being but he made comments once about a movie being watched that made me pretty sure his mindset was that romantic relationships between grown adults and children were normal.

Its as if my realizing how much pedophilia is a part of the culture in the area has gotten me banished and people turning on me.

It was a different scene years ago. It wasnt creepy. Some lost 16 year old being scooped up by guys in their 20s for a few weeks who have a thing for girls with daddy issues, until they either go back home or find their way in street life was not unusual. The kids were going to run away anyway. Though its technically illegal people figured the immature guys could at least protect these girls.

If you dont understand the alternatives then you wouldn't understand why Harvard was a safer environment than others for kids running from something.

They often would get caught and send home but sometimes not. Results are mixed. Some keep going into self destruction and some get jobs and apartments and take classes.

Boston would be a much worse environment and black pimps are something no one in old school street life likes.
One of my bedtime stories from my mother used to be about her prostitute friend whos pimp poured drano down her throat at the top of a stair case and thats how she died.

I never forgot her warning about male pimps. And Ive seen many a strong woman act like a servile idiot in the presence of a male even I COULD KICK HIS ASS. Becuz he was usually a punk with mommy issues. Always be polite but keep a healthy inner burning hatred for these men.

So it was safer than other places to end up. I dont know where they go now. All i see in the area this summer are blacks that were not genuine people but trouble making afrocentrists and shitty people claiming to be travelers but in reality straight up gang stalkers.
The very fact that people dont want to see that when dealing with covert warfare and spying in America ITS NOT RACISM what I am bringing attention to. ITS A CONTINUATION OF COINTELPRO.
WHICH IS WHY RACISM IS BEING MADE INTO A DEADLY ISSUE (lone shooters). So it intimidates and enrages people into not believing what I and others have seen for years getting worse under Obama: COINTELPRO.
(And understand that we DID have African Americans come to the scene in Harvard. They were like us. They wanted the same fairly safe, chill peaceable place we did with the same level of bohemian and smarts or the arts. They werent wanna be gangstas intimidating people. There were other places for that.

Police had to sweep out the latest infiltrators into Harvard this summer becuz they simply made a mess and were aggressive. (diverse races. Isnt it nice to know COINTTELPRO type programs are so PC?)

So the covert warfare jerks sent to destoy the scene are still being sent but unlike years prior they arent bothering to hide who they are. There was even a guy with white supremacy tattoos who would make fun of what I had wrote on the McDonald's. Doesnt that seem rather strange? And its not like I told this kid anything. Hes an infiltrator. Thats all.

Even people who work for the T have left. And other kinds of people other than street people are fully aware of how genuine good decent Harvard street people are being driven out so that the worst people can stay on the streets there.

Drunks and sleazy shady people and fake Travelers. I even ran into a couple who had all the train rider trappings but they aggresively shunned me with gesturing!! I have NEVER seen train riders do that. But if you are gonna shill for the intel services this is the place to do it.

Ive had people like that mess with me and try to latch onto me.
Most train riders I know dont come to Cambridge and get hotel rooms from local wealthy kids some from old money families or places like Wellesley. Then go back to Oakland punk houses to be strung out on heroin. And somehow survive.

There's just something ingenuine about these people and you can tell.

I think Harvard street scene has been taken ovee by some heartless greedy psychopaths who want maximum productivity and minimum waste. Work for them or dont be in Harvard. They also seem to require a PC 'people of color' obsessed front as blacks take ovee street pot dealing and local businesses hire in large numbers
-south Americans
-Latinos and 'tinas that show multi signs of Latin gang affiliation
-African Americans who wear red shirts

Much of these changes began after Menino died and slowly began occuring before. After the new admin took over it went very quickly. Like a terminal patient finally dying.

Harvard is supposed to be a place safe from all other trashy street scenes. Its supposed to reflect some standard of Harvard in its own twisted way.

Not give in to whatever the trend is in lower levels of organized crime.

Harvard is sleazy now. Even the students this year are the absolute biggest assholes generally. Its as if the standard for entrance has been lowered and the very namesake of the place is as for sale as a Starbucks drink.

Which is why none of us WANTED STARBUCKS TO MOVE INTO THE HEART OF THE SQUARE. Becuz people who know Harvard know that this is what would follow. And its happened just like people thought it would.

In a world where the sheep now actually know what RISD is yet are frighteningly ignorant enough to think its 'just a little nothing school up there on the hill' in Providence-we should all be very concerned.

Its the way they think, live, work and consume. These are people who are proud of their Jaguar.
I wouldnt drive it if you paid me.
Becuz its a Ford hybrid..I always praise originals when I see them.

If you understand what Im writing about you know what we had in Harvard.

The animals destroy special things.

I was told by an informant once that all the olde money people left the cities becuz of what authorities were going to do to them.

This I assume is part of those modifications.

I believe the purpose is so anyone with means can seek higher ground but any person who doesnt have, and yet lives alternatively is cut out.

My theory is that after years of studying the behavior of people like me successfully resisting the NWO and things like OCCUPY (which may have been nothing more than a smoke out op to see what threat potentially exists in the hidden world of homelessness) its been determind that there are people in the lower classes or various classes who are capable of resisting or even organizing alternatives to the NWO agenda.

Knowing the self righteous way these people think nowadays (to cover for years of war crimes and building a police state in the US) it is most likely that its been taken seriously as a terrorist assessment which translates into whatever gets in the way of 'US interests domestically and abroad'.

Im simply going to keep going becuz I know that its only a matter of the system keeping me isolated and that isn't reality.

This new power structure Im dealing with in this area is sneaky and violent and very hateful. They were evil and hateful during Bush and early Obama too but there was a countering force in the area. It seems people are now completely swallowed up by this system.

One woman whos been a long time very jealous mean older woman in conversation said something about "even people who supposedly speak truth to power get exposed". I hope she isn't talking about me but that would be..and probably IS the rationale and pretzel logic of many people right now. Enemies have an opening to get at me thats all this has been.

Dont you mean, 'set up and knocked down by very sneaky sleazy means and total oppressive abuse of power'?

Because thats whats happened. Driving someone over the edge is what this system DOES. It doesnt 'expose' activists. It prevents us from exposing those who abuse power. It destroyed Ted Gunderson it destroyed many activists and will always do so.

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Anonymous said...

i dunno if you aren't accepting my comments or they're fucking with them, but what you described is similar to what my gs'ing has been in san diego county. literally, no one can be around me w/o making some weird face. wide eyes, or squinty eyes, or mouth wide open or closed making a long face, angry faces, huge grins, etc. everyone in my apt complex is involved as im sure you know everyone in sd county is either a ti or involved in gs'ing to some extent. i dunno if this is something new to your gs'ing